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Avaya Aura ® Contact Center 6.2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Avaya Aura ® Contact Center 6.2

Avaya Aura ® Contact Center 6.2

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Avaya Aura ® Contact Center 6.2

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  1. Avaya Aura® Contact Center 6.2 NDA Presentation

  2. Agenda • Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) Introduction • AACC 6.1 Recap • AACC 6.2 Overview • Scalability Increases • Supported Systems • Enhancements to the “AACC Agent Experience” • Orchestration (Workflow) • Management and Performance • Operational Enhancements

  3. Avaya Aura™ Contact Center Customers Unified multimedia customer contact What is It? • A context-sensitive, inbound/outbound voice and multi-media solution that lets enterprises anticipate, automate and accelerate customer interactions Why does it Matter? • Solution addresses end to end experience management • Allowing companies to react to • Changing demographics, • New economic realities • Rapidly growing new modes of communication How does it Work? • Intelligent, holistic, workflow of multiple media types • Customer context preservation throughout interaction • Drag and drop Service Creation Environment • Common administration and unified reporting • Unified agent desktop • Integrated progressive and preview outbound dialing • Leverages Unified Communications infrastructure of CM or CS1000 • Adds Multimedia capability to CM and CC Elite implementations E Mail Voice IM /Chat 3

  4. Avaya Aura™ Contact Center 6.1 Multimedia Adjunct to CC Elite Embedded soft-phone for Avaya Aura™ Agent Desktop for Communication Manager Configuration Voice Portal Integration Workforce Optimization (WFO) Integration Integration with

  5. AACC 6.2 OverviewKey Messages A unified, next generation contact center solution • AACC and Elite Integration Option • Single, unified agent desktop • Consolidated reporting across channels • Context-rich Collaboration • Avaya Aura Session Manager 6.1 with Avaya Aura Presence Services • Virtual Contact Center • Multi-site networking between AACC nodes • Avaya Aura Communication Manager, Avaya Session Manager and Avaya NES Communication Server 1000 • Business Continuity • Industry leading resiliency and availability Improve First Contact Resolution (FCR) Impact Agent Productivity Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) via a Centralized Management Model Reduce Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) with virtually zero downtime

  6. AACC 6.2Scalability and Supported Systems

  7. AACC 6.X Server Requirements * Will support up to 600 MM Agents. For 600-1000 MM Agents, a Dual-Quad Xeon is required.** 16-core server currently under evaluation with a view to replacing existing 8-core offering

  8. AACC Server Footprint Guidelines(CM configurations, excl. UC hardware) Figures are guidelines only based on typical configurations.

  9. AACC 6.X Capacity Breakpoints Active Concurrent Agents 1500 500 2500 3000 2000 1000 300 3000 2000 1000 CCMS CCMS CCMS CCMA CCMA CCMA CCMS CCT CCT CCT CCMA CCMS CCT CCMM CCMM CCMM CCMA CCMM 600 CCT AMS AMS AMS AMS CCMM 3 servers AMS AMS 4 servers AMS • All servers are dual six-core machines. • AMS servers are Linux based. 5 servers AMS

  10. Avaya Aura Contact Center Supported Phones with AACC 6.2 CM Configuration CS1000 Configuration • IP/Unistim Stack • Avaya 11xx series Deskphone • Avaya 12xx series Deskphone • Avaya 2002 IP Deskphone • Avaya 2050 IP Softphone • Avaya 2004 IP Deskphone • Avaya 2007 IP Deskphone • Digital • Avaya 3904 Digital Deskphone • Avaya 3905 Digital Deskphone • H323 • Avaya16xx series IP Deskphones • Avaya 46xx series IP Deskphones • Avaya 96xx series IP Deskphones • One X communicator 5.2 or later • Embedded H3232 Softphone within Avaya Aura Agent Desktop • Digital • Avaya 24xx Digital Phones • Avaya 64xx Digital Phones • SIP Stack • Avaya 96xx series IP Deskphones running the 4620SIPCC load

