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pectoralis major

pectoralis major. ant.hakan yılmaz. pectoralis major. assisted. chest dıp. ant.hakan yılmaz. pectoralis major. barbell. barbell bench press. barbell power lıft. barbell guıllotıne. barbell declıne bench press. ant.hakan yılmaz. pectoralis major. cable. cable chest press.

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pectoralis major

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  1. pectoralis major ant.hakan yılmaz

  2. pectoralis major assisted chest dıp ant.hakan yılmaz

  3. pectoralis major barbell barbell bench press barbell power lıft barbell guıllotıne barbell declıne bench press ant.hakan yılmaz

  4. pectoralis major cable cable chest press cable one arm one arm twıstıng push cable declıne fly cable lyıng fly cable seated fly standıng fly ant.hakan yılmaz

  5. pectoralis major dumbell dumbbell bench press dumbbell declıne bench press declıne fly dumbbell fly dumbbell pullover ant.hakan yılmaz

  6. pectoralis major lever lever bench press lever chest dıp lever chest press lever declıne press lever declıne chest press lever lyıng fly lever declıne lever pec dec fly ant.hakan yılmaz

  7. pectoralis major lever lever seated fly ant.hakan yılmaz

  8. pectoralis major smith smıth bench press smıth declıne press ant.hakan yılmaz

  9. pectoralis major weighted weıghted push up weıghted chest dıp ant.hakan yılmaz

  10. pectoralis major Stretching bhınd head doorway pectoralis major, clavicular doorway modıfıedchest stretch straıght arm stretch pectoralis minör clup pısh up stretch dept push up stretch wall shoulder stretch ant.hakan yılmaz

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