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Leveraging Virtual Worlds for Real World Results PowerPoint Presentation
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Leveraging Virtual Worlds for Real World Results

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Leveraging Virtual Worlds for Real World Results

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Leveraging Virtual Worlds for Real World Results

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  1. Leveraging Virtual Worlds for Real World Results Dr. Robin Teigland, aka Karinda Rhode in SL Stockholm School of Economics www.knowledgenetworking.org www.slideshare.net/eteigland Serdar Temiz Royal Institute of Technology Photo: Lundholm, Metro September 2009

  2. Today’s discussion • Some facts and figures on virtual worlds • A look at virtual entrepreneurship • Some real life benefits of virtual worlds • Break • A look at some of my virtual world activities • A tour of Second Life

  3. History tends to repeat itself….Innovation, financial crisis, industrial revolution, … Microelectronics Internal combustion engine Steam engine Third industrial revolution? Late 18th C Late 19th C Late 20th C Schön 2008

  4. SENSORY 3D Internet Thinking Connected Web 2.0 Thinking Individual - Web 1.0 Thinking SecondLife, Active Worlds, There, SimsOnline, Club Penguin, World of Warcraft, 3D planets, ToonTown, Habbo, VSlide, Protosphere Facebook, Friendster, Yahoo, Blogger, Wikipedia, eBay, Typepad, LinkedIn. Amazon, MySpace, Textamerica, Delicious, HubPages Mosaic, Prodigy, Compuserve, AOL, Netscape Towards 3D Internet Level of Interaction Time Hamilton 2008

  5. A growing universe of Virtual Worlds

  6. What are Virtual Worlds? • Persistent, computer-simulated, immersive environments • Shared space/co-presence with possibility for socialization and community • In some cases, ability to manipulate/create content • In some cases, virtual economy and currency http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CijdlYOSPc

  7. What financial crisis? • Increasing members • Increasing sales • Increasing companies Wonderland

  8. Around 150 virtual worlds • Q1 2009: • $68 mln invested in 13 virtual world companies

  9. Number of Accounts-Age (Cumulative) 39% increase from Q1 2009

  10. 40 mln members Two popular Kids & Tweens worlds • 135 mln members

  11. Building skills in virtual environments • My CV • Leading a virtual team of 30 individuals from across the globe • Creating and successfully executing strategies under pressure • Managing cross-cultural conflict without face-to-face communication

  12. “Clearly if social activity migrates to synthetic worlds, economic activity will go there as well.”Castranova http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ahqjBeknT0

  13. Gartner’s hype cycle

  14. Virtual World revenues USD 2bln in 2009

  15. Zynga: - Majority revenues comes from 2% to 10% of users who pay $1 an hour to play premium games or buy virtual goods - Annual sales of about USD 100 mln Playdom:  - Estimated USD 50 mln in sales per year from virtual goods Social Gaming Network:  - Estimated USD 50 mln sales mainly from virtual goods Weeworld: - Estimated 2008 revenue USD 10 mln+ mainly from virtual goods Habbo: - Estimated 2008 revenue USD 50 mln from virtual goods - 10% monthly players pay $10.30/month Microtransactions business model http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/apr2009/tc20090429_963394_page_2.htm

  16. 780,000 users USD 420 mln turnover 2008

  17. Entropia Universe by MindArk • Ability to develop skills and sell virtual goods • Island sold for USD 26,500 in 2004 • Asteroid space resort sold for USD 100,000 in 2005 • Clothes Against Violence – limited edition virtual jackets sold for more than same model of real world jackets • Virtual universe with real cash economy • Fixed exchange rate to US Dollar, 1 USD = 10 PED • Five banks auctioned for USD 404,000 in 2007 • Real life bank license granted by Swedish Government to MindArk Bank in March 2009 • A business model like the real world • Raw materials and skills required to build / create • Goods deteriorate and need to be replenished

  18. Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs in Entropia USD 100,000 for asteroid space resort USD 90,000 for bank license http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mg4TwOqVprw&feature=related

  19. Virtual currency and a virtual economy 1.4 million residents logged in/60 day period 70,500 logged on Sunday, Sept 20 Average age=32, 43% female, 55% non-US 270 Linden dollars ≅ USD 1 350,000 hours of use per day 87,500 hours devt time/day $1.6 bln worth of free work / year 68,000 people making profit Joe Miller, Linden Lab, 2009

