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Penguins on Parade PowerPoint Presentation
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Penguins on Parade

Penguins on Parade

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Penguins on Parade

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  1. Penguins on Parade By: Second Grade Room 105 St. John the Baptist Catholic School

  2. Penguins on Parade You’re going to learn about 17 different species of penguins. Penguins are birds, but none of them can fly. They waddle, toboggan, and swim. Penguins are different sizes. Penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere.

  3. ,Ro Ro Royal Penguin

  4. Erect-crestedJacob A. • The Erect-crested penguin can grow to be 28 inches tall. • It likes to eat squid and krill. • It lives on both islands of New Zealand. • It has nests on rocky islands.

  5. FiordlandJack • It is 24 inches and weighs 6 to 7 pounds. • It eats fish, krill, and squid. • It makes nests in thick hanging plants or caves. • It lives on the southern island of New Zealand.

  6. GalapagosAntonella • Galapagos penguins eat sardines and squid. • The Galapagos is 20 inches tall. • Galapagos lives on the Galapagos Islands, where it often gets to 100 degrees.

  7. Yellow-eyed penguinVictoria • The yellow-eyed penguin is the only penguin that has yellow eyes. • It has a bright yellow band that runs from one eye to the other eye. • They only eat fish, squid, shrimp, and krill. • It is 31 inches tall.

  8. MacaroniAbby C. • The macaroni penguin has orangey tassels that meet between its eyes. • Macaroni’s nest is made out of clumps of grass. • Macaroni eats fish, krill, and squid.

  9. GentooAnna • Gentoo penguins make nests out of circles of stones and pebbles. • Gentoo penguins live up to 15-20 years. • This penguin eats crustaceans, fish and squid. • Gentoo penguins hatch two eggs. • Both eggs hatch into chicks.

  10. Little Blue PenguinArmen • It eats squid and fish. • It is 18” tall and weighs 2–3 pounds. • It is the smallest penguin. • It has blue feathers. • It sings songs . • It has nests in rock cracks.

  11. Macaroni penguinJoe • Macaroni penguins lay two eggs every year. They kick the first egg out of the nest. • They wave their heads forward and backwards to find their mates. • Macaroni penguins are 30” tall and 9-13 pounds.

  12. King PenguinFabi • King penguin has no nest. They lay the egg on land. • The king penguin has silver on its chest. • It lives on Antarctica.

  13. Little BlueSophie • It eats small fish, squid and crustaceans. • This penguin lives on the south coast of New Zealand, Australia and on small islands. • Little Blue is 18 inches tall and weighs 2-3 pounds. • Its life span is 10-20 years. • This penguin’s nest is made from burrows or gaps in rocks lined with plants.

  14. RoyalJacob J. • The Royal penguin is the only penguin with an almost completely white face and chin. • Their nests are made of grass or pebbles. • There are six types of crested penguins. • It lives on the Macquarie Island, halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica.

  15. Chinstrap penguinBy: Donovan • Chinstrap penguins can climb steep icebergs. • Their nests are made of pebbles. • They live in Antarctica and many of the surrounding islands. • They are 28’’ tall and weigh 9lbs.

  16. Rockhopper PenguinMolly M. • The Rockhopper’s eyes are bright red. • They dive feet first, not like other penguins that dive headfirst. • They live on the Sub-Antarctic island. • It eats squid, krill, and fish. • Its height is 23” and its weight is 4.5-8 pounds.

  17. GalapagosMolly O. • They live on the Galapagos Islands. • It is near the equator. • It is 21 inches tall.

  18. The African PenguinbyGretchen • African penguins live at the tip of South Africa. • They eat fish and krill. • These penguins weigh 7.5lbs and are 27” tall. • They have a horseshoe shaped stripe and pink areas near their eyes. • On June 23, 2000, 2,000 of these penguins died because of an oil spill.

  19. The Humboldt Penguinby: Gweny • Humboldt penguins are 29 inches tall. • It weighs 11 pounds. • The Humboldt penguin looks similar to the Magellanic penguin. • Humboldt penguins are most common in zoos. • This penguin eats anchovies, herring, and crustaceans. • The Humboldt penguin has brown feathers and a band across its belly.

  20. The Adelie Penguinby Haylie • Adelie penguins have a red bill with a black tip and white eye rings. • They can be 30in. tall when they grow up. • Sometimes when it snows they get buried in the snow but they still sit on their egg. • Adelie penguins are small and fearless.

  21. Snares PenguinChristina • It eats fish, krill and squid. • It is 26 inches tall. • The Snares penguin has a thick bill. • It lives on Snares Islands.

  22. Emperor Penguinby: Palina • It eats crustaceans, fish, and squid. • The Emperor penguin is the tallest. • They do not have nests.

  23. King PenguinIsaac • It loves to eat fish and squid. • It has yellow and orange head feathers. • King penguin chicks stay on their parents’ feet for up to eight weeks. • It is 30-45 pounds.

  24. Adelie penguinsBy Abby W. • Adelie penguins grow to be 30” tall. • Adelie penguins are 11 pounds. • They have a black head with a reddish bill and a white eye ring and a white tummy. • It eats krill and fish.

  25. MagellanicBy Joey • The Magellanic penguins live in Chile and Argentina. • It eats squid, cuttlefish, and sardines. • This penguin’s height is 29” • It has two black chest bands, one under the chin and one below.

  26. ChinstrapJoseph • The Chinstrap penguin can jump as high as a Rockhopper. • This penguin has a black line like a helmet. • Chinstraps can climb straight up an iceberg to keep safe.

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