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Summit Ink. April 27, 2012. Issue 13. Fun explodes as Summit mentors attend YSU leadership event Regine Mitchell, Editor in Chief.

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Summit Ink

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    1. Summit Ink April 27, 2012 Issue 13 Fun explodes as Summit mentors attend YSU leadership event Regine Mitchell, Editor in Chief Last Saturday, April 21, 2012, I enjoyed myself at the Youth Explosion that was held at Youngstown State Uuniversity. I had the opportunity to meet lots of people. The Youth Explosion is basically a leadership conference for high school students. I asked Mr. Laney and Ms. Davis what they thought about the Youth Explosion and they said, “Empowering, very educational and awakening.” The guests that attended were millionaires, politicians, professional athletes, leaders of different corporations, and motivational speakers. All high school students were allowed to attend from around the area. Everything was free, but for souvenir objects and items and for restaurant food, you did have to pay for it. Most of the classes I participated in I enjoyed, because they were interesting and well-put together. My favorite person that I was most excited to meet and interview was Michelle Nicks because I have seen her often on Channel 21 First News. She is a very nice and intelligent woman. She said, “I was nervous to speak, because I am not used to speaking in front of an audience; I am only used to speaking in front of a camera.” Michelle even invited my friends and I to come to the studio for a tour. I am really looking forward to seeing Michelle again and touring around the set of 21 first news. I am going to take the time and contact her for that nice invite. It was also amazing that it was on a Saturday to see who would really show up so early to the event. It was surprising to how many people that showed up and participated in the event, and it was great because everyone enjoyed themselves from my perspective. Keegan Caban, Anthony Hughes, Mrs. Davis, Andre Jacobs, Regine Mitchell Kevon Gordon stands with three mentor singers at Youngstown State Youth Explosion Event Regine Mitchell poses with Michelle Nicks at Youth Explosion Anthony Hughes gets signature from Browns football player at Youth Explosion Prom tickets on sale NOW! Friday, May 11th, 2012 Byzantine Center at the Grove Tickets $15.00 each See Mrs. New in the Art room to purchase your tickets by Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

    2. 2 Opinion Page The Chronicles of the Jelly Fisher Cameron’s Corner Ausanae Cameron, Opinion Editor Ryan Fisher, Opinion Editor Technology is crazy these days. People have put a whole new meaning to the word technology. The government is spending a lot of money on making new electronics and most of them are being made in China. But who is complaining? These new inventions keep Americans and the rest of the world busy. The only people that it are really going to effect is our United States government when they keep ordering expensive technology and keep putting America more in debt. I am not complaining about it. I like these new electronics just like everyone else. They have made some truly unbelievable inventions such as the iPhones, iPods, iPads, and other apple products. Apple is my favorite company, they make great things. The smart phone is another unbelievable invention. Not many years ago there was so cell phone, music players, or televisions, at least no good ones. Now they are making a smart TV, what is next? This smart TV is supposed to respond to your commands; it is voice activated. If you walk in your living room or bed room, they say all that you have to do is say, “TV On”, and it will turn on. If you do not like the channel that your TV is on; all you have to do is tell the TV what channel to turn to. How cool would it be to change the channels with your voice instead of your thumbs? This new smart voice activated TV is said to be coming out late towards the end of this year. Obviously, this TV is going to be very expensive and most likely will break records. Technology is progressing; I wonder what they will invent in the future, ten years from now. I am anxious to find out! The school year is almost over, and it has been a adventure coming to a new school not really knowing anyone. I was able to meet some new people and make new friends. Did we stay friends? No, but it has taught me a lot. I found out who is really my friend and who were only my friends for certain reasons. I learned to stay to myself and worry about me . When I came here to Summit, I experienced some new things. When I was at my old school, we didn’t do half the things we do here. The trips are fun; Summit gave me a second chance; I messed up my grades fooling around last year and I was not sure if I was going to pass, but I did. I do not think there would have been a school that would have given me another chance. I thank Mrs. York and Mrs. Stamp for being there when I needed someone to talk to about things that went on in school and personal things that went on at home. The teachers are also pretty cool. I am able to learn things I did not think would ever learn about. I did not think I would like Summit, because I miss Farrell a lot, but I have gotten used to it here. Experiencing new things and meeting new people has taught me a lot of things, especially about friends. I have come to realize a lot of things are not what they might seem like in life. It is like my brother always told me if they gossip with you, they are going to gossip about you. This is a piece of advice I now am taking seriously.

