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Creating a Poster Presentation

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Creating a Poster Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating a Poster Presentation. Julie Mitchell Managing Librarian Chapman Learning Commons. Overview. Purpose & elements of effective posters Common mistakes Planning poster content and design Delivering content Creating it in PowerPoint. Poster Purpose.

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Creating a Poster Presentation

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creating a poster presentation

Creating a Poster Presentation

Julie Mitchell

Julie.Mitchell@ubc.caManaging Librarian

Chapman Learning Commons


Purpose & elements of effective posters

Common mistakes

Planning poster content and design

Delivering content

Creating it in PowerPoint

poster purpose
Poster Purpose

Succinct summary of work

Visual representation of project

Starting point for discussion

Information source

effective posters
Effective Posters

Delivers a clear message

Highly visual

Easily read from 1-2 metres away

Stand alone

20% text, 40% graphics, 20% empty space

common mistakes
Common Mistakes

Too much text

Small text

Poor graphics

Lack of organization

Objective/main point hard to find

common mistakes1
Common Mistakes

Incorrect use of colour


Arts & crafts posters

Creating the poster in multiple platforms

planning content
Planning: Content


Essential concepts

Logical sequence of topics

Organize material into sections

Consider audience

planning content1
Planning: Content

Typical sections:






Literature cited


planning content2
Planning: Content

Use active voice

Omit needless words & edit ruthlessly

Remove anything extraneous to focus point

Find ways to represent text visually


Schematic drawings


planning design
Planning: Design

Confirm poster guidelines with organizer

Size and format (36” x 48”)

Use columns: 3-4 typical

Use consistent fonts

Avoid ALL CAPS or underlining

Use high quality graphics

planning design1
Planning: Design

Font size guidelines*

Title: 72-120 point

Subtitles (author names, school): 48-80 point

Section headings: 36-72 point

Body text: 24-28 point

Acknowledgements: 14-18 point

*Note: If you will be doubling your poster size when coverting from Powerpoint to .pdf, cut

these font sizes in half

planning design2
Planning Design

Covert feet to inches

3’ x 4’ = 36” x 48”

Powerpoint allows 56 inches max (4.6 feet)

May need to create it at half size

Convert pdf to correct size

Insure items are lined up (on left)

delivering content
Delivering Content

Show up early

Make eye contact and acknowledge people walking by

Have a 3-5 minute presentation prepared

Stay near your poster

Give people space to read and be prepared to answer questions

poster template sites
Poster Template Sites

Poster templates are a quick and easy method for starting your presentation:

creating a poster from scratch
Creating a Poster from Scratch

If your computer is in metric, here are some conversions:

48 inches = 121.92 centimeters36 inches = 91.44 centimeters

48 inches = 1 219.2 millimeters36 inches = 914.4 millimeters

closing thoughts
Closing thoughts

Hang poster square and neat

Plan ahead and allow ample time

Have fun showing your work!

Final poster is due by March 19, 2012

Each poster will be judged by 3 graduate student adjudicators

Check out posters of last year’s winners for inspiration