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Consequences of Forest Fires PowerPoint Presentation
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Consequences of Forest Fires

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Consequences of Forest Fires
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Consequences of Forest Fires

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  1. Consequences of Forest Fires

  2. Extinction of Species • Deforestation, of course, causes trees to be cut or burned down. Many animals will lose their homes and migrate to other unsuitable environment. Some animals are unable to adapt, and they might die easily. Predators will of course, be introduced and the population will be unbalanced. Thus, some animals might die of quickly.

  3. Greenhouse effects • Enormous quantities of carbon dioxide are let during forest fires. Thus while the input of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is increased its output decreases. Many scientists believe that deforestation has been contributing significant amounts of carbon dioxide to the global atmosphere and thereby to the greenhouse effect or global warming.

  4. Natural Disasters • In forest fires, global warming is caused (refer to Point 2). Of course, global warming leads to dire consequences. Floods, droughts, earthquakes. They can take many people’s lives, and the world is doomed.

  5. Soil Erosion • Trees with the help of deep root systems are able to draw water from sub-surface water table. Humidity prevents excessive water loss and rapid desiccation. Plants contribute organic matter which upon decomposition adds humus to the soil. • Deforestation leaves the ground surface bare. Further loss of nutrients might occur. Where remaining vegetation is burned to clear the land and agriculture attempted loss of nutrients is even more rapid. Already poor tropical soil is made poorer.

  6. Soil Erosion • The top soil which is thus lost is irreplaceable. Nature takes about 1000 years to produce 2.5 cms of top soil. • Massive soil erosion aggravates flood situation in two ways. Firstly, the deposition of silt and sediments in river beds makes them shallow. Secondly, land devoid of forest cover loses its water holding capacity. About 10 million hectares of forested land can hold enough water to fill completely a reservoir as large as that of Bhakhra-Nangal dam. In absence of plant cover this water flows down in rapid torrents.

  7. Haze • Forest fires give off haze. In Indonesia, many forest fires take place to clear land. Other nearby countries, like Singapore and Malaysia, are also affected. Many people can end up sick, and adults might not be able to turn up for work. No work- disastrous economy? Like I said earlier on, the world would be doomed.

  8. Orangutans • About 1000 orangutans have died during the dry season earlier. Forest fires have produced thick smoke across Borneo. They have suffered from dehydration, respiratory problems, lack of food and even sustained injuries due to the forest fires. The fires have destroyed their habitats. Orangutans flee the burning forest in search of food and safety, often to nearby palm oil plantations, where they are abused. Shouldn’t orangutans be saved? Why are they being abused? In my opinion, the world should do something to save these orangutans.

  9. Thank You! If you play a part in helping the Orangutans, we take our hats off to you :D