    3. Profile Page 3 Mr. Mastro Jalen Mason Brion Koenig, Photographer & Profile Editor Ryan Fisher, Opinion Editor Brion Koenig, Profile Editor Today, I got to talked to my Italian “amico (friend)”, Mr. Mastro. His nationality is Italian. He loves his nationality, he is a proud Italian and he also loves his heritage. As we all know, Mr. Mastro is a very caring and a nice teacher. Mr. Hart’s opinion of him is, “He is delightful and has been a mentor to me for twelve years and guided me throughout my journey of life and school.” I then asked Mr. Mastro what he does for fun. “I love to look at the stars with my telescope,” he said. This year, Mr. Mastro is a substitute on Wednesdays and Fridays, but he is also working for Warren City Schools with fifth graders on the other days of the week. He likes it here at Summit Academy better. Mastro stated, “Because of the small class sizes, the staff is awesome and so are the students here.” On a normal weekend with his family, he has a consistent routine. Every Saturday, Mr. Mastro goes with his wife to visit his in-laws. Then, every Sunday, his whole family gets together and has a big pasta dinner.. I then wanted to ask Mr. Mastro an unusual question. If Mr. Mastro could be any animal, it would be a manatee. Mastro said, “They are kind, loving, and don’t prey on other animals.” I asked Mr. Mastro one last question: “What would you like to change here at Summit?” Mr. Mastro responded, “I would like for Mrs. Dory to remember my name other than calling me Mr. Thingy.” I see why Mastro likes the manatee, because he is just like that animal; he is caring and kind. Well, I had a good time getting to know Mr. Mastro a little better. He is an awesome teacher and person. Recently, I interviewed one of my buddy’s Jalen Mason. He wants to go to New Castle school of Trades, for welding pays well. He hopes he gets scholarships to help pay, because college is pricey. Jalen says that once he gets done with high school, he wants to have a big graduation party. After graduation, he says that what he is going to be doing is too much to put in words. He does not plan on coming back to visit Summit Academy. The best memory Jalen has had from his high school years is when he made the winning shot at the basketball tournament. He has had some good times and bad in school, but he has learned a lot. Jalen is going to have a great future. Jalen will be graduating soon and he says when that happens, he will be so happy and will miss nothing from Summit. For the future Jalen would like to make money and he will be happy. His parents are so proud that their little baby Jalen is about to graduate and has grown up to be such a great person. He is going to be getting a car for his graduation present on the day of his party. He does not plan on getting a job until he graduates from college and hopefully earn a degree. Jalen has goals set and will not stop until they are all reached. We hope the best for you!

    4. 4 Summit seniors auctioned off to discount year trip CeVon McMullen, Student Liason Recently, the seniors had an auction so that they could go on a senior trip. On April 5th, the auction took place. The senior auction was run by Mr. Rivello and Mrs. Bielik. According to Mr. Rivello, he thinks that the seniors did a good job. “We had a good response from the staff and students,” he said. The auction started at lunch and ended at the end of the day. Recently, I took some time to sit down with the highest bidder, Mrs. Stamp. She purchased Monique and myself at the auction. She bid $20 .00 dollars each for Monique and myself. Mrs. Stamp had me share my past school experience and help in her group upstairs in Mrs. Oldham and Mr. Garrett’s room. She had Monique cut out work sheets for her. Monique was very happy she had the highest bid. Monique said, “I like the thing of being bid on cause it shows you how much people like you.” She also said she liked the person that bid on her. I think that the seniors did a good job at the auction. The money that we raised was to lower the cost for us to go on the trip to Cedar Point. In all, we made the most money to date at a Senior Auction. Rodney McMeans, Freeman Dobynne, Jordan Jackson, and Monique Robinson pose at the Senior auction to show off results Cevon McMullen and Charmonique North show off auction brackets Reach for the sky, summit prepares for Cedar Point trip Regine Mitchell, Editor in Chief Summit gets ready for the end of the school year trip; we will be going to Cedar Point. The trip will be May 24th, and Mr. Pallante came up with the idea of going to Cedar Point for the end of the school year trip. When I asked Mrs. Dory what the students have to pay for and she replied, “$20.00 toward the total cost of the trip; Summit Academy is paying for the rest of the trip.” The grades that are allowed to attend are 10th-12th graders. In order to attend the school trip, between April 17-May 22, students cannot have any office referrals, miss no more than two days of school, and cannot be tardy more than two and a half times unless one calls in to say he or she is going to be late. Cedar Point is in Sandusky, Ohio which is North-West from us on Lake Erie! Mrs. Dory said, “Yes there will be water rides so prepare to get wet,” when asked about it. In order to get on the rides, your ticket allows you to go on any ride you desire. Students are permitted to bring snacks and drinks on the bus if they want. We will be gone all day. We will also be leaving the school at 8:00am; Mr. Pallante hasn’t decided what time we will be returning. All of the students that are allowed to attend will meet at the school parking lot to wait on the bus and other student arrivals. I also asked Mrs. Dory if the students should bring a pillow and blanket, and she said, “Really not necessary because the ride will only be two and a half hours.” Hope to see all 10th-12th graders there.

