City of rapid city and rapid city community planning rapid city bicycle and pedestrian master plan
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in collaboration with: Kadrmas , Lee and Jackson RDG Planning and Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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City of Rapid City and Rapid City Community Planning RAPID CITY BICYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN MASTER PLAN. in collaboration with: Kadrmas , Lee and Jackson RDG Planning and Design. Background. Builds on efforts to improve the quality of life in Rapid City

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City of rapid city and rapid city community planning rapid city bicycle and pedestrian master plan
City of Rapid City and Rapid City Community PlanningRAPID CITY BICYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN MASTER PLAN

  • in collaboration with:

  • Kadrmas, Lee and Jackson

  • RDG Planning and Design


  • Builds on efforts to improve the quality of life in Rapid City

  • The network will make bicycling and walking more viable modes of transportation and will contribute to an enhanced quality of life in the City with resultant benefits to existing residents and economic development.

  • Project began in the Spring of 2010 with a bicycle and walking tour and a well attended public open house.

Project description
Project Description

  • The purpose of the study is to develop a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian master plan that identifies optimal biking and walking routes and preferred treatments, and serves as an important reference document that can ensure that bicycle and pedestrian facilities are considered during road maintenance and reconstruction, as well as when important land use decisions are made.


  • Rapid City will enhance transportation choices by developing a network of on-street and off-street bicycle and pedestrian facilities that provide connections to destinations throughout the city.


  • Goal 1. Support bicycling and walking as viable transportation modes in Rapid City.

  • Goal 2. Promote bicycling and walking in the Rapid City area by improving awareness of bicycle and pedestrian facilities and opportunities.

  • Goal 3. Integrate bicycle and pedestrian planning into Rapid City’s Planning Processes.

Pedestrian facility types
Pedestrian Facility Types

  • Sidewalks

  • Shared-use paths

  • Roadway shoulders

  • ADA-compliance at intersections

Bicycle facility types
Bicycle Facility Types

  • Off Road

    • Side paths

    • Shared use paths

    • Cycle tracks

  • On Road

    • Shoulder bikeways

    • Bike lanes

    • Shared lane markings

    • Signed shared roadways

Pedestrian and bicyclist destinations
Pedestrian and Bicyclist Destinations

  • Educational Facilities

  • Employment Centers

  • Commercial Areas

  • Hospitals and Health Centers

  • Downtown Rapid City

  • Regional parks

  • Greenways

Bicyclist types for whom do we plan

Strong and fearless

Enthusiastic and confident

Interested but concerned

No way, no how

Bicyclist Types – For Whom Do We Plan?

Different riders and their needs

No way

Interested but Concerned

Not comfortable in traffic.

Prefer low-volume, low-speed conditions (neighborhood streets, off-street).

Enthused & Confident

Comfortable in traffic with appropriate facilities.

Different Riders and Their Needs

Strong & Fearless

Will ride regardless of facilities.

Often ride long distances.

Project prioritization
Project Prioritization

  • Walkways

    • Demand paths

    • Pedestrian attractors

    • Roadway classification

    • Proximity to bus route

Project prioritization1
Project Prioritization

  • Bikeways

    • System connectivity

    • Bicyclist attractors

    • Dedicated facility

    • Regional Benefit

    • Cost effectiveness

Top on street bikeway projects
Top On-Street Bikeway Projects

  • Signed Shared Roadways

  • Bike Lanes

  • Shared Lane Markings

Education, Encouragement, Evaluation & Enforcement Recommendations

  • Become a Bicycle Friendly Community

  • Convene a Bicycle Advisory Committee

  • Develop a Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Awareness Media Campaign

  • Host National Bike Month Activities

  • Establish a “Create a Commuter” Program

  • Safe Routes to School

Design guidelines
Design Guidelines Recommendations

  • Engineering guidelines based on ADA, MUTCD, AASHTO, and SD guidelines

  • Recommendations for bicycle and pedestrian facilities, wayfinding, bike parking, maintenance

Implementation Recommendations

  • Adopt a Complete Streets policy

  • Dedicate Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) funds to bicycle and pedestrian projects

  • Implement recommended bikeway projects

  • Form a Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee

  • Complete five sidewalk infill projects