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  1. University of education Ngoïc Saùu – Huyeàn trang – Thuyø Linh – Höông Lan Present perfect ABOUT US

  2. A/ Present Perfect Simple B/ Present Perfect Continuous Tense C/ Exercises

  3. A/ Present Perfect Simple 1/ Formation: Subject + have/has + Verb (past participle) • Affirmative: S + have/has + V (past participle) • Negative: S + have/has + not +V (past participle) • Interrogative: Have/has + S + V (past participle)

  4. 2/ Usage Past Present Future • Talk about the something that happened during a period of time that is not yet finishedEx: He still hasn’t visited her • When the time in the past isn’t mentioned or is not importantEx: He has written the book • When the action finished in the past but the effect is still felt in the presentEx: He has lost the key • With “for” or “since” o show the duration of an action or state up the presentEx: I have studied English for 5 years • In British English with just , ever • Giving the recent newsEx: I have crashed my car again

  5. 3/ Note • The concept of “unspecified time “can be very confusing to English learners. It is best to associate Present Perfect with the following topic : • We are interested in the result of the activity how much , how far/many are used

  6. B/ Present Perfect continuous tense 1/ Formation Subject + have/has + been + Verb_ing • Affirmative: S + have/has + been + V_ ing • Negative: S + have/has + not + been + V_ing • Interrogative: have/has +S + been +V_ing

  7. Past Present Future 2/ Usage USE 1 :Duration from the past Until now • Talk about an activity that started in the past and is still happening (with since and for)Ex: I have been writing letter for 8 o’clock • Talk about an activity that has finished but whose results are visible nowEx:The ground is very wet . It has been raining USE 2: Recently , Lately • You can use the Present Perfect Continuous WITHOUT a duration such as “for five minutes” , “for two weeks” , and “since Tuesday”. Without the durations , the tense gives a more general meaning of “lately” . We often use the words “lately or recently” in the sentence to strengthen this meaning. Ex: Recently, I have been feeling really tired Ex: She has been watching too much television lately Ex: Mary has been feeling a little depressed

  8. 3/Note • We are interested in the activity How Long is used • Some verbs (know, like, believe ) aren’t used commonly in continuous • Live, work can be used in both present perfect simple and present perfect continuous

  9. C/ Exercises: 1/ ED QUIZ: 2/ MATCHING • Matching 1 • Matching 2 3/ CLOZE TEST 4/ MUTIPLE CHOICE 5/ CHECK

  10. 1/ ED QUIZ CHECK 1/ Ann's hair was dirty. Now it is clean. She______. a/ Washed c/ has washed b/have washed d/ has been washing 2/ I can't believe it, inspector. You mean that Smith _______ money from the till at this time. a/ stole c/ has been stealing b/ has stolen d/ had stolen 3/ Your three boys look very guilty! What________ since I left the room? a/ did you do c/ have you done b/ have you been doing d/ had you done 4/ It's a long time since ________your brother Pall. What ________ lately? a/ have seen/did he do c/ I saw/ has he been doing b/ have been seeing/has he been doing d/ I saw /has he done

  11. 5/ I can't believe that you_______ three pizzas already! I________ them in fifteen minutes ago!. a/ ate/only broughtc/ only brought/ have only brought b/ have eaten/ have only brought d/ have been eating/ have only brought 6/ Don't forget that you _______ Ms Dawson. She _______ outside since 10.30. a/ haven't seen/ has been waiting c/ haven't seen / has waited b/ didn't see/has waited d/ didn't see/has been waiting 7/ I feel really tired._______ the garden of the last three hours and _______ for a single moment. a/ I weeded/didn't rest c/ have weeded/ haven't rested b/ have been weeding/ haven't rested. d/have been weeding/ haven't rested 8/ I'm having problems with David. He_________ me up in the middle of the night and ______ me his troubles a/ has been calling/ telling c/ has been calling/ told b/ has called/telling d/ has called/told CHECK

  12. CHECK 9/ How long ______ driving lessons? And ________ your test yet? a/ have you been having/have you talked c/did you take/have you been talking b/ have you been having/did you take d/have you been having/have you been talking 10/ I________ late in the evenings for the past fortnight. a/ have worked c/ have been working b/ worked d/ was work 11/ So far we______ anything unusual, but we ______ very close attention. a/ haven't noticed/ haven't been paying c/ wasn't notice/didn't pay b/ didn't notice/ haven't been paying d/ haven't noticed/ didn't pay 12/ I wonder if Mary________ home yet? She ________ too late to catch the bus . a/ has reached/ has left c/ reached/left b/ has reached/left d/ have reached/ left 13/ ________ your minds? What _______ to do ? a/ have you made up/ did you decide c/ did you make up/ did you decide b/ did you make up/have you decided d/ have you made up/ have you decided

  13. 14/ Resent research______ that Columbus_______ America. a/ showed/ did not discover c/ has showed/ did not discover b/ has showed/ has not discovered d/ showed/has not discovered 15/ I think that people______ tired of the poor quality of TV program thought they______ lately. a/ have become/ improved c/ became/improved b/ became/have been improving d/ have become/ have been improving 16/ _______ to the lines? I_________ to get through to Glasgow for the past hours . a/ has been happened/ have been trying c/ has happened/have been trying b/ has happened/ have tried d/ happened/ have tried 17/ Bill______ that new job, but he________ about it ever since a/ has got/ has been complaining c/ got/ has complained b/ got/ has been complaining d/ has got/ has complained 18/ The price of petrol_______ by 15% over the past year. a/ has risen c/ has been rising b/ rose d/ have risen CHECK

