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Summit Ink. February 15, 2012. Issue 9. Recent thefts put Summit students, staff on high alert Tashawna Alvarado, News Editor.

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Summit Ink

February 15, 2012

Issue 9

Recent thefts put Summit students, staff on high alert

Tashawna Alvarado, News Editor

Have you seen a pink digital camera? There are a lot of items that are missing in the school. Cameras, mp3 players, cell phones, jackets with head phones connected, perfume bottles and more are all in jeopardy. Students and teachers are being more aware and watching their items better to prevent them from being stolen.

To get more information on this, I interviewed Officer Buente. I asked him a couple questions about the consequences if a student gets caught.

My first question to Officer Buente was what his opinion was about things getting stolen at school. He responded, “ I think that students are inconsiderate of other students’ things; you wouldn’t like if I stole your stuff, so why steal some one else’s.”

Officer Buente said there is an easy way to prevent theft. Students and teachers need to watch where they sit there stuff down because when you turn your head and look back your stuff can be gone. Students and teachers need to lock there stuff up so that it wont get stolen.

“Don’t set your stuff down and be responsible, conscience and aware,” he said.

If you get caught stealing something, you will be sent to jail. A student caught stealing will also be expelled from school and fined. Next, I asked Mr. Buente, how we were going to try and prevent theft in school moving forward.

He responded, “Just inform students and staff to watch out. All I can do is find your stuff for you.”

Then, I asked Mr. Buente why he thought students steal. He responded, “ A couple reasons: one for money they steal. Two, to see if they can steal it for fun. Three, to hurt someone for some outside reason.”

Mr. Buente left with a similar comment from earlier in interview. “ Students don’t like getting their stuff stolen, so why steal someone else’s stuff,” he said.

Summit remembers, tributes Black History Month

CeVon McMullen, Student Liason

Black History Month, or National African

American History Month, is an annual celebration

of achievements by black Americans. It is a time to

recognize the role of African Americans in U.S. history.

The event started as “Negro History Week.”

It was created by Carter G. Woodson and other

African Americans. Since 1976, every U.S. president

has designated the month of February

as Black History Month. Other countries

around the world, including Canada and

the United Kingdom, also devote

a month to celebrating black history.

I asked the question to all the Summit staff, what does Black History Month mean to them, and they responded. Mr. Laney said that Black History Month can mean a lot.

“I’m happy that we are out of it now; our youth do not know all the stuff that their ancestors had to go through during that time,” he said.

Office Buente said it means that it is a great accomplishment in black history; it is a reminder that African Americans had to go through a lot just so they can sit in the same set as a Caucasian. Mrs. Perkins said that to her, Black History Month always brings about a sense of being thankful. Continued on Page 3…

opinion page


Opinion Page

The Chronicles of the Jelly Fisher



Ausanae Cameron, Opinion &

Profile Editor

Ryan Fisher, Opinion Editor

A guy’s perspective of a perfect date is that everything will go perfectly. Everything will go the way we hoped for it to go. We want a big dinner with lots of food that we like. We want to have a full plate of food.

After dinner, we would like desert. We would like ice cream, sweets, or anything that has sugar. We want food that we would not buy on a regular day basis. We like food that will fill us up and give us a full stomach. Food is just one thing that will complete a date.

We also want to have some fun on a date. We want to do an active sport or play some kind of game. Preferably, if the girl does not have as much fun as we did, then it would not be a perfect date. If we both have a fun time, then we both know we are good for each other and will want to date again. The ladies should have a good time too, so they will call us for a second date. A perfect date would be planned and organized with no regrets. Unfortunately, there are not many dates like that because if there were, people would have perfect marriages and no divorces. A date is just a date with us. In the end, for us guys, there is no such thing as a perfect date.

Valentine's Day started in the time of the Roman Empire. In ancient Rome, February 14th was a holiday to honor Juno. Juno was the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. The Romans also knew her as the Goddess of women and marriage.

In my opinion Valentine’s day shouldn’t be the only day you show your boyfriend/girlfriend how much you care for them; that should be everyday, When people care deeply for someone, they should surprise the significant other with flowers or dinner simply because they want to. Don’t get me wrong, I love Valentine’s Day, the gifts, and spending time with my valentine. In all reality, gifts mean nothing to me. The time we spend together is what really matters; money can’t buy you love.

