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EC front unit status. S. Ahmad, P. Barrillon , S.Blin , D. Cuisy , S. Dagoret-Campagne , P. Dinaucourt , R. Sliwa , JL. Socha (LAL) A. Ebersoldt (KIT) 8 th progress meeting EUSO-Balloon October 12 th 2012 - APC. Outline. Conclusions from mechanical prototype and actions taken

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Ec front unit status

EC front unit status

S. Ahmad, P. Barrillon, S.Blin, D. Cuisy, S. Dagoret-Campagne, P. Dinaucourt, R. Sliwa, JL. Socha (LAL)

A. Ebersoldt (KIT)

8th progress meeting EUSO-Balloon

October 12th 2012 - APC


Conclusions from mechanical prototype and actions taken

Status of electrical prototype

KIT’s work for TA

Dev plan (tests)

Reminder ec front elements
Reminder: EC-front elements

UV filter




  • Per EC unit:

  • 1 EC-DYNODE board

  • 4 EC-ANODE boards

  • 1 EC-HV boards

Flexible pcb toward EC-back

HV cables toward HV box

  • 3 different PCBs:

    • First one (EC DYNODE board) allows to reroute half of the dynodes of 1 MAPMT so that they are aligned perpendicularly to the others. It covers the 4 MAPMTs.

    • Second one (EC ANODE board) covers one MAPMT but has dimensions reduced allowing a flex pcb to get out. It is used to collect signal from the anodes and send them to the ASICs.

    • Third one (EC HV board) covers one MAPMT. It welcomes the dynodes and supplies the HV to the EC-dynode board which transmits it to the 4 MAPMTs.

Dimensions of pdm frame

6 mm outer diameter

3.1 mm inner diameter

Dimensions of PDM frame

Radius of the corner : R2.2

17 mm

19.62 mm

19.62 mm

11 mm

6 mm

Outer and inner diameters

10 and 6 mm

Thickness: 1 mm

55 mm

~2 mm

53 mm

17 mm

Thickness: 3 mm

51 mm

9.3 mm

Front view

Ec unit inside pdm frame
EC unit inside PDM frame






EC_dynode is 54.5 mm x 54.5mm therefore it will lay on the PDM structure where the distance goes from 55 mm to 53 mm

2 adjacent EC_anodes soldered to the MAPMT pins (going through holes of the EC_dynode) should fit in 53 x 53 mm

The EC_HV soldered to extensions coming from the EC_dynode should fit also in the 53 x 53 mm

Matra mechanical prototype
MATRA mechanical prototype

Mechanical prototype

The mechanical prototype was finished 12/07

MATRA people checked if the proto was fitting inside a homemade version of the mechanical structure of 1 EC unit

They observed that the EC_anodes and EC_HV were overlapping with the structure meaning that they were going over the 53 x 53 mm…

Calculations based on the CAD files showed that indeed the dimensions of EC_anode and EC_HV are lightly too much… see following slides.

EC_dynode dimensions

8.32 mm

EC_anode dimensions

6 mm (8.32 – 2 x 1.16)

23.7 mm

24 mm

1.16 mm

53.7 mm

1.16 mm

The distance (6 mm) between two EC_anodes is needed to let the flexible cables go through this gap. It was the leading idea of the EC front unit design.

But then the global dimensions are 53.7 x 53.7 mm… we missed that .

How to fix the problem for the EC_anodes

The larger holes on the edge are 2 mm large ones and there is no routing around.

Therefore EC_anode rigid pcb could be reduced significantly by removing the parts

MATRA did that on the mechanical prototype to perform the potting test.

1.16 mm

1.16 mm


EC_anodes were corrected end of July 2012. EC_HV in September 2012.

In this version, the extension pins coming from the EC_dynode toward the EC_HV will go next to the EC_anodes not anymore through.

6 mm

21.7 mm

21.1 mm

48.8 mm


EC_anodes were corrected end of October/beginning of November



6 mm

21.7 mm

21.1 mm

48.8 mm

Mechanical prototype potting

Top view (fake filters)

Bottom view (cables and screw)

Lateral view 1

Lateral view 2

Lateral view 3

Lateral view 4

Mechanical prototype potting

  • Clearly the result is not good.

  • MATRA thinks that the problem comes from the fact that the EC_dynode lays on the mold’s shoulder (from 55 mm to 53 mm), this way the air can not easily escape and this creates bubbles that explode.

Mold 3D view from MATRA




  • Actions:

  • Modification of the mold (sept 2012)

  • Potting will be done in vacuum



Picture of the mold (2 parts)


Integration of the mechanical prototype potted
Integration of the mechanical prototype potted

After all (reduction of the size of the fake pcbs and removal of the central column), it fits in the mechanical frame

Electrical prototype
Electrical prototype

  • Due to manpower issue, MATRA started the electrical prototype of the EC beginning of this week

  • It should be ready next week

  • It is be composed of:

    • 4 real MAPMTs equipped with UV filters selected by Philippe

    • 1 EC_dynode real PCB

    • 2 EC_anodes of each type real PCB (old version)

    • 1 EC_HV (old version)

  • All pcbs have been provided by KIT from the spares of boards produced for TA.

  • KIT is in charge of the assembly of the EC front units for TA and has started assembly tests

Ta ec front unit
TA EC front unit

Slidesfrom Andreas E.

Ta ec front unit1
TA EC front unit

Slidesfrom Andreas E.

Development plan tests
Development plan (tests)

  • Once the EC front unit electrical prototype will be produced

    • Connection to the HVPS and HV ON to check current and MAPMTs power and analog signals, without light (in black box)

    • Connection to the HVPS and HV ON to check current and MAPMTs power and analog signals, with light ON (in black box)

  • When we will have a working EC_ASIC – test_EC_ASIC couple

    • EC_ASIC tests with EC front unit without potting (2 weeks)

      • HV off (Pedestal measurements, DAC linearity, PC measurements)

      • HV on (same measurements as above) in black boxe, light off

      • HV on (same measurements as above) in black boxe, light on

    • EC_ASIC tests with EC front unit with potting (as much time as needed)

      • HV off (same measurements as above)

      • HV on (same measurements as above) in black boxe, light off

      • HV on (same measurements as above) in black boxe, light on

    • EC_ASIC tests with EC unit at 3 mbar + temperature tests

      • To be specified

Mechanical prototype fake mapmts
Mechanical prototype: fakeMAPMTs

4 pieces produced by MATRA for the mechanical prototype

With fake UV filter as well

Fake pcbs of the EC-front boards




EC_anode straight