the human consequences of domestic fires n.
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The human consequences of domestic fires.

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The human consequences of domestic fires. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The human consequences of domestic fires. Dominiek Viaene, administrator EBCA. It happens close to your home today!. Simple causes , heavy consequences : Smoking cigaret falls between the pillows of a sofa A light or heat source is too close to the curtains

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the human consequences of domestic fires

The human consequencesof domestic fires.

Dominiek Viaene, administrator EBCA

it happens close to your home today
It happens close to your home today!
  • Simplecauses, heavy consequences:
    • Smoking cigaretfallsbetween the pillows of a sofa
    • A lightor heat source is too close to the curtains
    • The decoration of the home party sets fire
    • An implosion of a TV set puts the living room in fire
    • Someoneleft the ironon…
    • A burning object is thrown in a waste basket
and what about the victims
And what about the victims?
  • Heavily burned people need a lot of intensive care, for the rest of their lifetime.
  • Medical care and after care,
  • Financial care,
  • Psychological care,
  • Human care for reintegration into society...
statistics on domestic fires global
Statistics on domestic fires: global
  • Estimate is that about 1% of the European people are confronted with burns each year (approx. 5 mln people)
    • Calculated on the Belgian figures with extrapolation (thanks Martin):
      • 1.200 heavily burned on 10,5 mln people = 0,0114 %
      • Extrapolation on European level gives = approx 57.200 burned
    • Calculated on the London figures with extrapolation (thanks Steve):
      • 1.207 fire injuries on 7,5 mln people = 0,016 %
      • Extrapolation on European level gives = approx 80.500 burned
    • Calculated on the French statistics (thanks Paul)
      • 10.000 hospitalisations, dont 3.500 dans les centres spécialisés = 0,0143 %
      • Extrapolation on European level gives = approx 71.500 burned
  • This is an estimate of the people that go to specialised care centers. The real numbers (including ER and G.P. visits) will more than likely be significantly higher.
statistics on domestic fires global1
Statistics on domestic fires: global
  • 30% of this number are kids < 14 years.
  • 40% of all victims are younger than 21 years old.
  • More than 50% of this number are poor.
  • The vast majority of this happens in domestic fires.
the kind of incident
The kind of incident

Source: Belgian Burn statistics.

statistics on domestic fires
Statistics on domestic fires
  • What do we know, without statisticalproof in Europe?
  • The number of casualties (deaths and heavilyburnedpeople) canbelimitedif:
    • the fire spreads (more) slowly
    • the fire is earlydetected
    • the domestic place has a fire exit/fire escape plan
  • Higherfiresafetystandardsforupholsteredfurniture and otherdomesticalapplicancescan help a lot to limit thisnumber of casualties.
  • It is a pitythat all discussionsbetweenindustry and EU tend to blockon details in stead of drawing the generallines, in favour of generalconsumer interest.
who or what is ebca
Who or what is EBCA?
  • EBCA =EuropeanBurnCasualtiesAssociation, a group of nationalburnpatientsassociations in Europe
  • EBCA is a newEuropean and resultorientedassociation to be partner of the EU in improvingfiresafety and burn care in Europe, from a patients point of view.
  • EBCA was foundedbyPinocchio vzw (Belgium) and ABF (France)
  • EBCA is based in the burn center of Brussels, a futurereference center forburn care in Europe
  • NBS (Holland) has joinedusalready
  • We are talking to a Germanpatientgroup.
  • And lookingfor:
    • a British patientgroup
    • and a Scandinavianpatientgroupfor the firstexpansion
what are the ebca goals
What are the EBCA goals?
  • Increaseawarenessamoung EU decision makers of burninjury and firesafety issues
  • Collection of complete and reliableburninjury and fatalitystatistics at a European level
  • Workonstandardization in EU to the highest level of recommendations, laws and regulationsonpreventionactivities, firesafety and care and after care forpatients
  • Knowledgesharingbetween the memberstates of EU regardingprevention and firesafetyinitiatives, medical care and after care forburnspatients, psychologicaltreatment and after care forburnspatients in theirreintegrationprocess back intonormallife
  • To reinforce the individual country relatedpatientsgroups, and givethem more synergy power to try to do somethingabout the causes of burns
  • To support the EU and EFA as a neutralreflection panel in decisionmakingon all elements of burn care and firesafety
  • From a patientspoints of view.
thank you
Thank you!