Seeing everyone share their love with their significant others and loved ones is very heart-warming and endearing. All in all, I like this day of the year, whether I'm single or not. I enjoy seeing people share their honest feelings with each other. It is nice for a guy to show his true feelings to his girlfriend and to take her out on the perfect date. The perfect date to me would be for a guy to rent out a nice restaurant, where no one is there. I would want him to cook for me and serve me a nice dinner. I would like some slow music playing. As the music plays, I would want him to ask me to dance. As we dance, I would want him to tell me how much he cares about me. In the end, everyone says there is no such thing as the perfect date. To me, the perfect date can be as perfect as you want it to be.

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone, I hope you enjoy this day with your mate.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday and Thursday

Feb 15-16 3-7


Profile Page


Jalissa Sweeney

Mr. Pallante

Brion Koenig, Photographer & Profile Editor

Keegan Caban, Entertainment Editor

Brion Koenig, Photographer & Profile Editor

A lot of teachers have been interviewed this far, but no one has yet to interview the big man him self, Mr. P. It was time once and for all figure out who the man behind the suspenders and hunting jacket.

Well, Mr. Pallante’s birthday is February 3, so I asked him to make a wish he can keep forever. He wished that his his kids grow up healthy, wealthy, and wise because family is important to him. For fun, as we all know, he hunts. He also loves spending time with his wife. Mr. Pallante loves the color green because how it makes him feel. I then asked Mrs. .Newbrough what the color green symbolizes and she stated, “The color green symbolizes creativity.”

I also learned that after he retires, Mr. Pallante wants to be remembered for being open, honest and for leading youth down the right path! Mr. Pallante loves hunting, taxidermy and fishing. His favorite sport is NASCAR.

It’s another sport to watch, and its peaceful at the same time. I think the same thing about NASCAR. Well, Mr. Pallante has a moral code; it is treat others the way you want to be treated. He has great talents, like making deer jerky.

The college he went to was Hiram. The degree he received was in health and physical education. I also learned Ke’von Gordon thinks that Mr. Pallante rules his school with an iron fist. Also, I asked Deputy Buente what he thinks of Mr. Pallante; he stated,

“He is a good guy, who cares about the students.”

I am so happy that I learned a lot about Mr. Pallante and I enjoyed talking to him. Also, I would like to thank Deputy Buente for giving me his insight on Mr. Pallante.

Recently, I interviewed a new student at our school, Jalissa Sweeny. Her favorite singer/group is Usher and Gladys Knight. She does lots of reading in her spare time. Jalissa stated, “I just like to escape to go to somewhere else.”

Jalissa also said, “I like to dance because it’s one of my passions.”

The famous person she would like to meet is the First Lady, Mrs. Obama. Jalissa said, ‘I think she is very inspiring.”

I then asked if she had a superpower what would it be. Jalissa responded, “I would go back in time, because it would be nice to change things I did wrong in the past.”

Jalissa’s favorite sport is soccer. Her favorite subject is math, because, “I like working with numbers, and I like English, too because it’s fun to write.”

Her favorite movies is “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” because it was a very funny movie. She feels one cannot put a price on love.

Her favorite song is “Poison” by Beyoncé, because, “I love it, but we all know it’s going change by next week.”

It was very nice getting to know one of the new seniors here a Summit!

Summit remembers, tributes

Black History Month

continued from page 1

CeVon McMullen, Student Liason

“During the month of February, I try to take time to sit and reflect on all the accomplishments African Americans have contributed to our society,” Mrs. Perkins said.

“A lot of these men and women paid the ultimate price, so I can be where I am today.” For that reason alone, she is and will be forever grateful.

Mrs. Stamp said,” It means recognizing and honoring African Americans who made life better for the future generations”. Mrs. Vaupel said, “It is a celebration of African Americans that have contributed to science, technology that have helped all Americans.”

I think black history month is the most memorable months out of the year. You have the chance to think about all the African Americans and what they have done for us in the past years.


Love will be in air at Valentine’s Sweetheart dance

Angelica Clinkscale, Staff Editor


As we all know, our Valentine’s Day Dance is coming up very soon. Many students and teachers are excited about this special dance. Therefore, I sat down with Mrs. Dory to find more information about this dance. First and foremost, I asked where the school dance will be held.

She replied, “It will be in the school gym.” I felt that sounded good, however, I wondered if there will there be a good DJ at this dance, too.

She responded, “Yes, because we want to get the music the kids enjoy.” I then asked Mrs. Dory if she could inform me on what time the Valentine’s Day dance will start and when it will end. She replied, “1:45 to 3:15”.

I then asked Mrs. Dory what types of clothes we were allowed to wear to the dance. She replied, “The colors are red, black, pink or white.”