  14. CHECK 19/ I ______ War and Peace this morning. a/ read c/ was reading b/ have read d/ have been reading. 20/ Jack _______ for a pay-rise three times this year . a/ has asked c/ has been asking b/ asked d/ had asked

  15. CHECK 3/ CLOZE TEST Read the text and think of the word which best fit each space We have seen photographs of the whole earth taken from great distance in outer space. This’ s the first time, the ……(1)…..fist time, in man’s long history that such pictures have been possible……(2) ….. Many years most people have believed that the earth was ball-shaped. A few thought it was round and ……(3)……., like a coin . Now we know ,beyond doubt , that those few were……(4)……. . The photographs show a ball-shaped………(5)……. , bright and beautiful… . In color photographs of the earth , the sky is as …..(6)… as coal . The ……..(7)……. Looks much bluer than it usually does to us . All our grey ………(8)…….. Are a perfect white in color , because , of course , the……..(9)………. Is for over shining on them . We’re ……(10)………… to live on the beautiful earth .

  16. 4/ Multiple Choice CHECK Put the verb into the correct tense 1/ I (never see) anyone more punctual than your brother a/ have never seen b/ never saw c/ never see d/ had never seen 2/ My clothes are not in the room. They (take) them away a/ took b/ have been taking c/ have taken d/ are going to take 3/ She (sleep) for 10 hours. You must wake her a/ slept b/ has slept c/ has been sleeping d/ sleeps

  17. CHECK 4/ David (wash) his hands. He just (repair) the TV set a/ washes – repaired b/ washed – repaired c/ has washed – has repaired d/ washes – has repaired 5/ I can’t go with you as I (not finish) my work a/ don’t finish b/ haven’t finished c/ am not finished d/ didn’t finish 6/ He ( leave) for London 2 years ago and I (not see) him since a/ left – didn’t see b/ left – hadn’t seen c/ left – haven’t seen d/ had left - haven’t seen

  18. 7/ You (be) to the lab this week a/ are b/ were c/ have been d/ will be 8/ When we (take) our exams, we (have) a holiday a/ take – will have b/ took – would have c/ had taken – would have had d/ have taken – will have 9/ I don’t think he (change) in the thirty years. I (know) him a/ will change – know b/ changed – knew c/ changed – have known d/ have changed – have known CHECK

  19. 10/ I don’t know what’s the matter with him. He (act) funny since you (be) away a/ acted – were b/ has been acting – have been c/ has acted – are d/ acted – have been 11/ no sooner I (arrive) than I (send) her a letter to say that I had a present for her a/ arrived – had sent b/ had arrived – sent c/ had I arrived – have sent d/ had I arrived – sent 12/ come in, please. I (wait) for you long a/ am waiting b/ wait c/ have waited d/ have been waiting CHECK

  20. 13/ You (not see) my sister for along time. You (visit) us tonight a/ haven’t seen – will you visit b/ haven’t seen – do you visit c/ didn’t see – will you visit d/ haven’t seen – do you visit 14/ the radio (play) since 7 am . I with someone (turn) it off a/ has played- will turn b/ has been playing – would turn c/ has been playing – turned d/ played- would turn 15/ I ( search) everywhere for the pen I (lose) yesterday a/ have searched- had lost b/ searched – lost c/ have searched – lost d/ searched- had lost CHECK

  21. 16/ I (not have) much time for entertainment these days a/ haven’t had b/ don’t had c/ didn’t had d/ will not have 17/ John and I (study) at the same school and we (be) great friends ever since a/ study – have been b/ studied – have been c/ studied – were d/ study – are 18/ Well, where you (be) all evening, James ? a/ are you b/ have you been c/ were you d/ are you being CHECK

  22. CHECK 19/ I think she’s the nicest person I (ever meet) a/ ever meet b/ ever met c/ have ever met d/ have been ever meeting 20/ she shan’t have any pudding until she (eat) her potatoes a/ eats b/ ate c/ has eaten d/ has been eating

  23. 5/ Check Back ED QUIZ 1/ ED QUIZ 1.C 6.A 11.A 16.C 2.C 7.B 12.B 17.B 3.B 8.A 13.B 18.A 4.C 9.A 14C 19.D 5.C 10.C 15.D 20.A 2/ CLOZE TEST • Very • For 7. sea • Flat 8. clouds • Wrong/ mistaken 9. sun • Earth/ planet 10. lucky Back CLOZE TEST

  24. 3/MULTIPLE CHOICE: • A 6. C 11.D 16. A • C 7. C 12. D 17. B • C 8. D 13. A 18. B • D 9. D 14. B 19. C • B 10. C 15. C 20. C Back MULTIPLE CHOICE

  25. Ngoïc Saùu Email Phone: 0987643295 Huyeàn Trang Phone:01688732598 Thuøy Linh Phone:0937044478 Höông Lan Phone:0978829287 About us