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Creating a Poster from a PowerPoint Presentation

Prepare Presentation. Open Microsoft PowerPointGo to File > Page Setup, and select:On-screen Show" for 10" x 7.5" slidesCustom" specify a size up to 11"x17" Prepare slides Key wordsLetter size minimum is 24 pointAvoid paragraphs and sentences. Determine Size of Poster. Organization's rules

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Creating a Poster from a PowerPoint Presentation

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    1. Creating a Poster from a PowerPoint Presentation Margy Ingram Learning Technology Services University of Wisconsin-Stout

    2. Prepare Presentation Open Microsoft PowerPoint Go to File > Page Setup, and select: On-screen Show for 10 x 7.5 slides Custom specify a size up to 11x17 Prepare slides Key words Letter size minimum is 24 point Avoid paragraphs and sentences

    3. Determine Size of Poster Organizations rules Size the software will accommodate PowerPoint will allow up to 56 Size of the printer LTS printer uses roll paper 42 wide One dimension of the poster can be no more than 41

    4. Number of Slides Needed Once size of poster is known: determine poster layout arrange in columns audience can walk from left to right placement of title 16 slides (7.5x10) fit on a 46x42 poster 20 slides (7.5x10) fit on a 56x42 poster 9 slides (11x17) fit on a 56x42 poster

    5. Sample Layout

    6. What About the Title? As part of the poster body - one of the total number of slides works well when printer uses 36 paper As a banner with same template Create another presentation Go to file, page set up and specify size usually the length of the layout x 4 or 5 As a banner no template Add title information to large layout by creating text boxes

    7. Include Visuals Instead of words use: photographs drawings charts and graphs Avoid tables of numbers Limit tables of words

    8. My Research Data

    9. Where to Save Presentation Create a folder for this project in My documents As you work, continually save your creation as a presentation Proof, proof, proof Save final time

    10. Save Presentation for Poster Go to File > Save as Select the proper folder to save the images in Give the images a name if different from your presentation title

    11. Save for Poster Go to File: Save as>save as type: Scroll down and select: JPEG File Interchange Format Click save When prompt appears, click every slide

    12. Where are the Slides? This prompt will appear when images are saved, click OK A new folder is created to hold the .jpg images Each slide is saved as a separate .jpg image The location of the file is stated in the prompt above

    13. Whats Next? Open a New PowerPoint presentation Go to File > Page Setup, and select: Custom specify a size up to 42x56 Click OK Select blank content layout Layout shown will be the entire poster

    14. Using the Grid Turn on grid for easier placement: View > Grid and Guides Check snap objects to grid Select a grid spacing Check Display grid on screen Check Display drawing guides on screen

    15. Getting the Slides on Poster Go to: insert >picture>from a file Navigate to proper folder Select all slides by: click on the first slide hold down the shift key click on the last slide Click on Insert

    16. Arrange Slides Arrange slides in columns going down Space first column appropriately

    17. Align Slides Align slides in first column by holding down the shift key and clicking on each slide in the column go to draw > align or distribute > align left continue for each column Align slides in first row by holding down the shift key and clicking on each slide in the column go to draw > align or distribute > align top continue for each row

    18. Compress Images Click on an image and then on the compress tool on the picture toolbar On prompt screen select all pictures in document and print resolution Save final version as a presentation

    19. Completed Poster

    20. Poster Background/Template Preselect the background or template you will use for large poster. Use a blank/white background for slides Colored text may be used Include colored charts and visuals Save as JEPG Interchange Format images Insert images onto large poster (see previous slide: Getting the Slides on the Poster) Arrange slides in columns Continually save as a presentation

    21. Get Rid of the White Background Click on image to highlight it Locate Picture toolbar (View>Toolbars>Picture) Click on Set Transparent Color tool Click on selected image- background will disappear Repeat for each image

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