  20. What do these virtual entrepreneurs sell? Number of individuals Total of 593 Monthly USD profit • Real estate & land rentals • Simulation & training environments, games • Clothing, accessories, skins, animations • Art, design, furniture SL, Sep 2009

  21. Redgrave

  22. Started with < USD 10 Buys and develops virtual real-estate in Linden Dollars Develops communities in SL Develops 3D copies of real life buildings e.g. Dresden Gallery Employs almost 80 people in real life Bank owner in Entropia Universe SL’s first millionaire http://acs.anshechung.com/index.php

  23. Virtual Things for Real Money

  24. New Citizens Inc – A successful non-profit • Provides services for SL residents • Est. 2005 • Staff of 150 • Raises more than USD 13,000 / year to cover costs • Its instructors and event hosts paid

  25. Today’s Discussion • Some facts and figures on virtual worlds • A look at virtual entrepreneurship • Some real life benefits of virtual worlds • Break • A look at some of my virtual world activities • A tour of Second Life

  26. Showcasing current products IBM’s Green Data Center

  27. Developing new products The Innovision Awards by Electrolux

  28. Developing training & education programs Play2train • New employee training, eg policies, organizational culture • Skills training, eg sales • Virtual teaming

  29. Facilitating the virtual workforce • Completely private virtual business worlds offering tools to conduct business and collaborate • Fortune 500: IBM, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, Novartis, Unilever

  30. Finding and recruiting talent globally • Amazon.com job fair • Benelux job fair • Accenture island • IBM island • Entrepreneurs • Microemployees

  31. Today’s Discussion • Some facts and figures on virtual worlds • A look at virtual entrepreneurship • Some real life benefits of virtual worlds • Break • A look at some of my virtual world activities • A tour of Second Life

  32. In-house training and education IFL at SSE and Duke Corporate Education Co-developing and running a virtual team building exercise

  33. Our innovation workshops bring together users from across the globe Partners • Utrecht University • University of Innsbruck

  34. Creating a new fashion brand • With Florida State University fashion design • New brand designed and showcased on catwalk during annual pageant on Planet Calypso • Users / players vote on designs • Potentially produced in real life

  35. Low entry barriers, software often free VWs humanize technology Young generation already there, “grown virtual” Microtransactions Microemployees International reach Some hardware requirements “User friendliness” Not regulated Real world skepticism Creating attraction Which world? Pros & Cons

  36. Increasing effectiveness intraditional industries “Soon all fashion designers will be originating their designs and managing the production in virtual worlds….Why such a dramatic change? Economics, pure and simple.” Shenlei Winkler, Director Fashion Research Institute Learn how to become an SL Fashion Designer at Fashiontech.wordpress.com/

  37. Revolutionizing professions

  38. Four scenarios for 2015 Integrated worlds • One Converged Universe • High penetration • Easy avatar & asset mobility • High scalability & security • Business transformation • Digital Divide • Ease of mobility • Self-governance • Dominance by gaming generation • Traditional vs virtual business Less- advanced usage Advanced usage • Virtual Silos • Many competing, limited worlds • Difficult avatar & asset mobility • Limited scalability • High security • New business models • Wild Wests • Individual “MMOGs” dominant • Virtual vandalism • Security problems • Retreat Fragmentated worlds

  39. The future of 3D internet Before the first plate of aluminum is even bent for production, the passengers will have flown the plane, the crew will have serviced the plane, and the pilots will have flown the plane. CEO of Boeing supplier

  40. China is making efforts in virtual worlds “The real China is only a piece of land. We believe that there must be a China in the virtual world and the real world.” Robert Lai, Chief Scientist, CRD “Here in China the value of such items is taking off as teens can’t afford the real world items and are compensating by getting a virtual item that has more ‘online’ status.” -KZERO blogger

  41. We digitized audio and video, why can’t we just digitize, you know, Earth” Philip Rosedale, Chairman Linden Lab

  42. Thanks and see you in world! Karinda Rhode aka Robin Teigland robin.teigland@hhs.se www.knowledgenetworking.org www.slideshare.net/eteigland

  43. LPSO.com Littlest Pet Shop Online http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DwL1JIvGhc

  44.              Connect the World Through Games • Company makes money by Selling Virtual Goods • FarmVille:"Grow delicious fruits and vegetables and raise adorable animals on your very own farm!" • If you don't visit your farm, your vegetables, animals will die. • Relased in July 2009 and till the end of August 2009:(In 2 months)33 million people played it.

  45.                   Success of Zynga