Mrs.. Dory also encouraged all to wear appropriate attire. This means the ladies better make sure their tops are appropriate for this dance, because if not, there will be consequences and I will be laughing at them the WHOLE time! Anyway, when asked what will the theme of this dance be, Mrs. Dory responded, “It will be Valentine’s Day Theme”.

I know I’m not going to be the only person hungry at this dance, so I then asked if we will we have any types of food or snacks at this dance. She replied, “Yes, there will be Valentine Cookies, Chocolate, Conversation hearts and punch.”

Those snacks sound good. I know I can’t wait for this dance. For our music, I then asked what kind of music will be played. She replied,” Some students are getting a list together of popular songs.”

When asked if all will be allowed in the gym for the dance, she responded, “Yes, the students who have earned enough knight bucks may attend.”

Brandon Ortiz, Artist

Carnation sales bloom with success

Regine Mitchell, Editor in Chief

There will be a carnation sale until February 16. The carnations will be handed out on Thursday, February, 16.

The colors of the carnations will be pink and red. The carnations were $1.00 each. When I asked Mrs. Newbrough passed them out and she said, “Mrs. Dory and I.”

“The flowers will come from a flower shop in Columbiana,” Mrs. Newbrough said. A person could have bought as many carnations as they wanted.

When I asked Mrs. Newbrough if she thought people were going to buy some carnations she said, “Yes, usually we make around $50.00.”

When I asked Mrs. Newbrough if she would buy any carnations and why, she replied, “If I think a student deserves one, I will.”

In Mrs. Newbrough’s opinion, she thinks it’s a good thing to sell carnations because they have been doing it for seven years, and it’s a good fundraiser for prom decorations.

Teachers were also allowed to buy carnations; certain teachers usually buy them for other teachers or maybe family.

When I asked Angelica Clinkscale what would she rather buy out of carnations, balloons, or a stuffed animal, she said, “I like to buy all of them.”

Mrs. Newbrough sold balloons and door knob pillows for just a dollar along with the carnations.

When I asked Anthony Hughes and Angelica Clinksclae why they would get someone a carnation for Valentine’s Day, Anthony said, “Because of a crush.”

Angelica replied, “Because I care about them.”


Sports Page 6

Giants defeat Patriots in

Epic Super Bowl rematch

Anthony Hughes, Sports Special Events Editor

Another NFL season has come and gone, along with another Super Bowl. Both teams played a hard hitting game, but only one of them left Indianapolis victorious.

Recently, I sat down with a few students to get their thoughts on the Super Bowl. First of all, I asked them what their thoughts were on the event.

I interviewed Tabraya, Precious, Javelle, Eric, Terrance and Michael: Ta’Braya said, “I thought it was whack.” Precious exclaimed, “I liked the unsuspecting touchdown by Ahmad Bradshaw, and the halftime show was okay.” Michael disagreed, “The halftime show was bad.” Terrance said, “It was a good game.” Javelle said “The game was awesome.” Eric Bailey said, “The last play was bad.”

Next, I asked who they thought would win the Super Bowl. According to Michael and Ta’Braya they thought the Patriots were going to win. However, Precious thought that the Giants were going to win and they did.

My final question to the students was what team they think is going to play in Super Bowl XLVII, next year.

Forth, Regine, Keegan, Brion, Marcus, Ryan, Cevon, Javelle and Terrance: Regine said, “I don’t know, probably the Steelers.” Keegan said, “I think the Steelers are going.” Brion said, “Saints are going.” Marcus exclaimed, “Steelers!!” Ce’Von stated, “The Falcons!” Javelle said, “New York Giants.” Terrance exclaimed, “Steelers!!” However, Ryan Fisher is undecided because the NFL draft has not happened yet.

Well, there you have it, Super Bowl XLVI, and its outcome. Football season is over for now, but it seems like everyone is looking forward to next season. Personally, I am pulling for my own team to go to Super Bowl XLVII, next season, the Packers!

Hockey field trip checks eighth graders into good time

Ryan Fisher, Opinion Editor

Here at Summit Academy High School the 8th grade students and several seniors attended the Phantoms Hockey field trip last Wednesday, February 1st. I recently interviewed several of the students who went. I first interviewed the eighth graders who went. I asked Najee if he liked the hockey game, and he told me it was alright, but he is not really into hockey. He said even though he does not like hockey, he did enjoy the slamming.

Then, I interviewed Enrique and he likes hockey. He also likes the aggressiveness and his favorite player is Mike Gunn. After Enrique, I asked Desmond Simmons about his opinion on the hockey game. He does not like hockey, and he did not have a favorite part. He also does not have a favorite player. These were the first students I interviewed.

