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Anne Frank ABC Book PowerPoint Presentation
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Anne Frank ABC Book

Anne Frank ABC Book

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Anne Frank ABC Book

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  1. ABC Anne Frank ABC Book Book: Anne Frank – Hidden Hope Tier – 2 #5 ABC Book By: Simar 8D

  2. A Is for Anne Frank, a girl that went into hiding from the Nazis.

  3. B • Is for Believing. Anne believed that the War would end. Her motivation was her Diary.

  4. C • Is for the Concentration Camps that Anne’s Family and many other Jews had been sent to during WW II

  5. D • If for Discovered, the Van Pels and Franks always feared of being discovered by the Germans. Anne was captured on August 4th, 1944 along with the Van Pels.

  6. E • Is for Edith Frank. Anne’s sister Margot shared her mother Edith’s points on religion. Edith Frank favoured Margot more than Anne.

  7. F • Is for Fear, the Franks and Van Pels always lived in fear of being found or bombed by U.S Air Forces. “Fear is like a blanket that covers our lives and rarely lifts”

  8. G • Is for Germany. In 1939 was the beginning of Germany invading most of Europe.

  9. H • Is for Hatred. Adolf Hitler had developed hatred • after the loss of Germany in WW I.

  10. I • Is for Immigration. A number of Jews immigrated from Germany to the Netherlands in search of a safer place to live or raise their children. A German Passport. Anne and a friend playing near their house early before WW II

  11. J • Is for Justice. Once when four Anne boarded a busy streetcar with her grandma Hollander. She yelled out “Won’t anyone give this old lady a seat”. Her sense of justice will never be gone. Grandma Hollander

  12. K Is for the name of the character“Kitty” that Anne Frank wrote to, in her Diary while in hiding.

  13. L • Is for Lively Imagination. On the way to school Anne would tell tales made up by herself to her teacher Jan Van Gelder at the Montessori School in Amsterdam. The Montessori School where Anne went to in Amsterdam.

  14. M • Is for Miep Gies who was a German friend who brought the Franks and the Van Pels living in the annex food and supplied Anne with book paper for her Diary. Miep Gies

  15. N • Is for the Nazis(National Socialist German Workers' Party) led by Adolf Hitler in 1921.

  16. O • Is for Otto Frank. Like Anne her Father Otto shared her love of reading and writing.

  17. P • Is for Anne’s most Prized Possession. A red checker diary on her 13th Birthday.

  18. Q • Is for Questioned, Mrs. Van Pels questioned Anne’s Mother on how she raised, and taught Anne. ?

  19. R • Is for Rations. Jan Gies(Miep’s husband) found ration books for flour, meat, sugar, clothing and other basics. People in line trying to get groceries.

  20. S • Is for the Secret Annex that Anne Frank and her family lived in during their hiding period.

  21. T • Is for Tree. Anne watched the changing of seasons that grew behind the secret annex while in hiding.

  22. U • Is for U.S. Otto Frank worked to secure visas for the families resettlement in the U.S. efforts failed and the family stayed in the Netherlands. A typical visa form in 1940

  23. V • Is for the Van Pels Family that lived with the Frank’s in the secret annex.

  24. W • Is for World War ll where Adolf Hitler(Germans) were attacking the Jews.

  25. X • Is for X-mas. The Van Pels and Franks still celebrated Jewish holidays during hiding even while the outside was celebrating German holidays(Christmas).

  26. Y • Is for the Yellow Star that represents the Jewish religion. It also had to be worn by Jews out in public during World War II

  27. Z • Is for Zeal. Anne felt zeal towards Peter Van Pels during her 2 years in hiding.