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Virtual Worlds

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Virtual Worlds - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virtual Worlds. making organizations greener. A fresh look at the 3D Internet. Have you ever heard about…. Virtual Worlds ?. How Virtual Worlds could make the World greener ?. Reduce the “Business Trip Ratio”. You can’t change companies’ organization… without financial ROI !.

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Virtual Worlds

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Virtual Worlds making organizations greener

    2. A fresh look at the 3D Internet Have you ever heard about… Virtual Worlds ?

    3. How Virtual Worlds could make the World greener ?

    4. Reduce the “Business Trip Ratio” You can’t change companies’ organization… without financial ROI !

    5. 2 Virtual Worlds Business Cases that help reducing our Carbon Footprint… while delivering high standard services

    6. The video included in this slide is not available online. Please get in touch with me if needed or download it here : Pierre-Olivier Carles Stonfield InWorld +33 6 80 07 48 76

    7. E-Learning & Collaborative Work Introducing CA Campus - An Immersive Training Center for Credit Agricole Virtual Meetings Training Merchandising Marketing

    8. E-Learning & Collaborative Work Benefits (Pilot Project Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne) Reduce the Company’s Carbon Footprint Reduce travel Expenses (400KE/y) Improve the training sessions efficiency Time Saving & Less Stress Prepare the Future of the Company

    9. A Client’s dream…… Could you imagine buying things in a way that will mix e-Commerce benefits with physical retail and a high level of service and humanity ?

    10. Say Hello to RIL Shopping !  Who can sell things better than a real salesmen? RIL Shopping is a Mall in Second Life, where you can meet retailers and buy real goods such as Chocolate, Cars, Sportswear, HighTech Products…

    11. E-Commerce in Virtual Worlds Benefits Reduce the people’s Carbon Footprint Social Shopping Give access to e-Commerce for complex products Improve accessibility for rural or disabled people Offer a new sales channel

    12. Digital Natives will be soon young adults … and a new way of life means new expectations that companies need to meet !

    13. And many other utilities to invent and protect our future ! Are you ready to change the way you work/live ? Feel free to get in touch ! Pierre-Olivier Carles Stonfield InWorld +33 6 80 07 48 76