the exquisite corpse game recapping grammar n.
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The Exquisite Corpse Game – Recapping Grammar!

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The Exquisite Corpse Game – Recapping Grammar! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Exquisite Corpse Game – Recapping Grammar!. ARTICLE. ADJECTIVE. ADJECTIVE. NOUN. PAST TENSE VERB. ADVERB. PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE. Pragmatics: Learning to Be Polite. HOW CAN PRAGMATICS BE DIFFICULT? Why would these statements be difficult for a child?.

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the exquisite corpse game recapping grammar
The Exquisite Corpse Game – Recapping Grammar!








how can pragmatics be difficult why would these statements be difficult for a child
HOW CAN PRAGMATICS BE DIFFICULT?Why would these statements be difficult for a child?

A woman asks where the post office is and is told in reply, “It’s a Sunday.”

A student says to her friend: “Mmmm, nice jacket. Are there lots of charity shops in Peckham?”

A father says to his daughter, who has just dropped his mobile phone in the paddling pool, “Thanks very much, that makes life a lot easier.”

A sign on a shop window says: Baby sale! Great bargains!

what do we mean by pragmatics
What do we mean by pragmatics?
  • “Pragmatics studies the factors that govern our choice of language in social interaction and the effects of our choice on others.”David Crystal
  • “Pragmatics is all about the meanings between the lexis and the grammar and the phonology...Meanings are implied and the rules being followed are unspoken, unwritten ones.”George Keith
the linguistic frameworks
The linguistic frameworks...

We also spent time linking in theories from different linguistic theorists. You will link these in wherever they are relevant.

You are here!


Semantics: the meanings of words and utterances

Pragmatics: the message that is being conveyed when the context of the utterance is understood

One part of developing discourse that children learn is the difference between semantics and pragmatics.

e.g. ‘I’m too hot’ can really mean ‘open a window’


When children first start to use language, it is not confined to naming things or commenting on them. They also use language to participate in social events through ritualised formulas, rules and routines.

In your groups, discuss and make a list of the different ways that we show politeness in our culture.

you will now be investigative linguists
You will now be investigative linguists!

There are 3 tables that represent different situations in a typical child’s life. You will have 7 minutes on each table to examine the data and complete the task on the tables.

There is a ‘hints’ envelope on each desk that you may open if you need extra help.

Good luck!