  11. AACC 6.2Agent Experience • Unified Agent Desktop • Fully blended for both AACC and Elite • Ideal for those Call Center Elite customers who want to add AACC • Designed for Call Center Elite customers migrating from either Avaya Interaction Center (IC) and/or Avaya Contact Center Express (CCE) to Avaya Aura Contact Center Multimedia • Complete Contact History across Supported Media Types • AACC 6.1 provided contact history of all non-voice contacts • AACC 6.2 provides history for all contact types, including voice

  12. AACC 6.2Presence Services • Agent Desktop withIntegrated Presence Services • Adds support for Avaya Aura® Presence Server • Adds support for Microsoft OCS 2007 • Use Customizable Expert Lists • Ensures a dynamic view for the user • Based on keyword analysis • Agents can Access “Anywhere Expertise” • Reach other agents or supervisors within your contact center • Reach Non-CC Experts elsewhere in your enterprise Ensure greater opportunity for first call resolution

  13. Multimedia Companion for Call Center Elite Voice off Avaya Communication Manager Voice Multimedia Voice and Multimedia: Avaya Agent Desktop (AADD) Avaya Contact CenterControl Manager(Optional) Avaya AuraContact Center 6.2 CMS IQ Avaya AuraCall Center Elite 6.0 Recording Avaya AuraCommunication Manager 6.x • Unified Agent Administration • Unified Agent Desktop • Unified Reporting and Performance Management Avaya Voice Portal / Experience Portal (Optional) Avaya AuraSession Manager(Optional) AACC Voice agent licenses are not required when only using multimedia onAACC: Expand Call Center Elite with full multimedia capabilities!

  14. Multimedia Companion for Call Center Elite(continued) Unified Agent Administration Avaya Contact Center Control Manager Single administration point for adds, moves, changes for Call Center Elite and Avaya Aura® CC 6.2 agents as well as other Avaya Contact Center Business Unit created solutions Integrated Agent Desktop and Reporting All contacts through Avaya Aura ® Agent Desktop Avaya IQ 5.2 reports on both Voice from CC Elite and Multimedia from AACC Unified Voice and Multimedia Contact Management Call Center Elite voice existing applications continue uninterrupted (Avaya Voice Portal, Call Management System, Avaya IQ, recording, etc.) Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2 multimedia email, web chat, SMS text, fax and white mail, social media via Avaya Social Media Manager AACC Multimedia – evolving from adjunct to integrated solution 14

  15. AACC 6.2 Agent Greetings • Allows agents to pre-record greeting • Agents can record different greetings for each skillset to which they are assigned • Greetings automatically played at start of interaction; gives agent a moment to review customer information • Option to use different greetings for different times of the call-taking day (morning – afternoon – evening) • Default greetings for use if no skillsetspecific greeting has been recorded

  16. AACC 6.2Multimedia Enhancements • Web Chat enhancements • Supervisor Web Chat Observe • Supervisor Web Chat Barge-In • Leverage Avaya Social Media Manager • Social Media is supported as an Email Contact • Display of contact type and sentiment • Agent interacts with Social Media site

  17. AACC 6.2 Off-Site Agent Support • Facilitate Engagement of Offsite Agents • No special equipment for agents needed • Once logged in, remote agents have access equivalent to an AACC on-site agent, fully under the control of management • Available with both CS1000 & Communication Manager • Avaya NES Communication Server 1000 AML: • Similar solution as for Avaya Aura Offsite Agent 6.0 • Administration integrated into CCMA • Avaya Aura Communication Manager with SIP: • Agents can specify telephony modes (such as telecommuter)

  18. AACC 6.2Orchestration • Avaya Orchestration Designer 6.0 provides a common “Service Creation Environment” for: • Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2 • Avaya Aura Experience Portal 6.0 • Create and manage contact center and self-service applications with a single workflow tool • Combines the best of Avaya NES SCE (Service Creation Environment) and Avaya Dialog Designer • Create workflows for Avaya Aura Contact Center • Create CCXML and VXML applications for Voice Portal (VP), Interactive Response (IR), Media Processing Server (MPS), Interactive Communication Portal (ICP) and/or Avaya Aura Experience Portal

