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Orlando Science Center Introduction: Central Florida Energy Efficiency Alliance (CFEEA) Membership and Taking Kilowatt C PowerPoint Presentation
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Orlando Science Center Introduction: Central Florida Energy Efficiency Alliance (CFEEA) Membership and Taking Kilowatt C

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Orlando Science Center Introduction: Central Florida Energy Efficiency Alliance (CFEEA) Membership and Taking Kilowatt C - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Orlando Science Center Introduction: Central Florida Energy Efficiency Alliance (CFEEA) Membership and Taking Kilowatt Crackdown Challenge. Debbie Deland, President * 407 234-6408 CFEEA What’s it about?. Mission

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Presentation Transcript

Orlando Science Center Introduction:Central Florida Energy Efficiency Alliance (CFEEA) MembershipandTaking Kilowatt Crackdown Challenge

Debbie Deland, President * 407 234-6408

cfeea what s it about
CFEEAWhat’s it about?


Provide unified sustainability voice for organizations, local government, and utilities; committed to research, education, and implementation of environmentally and socially responsible energy and building management practices that conserve energy and natural resources.

Underlying Vision, Overarching Goal

Radically accelerate application of leading edge energy, water, and waste efficiency technologies, processes, best practices and behavior, including driving toward 100% Renewable Energy and Zero Waste for a sustainable CF.


cfeea the alliance
CFEEAThe Alliance


  • All Central Florida governments, schools, universities, utilities, professional, trade, business and community associations
    • Focused first on momentum to reduce CF energy use 30% by 2012
    • Founding Members committed by 10/14; form core management team and early committee resource
    • New Members sign on to support each challenge and participate on CFEEA committees
    • Members must have goals for each challenge
    • Businesses participate in CFEEA via associations &/or by committing to a Challenge
  • Defines, promotes and tracks Challenges to drive sustainability
  • Provides education and supports leading edge technology application
  • Works through the member organizations of the alliance to connect with CF business (residential to follow) and other CFEEA potential members
cfeea who is supporting now
CFEEAWho is Supporting Now?


Founding Member Examples


cfeea initial focus and funding
CFEEAInitial Focus and Funding


  • Initial Focus
    • Large Central Florida Buildings
    • Business, Government, and School


Buildings contribute over 30% of GHG Emissions

All the technology needed to decrease energy use 30% by 2012 is broadly available

  • Initial Funding
    • Some Federal ERA Funding through Department of Energy Program
    • Other Grants
announcing cfeea s
Announcing CFEEA’s…

Kilowatt Crackdown

The first Central Florida Sustainability Challenge:

CF Community-wide Energy Use Reduction

Central Florida


Central Florida will reduce energy use 30% by 2012!


cfeea 2010 goals
CFEEA 2010 Goals


CFEEA First Goals for

Kilowatt Crackdown Challenge

  • 2,010 Central Florida Buildings In the Kilowatt Crackdown Challenge and Energy Star Portfolio Manager in 2010
  • Participants achieve at least 10% energy use reduction over baseline by 6/30/2010 to qualify for first community awards
kilowatt crackdown rules
Kilowatt CrackdownRules


Building owners, managers must register online with CFEEA to take Challenge (by 6/30/10 to qualify for 2010 Awards)

Building Based: each building must be entered as separate facility in Challenge and Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM)

Must use Energy Star Portfolio Manager guidelines for baseline

Energy Star Portfolio Baseline must be submitted to CFEEA

12 months energy use data required for baseline and to get benchmark

Participants must benchmark all fuels used to operate building

Participants required to submit ESPM Statement of Performance from Portfolio Manager to verify improvement

energy star portfolio manager is important

When you start measuring energy, resource, water efficiency, immediate improvements become visible and action is taken

Comparison to benchmark and Energy Star Portfolio Manager data enables energy efficiency improvement

Shows unnecessary loss of money on energy everyday

Enables meeting Kilowatt Crackdown commitment


osc value from cfeea
OSC Value from CFEEA
  • Position OSC as key CFEEA Member
  • Visible Sustainability Commitment
  • Learn and collaborate with others in Central FL


osc value kilowatt crackdown
OSC ValueKilowatt Crackdown
  • Position as Kilowatt Crackdown Leader, including pursuing EPA Energy Star Rating for OSC Building
  • Major contribution to community groundswell to reduce energy use across Central Florida
  • Free ongoing energy use online Tracking Tool provided by EPA
  • Free statistically valid, building energy efficiency use Benchmark
  • Energy Use Baseline for improvement plan, upgrade assessments
  • Opportunity to win CF Kilowatt Crackdown Awards
  • Free GHG emissions calculation; considered official measure for building


other cfeea kilowatt crackdown value for osc
Other CFEEA/Kilowatt Crackdown Value for OSC
  • Create content for energy efficiency and sustainability learning
    • NIO can support with HD video, slide shows, weekly workshops
  • Provide visible, community leadership by promoting the Kilowatt Crackdown Challenge for all Central Florida
    • CFEEA will provide posters and brochure cards
  • Free training and support to build profile and load energy use utility bill data to Energy Star Portfolio Manager


osc cfeea next steps
OSC CFEEA Next Steps

Check out info at CFEEA Web site

  • Join CFEEA Online at committing to:
    • Setting a Goal for each CFEEA Challenge
    • Decide which CFEEA committee to support (suggest Marketing)
  • Work with CFEEA to develop plan for Kilowatt Crackdown promotion at the Science Center (assuming this is OSC contribution to Marketing subcommittee) and weekly workshops


osc kilowatt crackdown next steps
OSC Kilowatt Crackdown Next Steps
  • Take the Kilowatt Crackdown Challenge by entering some basic information on your building at
  • Participate in free Energy Star Portfolio Webinars for training and/or use online training, (provided by EPA,
    • Site has lots of helpful information and tools
  • Build profile for your building in Energy Star Portfolio Manager, including energy use data from utility bills
    • Involve employees to load data and/or request intern


energy efficiency improvement next steps
Energy Efficiency ImprovementNext Steps
  • Engage employees by initiating energy efficiency improvement team:
    • Employee awareness
    • Inspiring behavior change
    • Potentially new energy use policies
    • Potential involvement in upgrades
  • Analyze Energy Star Portfolio benchmark or data
    • Update current energy efficiency improvement plan (new HVAC, Solar) with low hanging fruits from analysis


later for net impact orlando and osc
Later for Net Impact Orlando and OSC
  • Look at possible programming, Net Impact Orlando team can support for OSC