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. Aixa. . Rose Marie. Angiemar. Paris. . . Angel. Maria. Cesar. . Office Administration System. Educations. . Rosimar. International Commerce. Physics. . . Paul. Accounting. Carolie. Industrial Chemistry. Kristy. Jamileth. Management. Humans Resources. . . Liocar.

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  1. . Aixa . Rose Marie Angiemar Paris . . Angel Maria Cesar . Office Administration System Educations . Rosimar International Commerce Physics . . Paul Accounting Carolie Industrial Chemistry Kristy Jamileth Management Humans Resources . . Liocar Jean Gian Carlos Communications . Danalisse Biology Marina Gian Carlos Jailene Rivera Carolie . Industrial Engineering . Socials Sciences Kristy Jailene Ada Liocar . Stephanie Max Paul Liza John Visual Chemistry Engineering Jailene Rivera Liza . Jean . . Ada Max English Class 3102 Type Learning . Matematicas Computacional . Maria 21 Auditory Age Cesar Danalisse Janice . 19 Carolie Danalisse Stephanie Jailene . . Aixa 18 Paris Kristy Neianiz . Jean Neianiz . Aixa Rosimar Max Angiemar Rose Marie Kristy Maria Major Rose Marie . Angel Gian Carlos Town John Jamileth Rosimar Gian Carlo Yabucoa Angiemar Vieques Jailene Rivera Fajardo Rose Marie Paris . John . Janice Rosimar Las Piedras Paris Liza Naguabo Stephanie Paul Liocar . . Paul Humacao Liocar Carolie Aixa Stephanie San Lorenzo Janice Neianiz . Liza Patillas Jailene . Caguas Danalisse Jailene Rivera . Max Cesar Angel Angiemar Neianiz Jean Jamileth Juncos John Angel Jamileth Cesar . Ada Maria Ada

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