    5. DI State Tournament Ryan Fisher, Opinion Editor 5 The Destination Imagination group from Summit Academy recently attended the state competition, which involved many other schools from all over Ohio. The competition took place at Mount Vernon High School outside of Columbus, Ohio. Participating in the tournament were: Jonta Lafontaine, Charmonique North, Jaivon Spearman, Roosevelt Simmons, Marcus Magby, and Julius Joy. According to Mr. McCarty, one of the coaches of the DI team, our students earned a fourth place finish. They were just five points away from making it to the global tournament, and that is really good for their first year. This is a big deal out of all the different schools that competed. Mr. McCarty had a good time coaching the team, practicing with them in the hotel that they rented, and taking them out to play water basketball once the competition was over. He had fun and would go again with no hesitation. His favorite part was winning first place in regionals. He says it was hard at times, but all the practices this school year seemed to pay off. From the information I gathered so far, it seems like the students in the Destination Imagination team really enjoyed the whole experience. I interviewed Roosevelt Simmons, and he enjoyed it. He played the talk show host and played it well. He studied his lines, memorized them, and acted them out in the competition. He would also go again if he had the chance. They practiced twice a week according to him. The skit was his favorite part of the weekend. The hardest part for him was the instant challenge. Jaivon Spearman thought it was a great experience. He was the technical producer for the show. The funniest part for him was also the skit. All of the members of the team had a great time, not just the people I interviewed. Hopefully, Summit Academy will make it to State again next year! Charmonique, Julius, and Jonta sing and dance to stop bullying Roosevelt interviews nerdy Charmonique and former bully Jaivon in skit at D.I. tournament Talk Show host Roosevelt Simmons interviews Magby in skit at D.I. tournament 8th graders compete in state history tournament Anthony Hughes, News Editor Brion Koenig, Profile Editor The eights graders completed projects that involved the Steel Mill strike. They when to a competetion in Columbus at the Ohio State University. Seven of our students participated. They were Edward Gibson, Cyrus Martin, Eric Bailey, Shamal Myers, James Tubbs, Jason Green Smith and Matthew Lee. The project was titled: “Impact of the Closing of the Steel Mill.” The dates of the competition was Friday, April the 28th through April the 29th. They did not place, but they got $100.00 for doing a good job. To me I think they did an awesome job, and I am very happy for them. Mrs. Crawford thinks they did an awesome job as well. They did a lot of hard work beforehand, and there hard work showed. They spent one night and two days in Columbus; they had a good time. They loved spending the night at the hotel. I would like to say congratulations to the eighth graders. You guys did an awesome job; keep up the great work!