  19. AACC 6.2 and Self-Service Integration Front-end and Back-end Self Service End Customer Avaya Voice Portal 5.1 and Avaya Aura Experience Portal 6.0 integration for Intelligent agent selection Advanced wait treatment IVR treatment (credit card authentication, auto call completion) Software based platform leverages existing IT investments Best in class business continuity Flexible architecture supports tens of thousands of concurrent ports Built in application reporting / analytics Investment protection for legacy applications AVP / AAExP for Self-Service AACC for Assisted Service AACC Leverage “Experience Portal First” and Mid-Assignment Integration

  20. AACC – Workflow Enhancements Introducing some Avaya Business Advocate features into AACC Service Level Workflow (SLW) based on Target Service Level Service level target instrumental in workflow decisions Goal: minimize callers experiencing wait times which exceed the targeted service level goal Dynamic Agent/Skillset match based on Target Service Level Reduces wait time by assigning “dynamic skillsets” to “reserve” agents Reserve agents activated if skillset Expected Wait Time (EWT) exceeds the targeted service level When EWT falls below the targeted service level goal, reserve agents released Administrator selection of AACC EWT or Enhanced EWT

  21. AACC 6.2Management and Performance • Avaya IQ 5.2 unifies reporting for Call Center Elite voice and AACC multimedia channels • Supports reporting for multiple contact handling (multiplicity) • Can query by agent name • Notes: • Reports on AACC multimedia channels only • Currently AACC Voice contacts are not reporting in IQ; Leverage AACC reportingfor AACC voice 21 21

  22. Avaya Aura Contact Center Avaya Aura Contact Center Avaya Aura Contact Center Avaya Aura Contact Center AACC Virtual Contact Center Support • Multiple AACC instances are treated as a single virtual agent pool. • This means that any skillset can span multiple AACC nodes and leverage Network Skills Based Workflow (NSBW) • This “pooling effect” maximizes enterprise service with reserve agent reservation capability • AACC Virtual CC Support delivers scale, high availability, and geographic resource distribution

  23. AACC#3 Communication Manager/Session Manager Virtual CC Support across Avaya Call Servers AACC#2 AACC#1 Network Skillsets Skill #1 Skill #2 Skill #4 Skill #3 Skill #5 CS1000SIP CS1000AML Network Control Center (NCC) AACC Administrator

  24. Enhancing Business Continuity High Availability of Media Services and Application Engines

  25. AACC Delivers Business Continuity! • Avaya Media Server preserves sessions during failover • Avaya Aura Contact Center core functions provide rapid transition for all key functions in high-availability • Zero Touch Auto-Recovery of the Agent Interface • Agent Login, Ready state automatically preserved • Preservation of both “session and SIP stack state” in real-time

  26. AACC Geographic + CM Survivable Core Branch: Warm Standby AACC Primary Site: Hot Standby Campus AACC AACC (W) AMS 7.x (A) TR-87 AMS 7.x AMS 7.x (S) TR-87 AES 6.1 Active AES 6.1 Standby AES 6.1 AACC (S) AACC (A) ASAI SIP ASAI SIP WAN SM #2 6.1 SM #1 6.1 SM #3 6.1 CCMM (S) Survivable Core CM 6.0.1 Active CM 6.0.1 Standby RTP G4xx G4xx PSTN Note new name for ESS/LSP : CM Survivable (Processor)

  27. Avaya Media Server for CS1000 AML • Delivered as part of Avaya Aura® Experience Portal 6.0 • Minimum releases: • Avaya NES CS1000 7.0 or 7.5 • Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) 6.2 • Delivers AACC integrated IVR capabilities accessed from within the AACC workflow environment • Play prompt with treatment ID • Collect Caller-Entered Digits (DTMF) digits • AMS 7.0 based – utilizes clustering for HA and scale • SIP integration to CS1000 • Replacement for (but cannot co-reside with) CallPilot