After those several students, I begin to interview Kevin Roman. He told me that the hockey game was alright. His favorite part was the slamming, also. Once that interview was finished, I moved on to Liz Sopkovich. She said that she had a good time and liked the hockey game a lot. I also asked Liz what her favorite part was on the fieldtrip. She said her favorite part was eating all the good food. Her favorite player is Austin,

number 9, because she knows him personally. When I interviewed Tanisha Scott she told me she liked the hockey game. Her favorite part was just the whole field trip; she enjoyed everything. Her favorite player is Bradley. From these interviews, I can see that most of them had a great time.


Entertainment Page 7

Valentine’s Word Search

Keegan Caban, Entertainment Editor

A Valentine’s Day Poem

Tashawna Alvarado, News Editor

Valentines Day is supposed to be a day of fun.

You wear red and pink because

Those are valentine’s colors,

But this day is special because you show love to each other.

Valentines Day is for a cute couple,

You go out to eat and the movies,

Walk around the mall and hold hands.

Ask that special person because

You only have one chance.

Valentines Day comes around once a year,

So make it best because you don’t want your lover in tears,

Have fun before the end of the day

Because tomorrows different and feelings might chance

And she moving on from you.

But she said don’t cry boo boo

And gave you a kiss,

You took it and smiled and said,

“Was it worth this?”

Brandon Ortiz, Artist

cevon mcmullen student liaison

Love Lines: special messages to those you care about


CeVon McMullen, Student Liaison

To: Gina and Ace Jay

From: Lil sis

Message: Keep your head up, sis and Angelica I love you 2012!

To: Edward

From: Patshanniece

Message: I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day, piglett. Til death do us part!

To: Eva

From: Dhalil sis

Message: Happy 19thbday, sis and keep yo head up big sis!

To: Shayla

From: MiKayla

Message: I care about my sister, love you!

To: Anthony & my friends

From: Kaitlyn

Message: To Anthony, I love you boo-boo 4ever! 1-25-12 To my real friends Judith, Lizzie, Shayla, Mikayla, Jasmine, Anthony, Keegan and Amber lots of love!

To: My friend

From: Kaitlyn

Message: The realest people I know are Lizzie, Shayla, MiKayla, Elexa, Jasmine, Patt, Dehavlynn, Judith, Jalissa, Jonta, Sparkle, Amber R., Keegan, and Michael

To: All the students

From: Mr. Meek

Message: Hard work and a positive attitude will get you far!

To: Michael Johnson

From: Simon Coleman

Message: Thanks for being such a sweet guy and keeping me company all the time, love, sissy! Happy Valentines Day, too!

To: Cevon and Gina

From: Dehavlynn

Message: Thank yall for being a BFF and a good sis. I love yall for sure and I wouldn’t be able to live without yall.

To: Eva and Rayah

From: Dehavlynn

Message: Yall a cute couple don’t let no one tell yall different and happy bday, sis!

To: Darlena

From: John

Message: I love you with all my heart!

To: Alissa

From: Tashawna

Message: I love you <3 *9/10/11*

To: To all my homies

From: Dre J.

Message: I love you CJ, Eddie, Shawna, Lissa, and Brianna….Shout out to Qwon, Vail, CeVon, and my fav teacher Mrs. Davis…Jared K. one love bro. I love u besties!

To: Lizzie S.

From: Amber Slaven

Message: I love you with all my heart, baby girl  Happy Valentine’s Day, babe XOXO

See CeVon to place future

Shout Outs in the school paper!




Regine Mitchell, Editor in Chief

Happy Birthday, Aquarius

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

This is your month to find love or fall in love all over again. You are compatible with a Gemini.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You might receive a note from a crush today or by the end of the week. You are compatible with a Leo.

Aries (March 21- April 19)

Don’t give up. You are compatible with a Capricorn.

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Don’t take love for granted because you may regret it. You are compatible with a Cancer.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Express your feelings. You are compatible with a Aquarius.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

You will run into a special someone that will make you smile for almost the whole day. You are compatible with an Taurus.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Don’t push yourself to love someone just be yourself and let love find you. You are compatible with a Pisces.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Sometimes it is good to wait. Do not push yourself to do anything you do not want to do. You are compatible with a Scorpio

Libra (September 23- October 22)

It was meant to be, it would last and if otherwise, just let it go. You are compatible with a Sagittarius.

Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

The most important thing is to just be yourself.

You are compatible with a Virgo.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

You are a special person, so feel special. You are compatible with a Virgo.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Don’t try to find true love. It will find you. You are compatible with Aries.