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Major Events

Major Events.

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Major Events

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  1. Major Events • West Bank – As part of the coordination and cooperation of the IDF with the Palestinian Security Forces, the prevention of terrorist activities in the West Bank continues. This is in addition to the wide range of measures carried out in order to ensure and improve the everyday routine in the region. Nevertheless, the continued attempts of weapon manufacturing and the continuous terrorist attacks jeopardize recent achievements in the region and demand increased PA activity, while maintaining cooperation with the IDF. • Gaza Strip– Hamas continues to restrengthen and rehabilitate following operation Cast Lead, by means of wide scale weapon smuggling via tunnels in Sinai. Over 260 missiles, 21 anti-aircraft missiles and numerous additional weapons were found in Sinai (May 15th). Hamas has been intentionally lowering the frequency of its terrorist activities and rocket launchings, in an attempt to gain international legitimacy. Yet the rocket fire persists. IDF activity in the region continues, both from the air and in the vicinity of the security fence, in order to intercept terrorist attacks. • Despite continued smuggling and attempted attacks, Israel continues to allow the transfer of supplies into the Gaza Strip through the humanitarian crossings. In the past two weeks alone, 32,105 tons of goods have been transferred.

  2. Major Events – West Bank • May 15th-16th – An Israeli Arab rioted and assaulted an Israeli civilian with a steel pipe in the vicinity of Beit Horon. Investigation findings show that the assault stemmed from nationalistic reasons. • 50 Palestinians rioted and threw stones towards BGP forces around Ni’alin village. As a result, 2 BGP officers were lightly injured and treated at the spot. • A Palestinian vehicle frantically attempted to run over IDF trackers near Gvaot. No injuries were reported. • May 13th – 8 kg of material made for the production of explosive charges were turned over to IDF forces around Kalkilia. • May 12th – A Palestinian carrying a Kalashnikov rifle and 3 matching magazines was arrested by IDF forces near the community of Tene. • May 11th – A Palestinian attacked an IDF soldier at a checkpoint near Nablus. As a result, the IDF soldier was lightly injured.

  3. Major Events – West Bank Weekend May 8th – A Palestinian attempted to run over two IDF soldiers at a checkpoint near Ramallah. The soldiers responded with light arms fire, moderately wounding the Palestinian. Palestinian rioters threw stones at a BGP force 2 km north of Hashmonaim. The BGP force used riot dispersal gear, lightly wounding two Palestinians. Two BGP policemen were also lightly injured. • May 7th – A number of Palestinian rioters threw stones at an IDF force in Bir-Zeit. In response, the force fired a number of warning shots. During the incident, an IDF soldier, Staff Sergeant Noam Adin Rechter Levi, was killed as a result of friendly fire. Staff Sergeant Noam Adin Rechter Levi RIP

  4. Major Events – West Bank • May 6th – After a suspicious Palestinian ignored calls to stop by a BGP force in the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, the force opened fire. The suspect was killed and one BGP policeman was lightly injured. Weekend May 1st–2nd – A number of Palestinian rioters threw stones at a BGP force near Nialin, lightly injuring a soldier. One Palestinian was injured to an unknown degree by riot dispersal gear. Two suspicious Palestinians with a handgun were arrested near Beit Anon village and the weapon was confiscated.

  5. Major Events – Gaza Strip • May 15th – 266 missile warheads, 205 missile accelerators, 43 anti-handling mines, 21 anti-aircraft missiles, 15 mortar shells, 33 projectiles, 750 light-arms ammunition of various sizes and an additional missile of an unknown type, were discovered by the Egyptian security forces approximately 13 km SE of Nizzana. • May 13th – 10 bags of TNT explosives, weighing approximately half a ton, were discovered by the Egyptian security forces approximately 5 km NW of Rafah crossing. • May 11th – A Qassam rocket, which was launched from the area of Karni crossing, landed in an open area south of Kibbutz Nahal Oz. • May 10th – A Qassam rocket was launched NE of the Sajiyah neighborhood in Gaza. The rocket landed in an open area near Kibbutz Sa’ad. • An IDF force identified four infiltrators on ATVs 3 km NW of Arud outpost. The force opened fire, severely injuring one of the suspects. The suspect was evacuated via helicopter to Saroka hospital. An additional suspect was discovered nearby, with a large sum of money.

  6. Major Events – Gaza Strip Weekend • May 8th – A Qassam rocket was fired at Israeli territory and landed in the Gaza Strip. • May 6th – Five mortar shells hit a field in the Sha’ar HaNegev municipal council in the Western Negev. In response, IAF forces targeted three weapon smuggling tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip. • May 3rd – A Palestinian suspect approached the technical fence 4 km SE of Erez crossing. After ignoring calls to stop, as well as warning shots, the IDF force responded with light arms fire and hand grenades. The Palestinian was lightly injured. Weekend • May 1st–2nd – The IAF carried out pinpoint targeted strikes against 5 smuggling tunnels in the Philadelphi Corridor. Three mortar shells landed north of Kibbutz Kfar Azza in Israel.

  7. Rockets and Mortar Hits in Israel (Since the IDF held its fire)

  8. Major Events – Other Arenas May 3rd – An IDF soldier was stabbed and moderately injured by an armed member of a minority group in Ramat Gan.

  9. Humanitarian Support May 1-16, 2009 Supplies (tons): 32,105 Medical Evacuations: 184 Fuel (liters): 4.2 million Heating Gas (tons): 2,158 Erez Crossing Nahal Oz Crossing Karni Crossing Kissufim Crossing ATTEMPTED SMUGGLING THROUGH CROSSINGS (ARCHIVE) ISRAELI MEDICAL AID AT EREZ CROSSING Sufa Crossing

  10. Around the IDF • May 11th – A ceremony recognizing 40 outstanding IDF soldiers and officers in the reserve forces took place in the IDF Staff and Command College in Gliliot. The ceremony was headed by the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Gabi Ashkenazi, and the Chief Reserves Officer, BG Joshua Ben-Anat. • May 6th – An Independence Day reception for the foreign military attachés in Israel and peacekeeping force commanders was held in Camp Aviv. The Chief Of the General Staff, LTG Gabi Ashkenazi, Head of the Planning Directorate, Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, and Head of the Strategic Division, BG Yossi Heymann, participated in the event. THE CHIEF OF STAFF, LTG GABI ASHKENAZI, HEAD OF THE PLANNING DIRECTORATE, MG AMIR ESHEL, HEAD OF THE STRATEGIC DIVISION, BG YOSSI HEYMANN, WITH THE FOREIGN ATTACHÉS

  11. Around the IDF • May 6th – As part of the ongoing coordination between the IDF and Palestinian Security Forces, the CO of the Judea and Samaria Division, BG Noam Tibon, and the Head of the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria, BG Yoav Mordechai, met with the head of the Palestinian Security Forces and discussed security measures, as well as the Pope’s upcoming visit. • May 5th – The “Legacy Route”, a path which runs throughout the Northern Command and focuses on the unique natural aspects of the area, was opened in a ceremony with LTG Gabi Ashkenazi and CO of the Northern Command, MG Gadi Eisenkot.

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