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C2 Data Pilot Phase 4a/b

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C2 Data Pilot Phase 4a/b - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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C2 Data Pilot Phase 4a/b. Cutting a Path to a GFM Community Decision Support Capability. Jim Pasch, Ph.D. KM & GFM Programs Management Branch (J383) Ops, Plans, Logistics, & Engineering Directorate US Joint Forces Command. 12 January 2010. The GFM Data Sharing Challenge The Path to Success

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c2 data pilot phase 4a b

C2 Data Pilot Phase 4a/b

Cutting a Path to a GFM Community Decision Support Capability

Jim Pasch, Ph.D.

KM & GFM Programs Management Branch (J383)

Ops, Plans, Logistics, & Engineering Directorate

US Joint Forces Command

12 January 2010

The GFM Data Sharing Challenge

The Path to Success




User Requirements

Capability Delivery

why this is urgent
Why This Is Urgent

Decision Support – A Function of Time & Info Quality

gfm community data challenges
Data Access: across Combatant Commands, Services, Agencies, Multinational & Coalition

Data Integration: agreement on a common data model

Data Security: need for holistic information assurance standards

Data Governance: DoD community requires a single Data Strategy Gatekeeper

C2 Data Pilot Phase 4a/b Problem Statement:

“Data is not effectively shared, resulting in multiple, inefficient iterations of human intervention and interpretation by the analysts.”

GFM Community Data Challenges
ede development ads validation and data access via soa iso gfm continuous process improvement cpi
EDE development, ADS Validation, and Data Access via SOA ISO GFM Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)

JFCOM and other

Warfighter functional use cases



(JROC approved

17 July 07)

High Level






NECC CapabilityDefinition Package

(CDP) 7









Force Management informationvisible, accessible and understandable to Warfighter

Detailed Requirements




Adaptive Planning-Global Force Management Planning And Execution (AP-GFPEX) JCTD:

Phase I: Demonstrate interoperability and data sharing between: Service Planning tools, JCRM & JOPES

Phase II: Expose Service ADS’s supporting planning force provider and deployment/distribution


DISA FMIP Data VisibilityEnhancement Effort:Develop ROMs for gaining access to data in DISA-owned ADSs’ systems and coordinate development of ROMs for Service-owned ADSs’ systems, note technical, policy and/or enforcement issues for all ADSs’ systems’ data and develop a vocabulary and data exchange schema


JS J8 Data

Summit(Part 1):

Identify criticalinformationrequirements/define dataelements


Global Visibility



Use Cases &




Phase 3:

Identify prioritizedinformationrequirements andService ADS’s

Force sourcing informationsubset incorporatedinto tools

Near-TermIncrementalCapability: GFMTS



Data Summit I

Data Summit II


C2 Data Pilot

Phase 4b:

Produce sustainable increment of ADS force sourcing and analysis data visibility capability, Test/refine C2 GFM Schema, Web Services, and Pub/Sub using JUM

C2 Data Pilot

Phase 4a:


sustainable increment

of authoritative force

analysis data visibility

capability, Test/refine

C2 GFM Schema, Web Services

and Pub/Sub

Force analysis informationsubset visible, accessible

and understand-able

to the Warfighter

Critical force analysis ADS systems, data elements, tech info, data exchange schema


Tech Exchange

(Part 2):

Services ID ADS’s

& source fields

for elements and

DISA builds Alpha

FMIP Schema



use case

capability roadmap
Achieving a GFM DS-GVC capability will require a well orchestrated, robust process of supporting-capability realization and DS-GVC prototyping to ensure a capabilities requirements document is developed in advance of POM 12 executionCapability - Roadmap

Data Access Roadmap

Bi-wkly IPR (DCO)




GFM CPI Data Initiatives

USJFCOM J8 C2 Data Pilot Phase 4a and 4b Bottom line: To make data and services “visible, accessible and understandable” and document/evolve the process

USJFCOM J3/4 GFM CPI C2 Data Pilot Phase 4a Demonstrated Objectives: Targeted ADSs made their data visible and accessible through web services employing the evolving C2 GFM Data Schema, making that data understandable to a targeted data consuming application – the GFM Toolset

(as an experimental thread, successfully demonstrated a limited pub/sub capability using DRRS Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS))

gfm cpi high level objectives for the july 2010 c2 data pilot phase 4b event
GFM CPI High-level Objectivesfor the July 2010 C2 Data Pilot Phase 4b Event

Provide timely access to authoritative, all-Service force structure data in a single prototype Business Intelligence (BI) application (GFM Toolset) ISO Joint/Service GFM Analysts (USJFCOM J383 lead)

Population of a GFM Data Repository to support archived sourcing requirement and sourcing solution data analysis (JCRM to GFM Toolset web service) (USJFCOM J381 lead)

Provide a user-friendly BI GUI that allows the analyst to access ADS data into a structured (yet flexible) format (USJFCOM J383 lead)

Incorporate essential data elements used by the GFM community in development of the C2 Core(USJFCOM J87 lead)

Codify best practices for establishing net-enablement of GFM systems (USJFCOM J87 lead)

gfm cpi c2 data pilot phase 4b specific outcomes
GFM CPI C2 Data Pilot Phase 4b Specific Outcomes

“Right-size” and update/validate essential data elements (EDEs) (USJFCOM J383 lead)(completed)

Validate the current GFM authoritative data sources (ADS) list (a subset of the larger ADS directory) that satisfy the EDEs (USJFCOM J383 lead)(currently ongoing)

Provide a sustainable JUM capability to support Service participants (ADSs) and GFMTS via data exchange (DISA lead)

Make designated ADSs from all Services accessible via pub-sub/JUM employing the C2 Core/C2 GFM Schema(Service ADS participants lead)

Multi-Service & Joint participation – Demonstrate utility of ADS data in the GFM Toolset as a prototype GFM DS-GVC (USJFCOM J383 lead)

ds gvc problem statement and goal
Problem Statement: The Department requires information collected from authoritative sources, synthesized into a near real-time global view of force capability status and availability. This capability will provide an analysis/decision support capability to determine primary and secondary effects and identify patterns through advanced statistical processes such as clustering, associations, or correlations in those analytical results. Additionally it shall facilitate Joint, interagency, and multinational information synchronization, providing multi-level intelligence/ information sharing in an interoperable decision support interface (C2 SWarF).

Goal: Through enabling ubiquitous force/capability data access and providing a robust GFM business intelligence (BI) engine, decision makers will have at their disposal authoritative, synthesized, decisional information presented in a user-profile driven graphical user interface.

DS-GVC Problem Statement and Goal
Target users: Senior Leadership as well as Action Officers of


Force Provider Service Components (Army, Navy, USAF, USMC

Service Headquarters, Joint Staff, OSD, etc.

Provides ubiquitous access across all available ADSs while maintaining access control through user profiles and ADS owner managed permissions

At the lowest level, provides a query-response approach to conduct analysis and answer the day-to-day “science project of the day”

Given that the GFM community has bridged data access issues, the development effort for POM 12 may be a GFM BI engine accessible through a portal, a dashboard, or other graphical user interface that enables decision support, employing M&S techniques to highlight second and third-order effects of those decisions.

What is a “Decision Support and Analysis Tool that provides Global Visibility of Forces and Warfighting Capabilities?”

Global Force Management

Ubiquitous, Secure, Standards-based Data Access is Critical to Meeting Senior Decision Maker, Analyst, and Warfighter Needs