    6. Entertainment Page 6 Chaz Starkey gets low Mr. Rivello tries to hula hoop Mr. Hart smiling away, Mrs. New doing the hula Ashley Menton and Mrs. Dory smiling Mrs. Lunger says aloha at Summit Luau monthly incentive Students go Hawaiian at Luau Regine Mitchell, Editor in Chief A Luau is a Hawaiian party in Hawaii for the spring. It contains music, dancing, fruits and drinks with dancers. Our Luau was in the school’s gym. The Luau was a great idea because I enjoyed myself and our students and teacher enjoyed their selves’. The activities for our Luau were hula hoop, corn hole, limbo, and beach ball. I thought the music was great because it was fun this time from last years Luau. Andre Jacobs enjoyed himself as well because he was dancing and playing with the beach ball. Ashley Menton & Jaivon Spearman trading places Tabraya and Precious enjoy some sweet treats Monique Robinson, Ausanae Cameron, and Brianna Riverra pose for pic Rodney McMeans an d Marcus Harris play corn hole Summit students play into spring break Video Game tournament Ausanae Cameron, Opinion Editor Recently, Mr. Laney hosted a videogame tournament. Many of our students played in the said tournament. I interviewed Jaivon Spearman and Ryan Fisher about their thoughts on the tournament. First, I asked Jaivon what games they played; he said, “We played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.” I asked him if he enjoyed playing and why, and Jaivon said, “ Yes, I enjoyed playing it, because it is my favorite game. I then went on to ask Ryan Fisher the same question. He responded by saying, “ Yes! I enjoyed playing it, because it’s my favorite game.” Next, I asked how many people won. Jaivon said, “ Five or six of us participated in the event.” I also asked if there was a specific champion, and he said that no student won the event. Ryan Fisher said that he enjoyed the game at school, because that is all he plays at home. He enjoyed the competition a lot. The students brought a lot of good efforts to the tournament, but he still thinks he’s the best in Call of Duty. This time though, Ryan was not the champion. Surprisingly, underdog Deputy Rosa was declared victorious and won the whole tournament. Ryan enjoyed playing against Deputy Rosa and wants a rematch. I think its awesome that Mr. Laney gives students the opportunity to play in tournaments like this at our school. The students seem to really enjoy it, and the tournaments provide a nice break from our normal school days.

    7. Spring Fever Keegan Caban, Entertainment Editor 7 Shout outs Brion Koenig, Profile Editor To: Seniors From: Mr. P Message: Your time is coming; finish strong! To: Chaz From: Anonymous Message: Sorry for everything To: Cyrus From: Najee Message: What’s up…it’s really loud in here! To: DI team & History Day competition teams From: Mr. P Message: We are very proud of you and know you represented the Summit Knights well! To: CeVon, Regine, Eva, Andre, Danielle, Arianna, & Armani From: Lynn Message: I love yall and all da other ones dat mess wit me. To: Mr. Logston From: Mi-Kayla Message: Thanks for being a good teacher and taking a serious job. To: Brad From: Chaz Message: You are cool and funny. To: Ryan, Amber, David, JJ From: Teshira Message: What Uppppppppp!!!!! To: Matthew From: Anonynous Message: Are you still my friend? Spring fever brings May flowers, as May flowers bloom so does the children, they come out and play and barbecue q is cooking. Parents put away the heavy and bulky jackets and bring out the hoodies and the malls are filled with spring time clothes. The one thing kids want is the spring break. All in all Bradley said what he does during spring break “playing video games and games.” “Also, I like playing golf and baseball”, Bradley said. All in all one thing Bradley does is when he sees flowers “plant a garden, continue do what I ‘am doing.” All in all when Bradley sees a nice flower in the park “leave it there, continue on doing what I ‘am doing” Terrance to do during the springtime is to “to go outside and jump on a trampoline.” Terrance likes to do “trampoline, football, basketball” for spring activities. Terrance has some favorite things to overcome springtime blues” playing video games and texting.” Put on your blinders and git-r-done. Senior don’t get distracted from graduation. To: All my Seniors From: Bumble Bee Message: We only have 1 month left! To: The Class of 2012 From: Mrs. York Message: Good Choices = Great Future Wishing you all the BEST! God bless,! To: Seniors From: Anonymous Message: Good luck move forward be someone! To: Davail, Tyrasia, Trevon, Rayah, Patt, & Sparkle From: Jason Green-Smith Message: Shout out to my table To: JJ, David, Amber, Ryan From: Teshira Message: Hey Marcus Harris Artist

    8. 8 Horoscopes Brion Koenig, Profile Editor Happy Birthday, Taurus Taurus (April 20- May 20) Life is to short so live like you where dying. Gemini (May 21 – June 21) Your life is like a bunch of hurdles; you just have to get over one at a time. Cancer (June 22 – July 22) You keep an open mind and that make you a good person. Leo (July 23 – August 22) Keep up the good grades you will get far in life. Virgo (August 23-September 22) You are a good friend try to make some more, so you can be a better friend to new people. Libra (September 23- October 22) Today is your day to be a leader instead of a follower. Scorpio (October 23- November 21) When you show kindness to others they will show it back even more. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) You will soon get good news. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) When you help others you will be rewarded even more. Aquarius (January 20- February 18) You have good luck rub it off on others. Pisces (February 19 – March 20) The people you love are always going to be there for you. Aries (March 21- April 19) If you have a goal; stick with it until you accomplish it. :