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Summit Ink. March 16, 2012. Issue 11. Get your beakers and test tubes ready because Summit Academy has gone scientific Anthony Hughes, News Editor. Summit’s new pet!, aka Mrs. Davis’s baby.

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Summit Ink

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Summit Ink

March 16, 2012

Issue 11

Get your beakers and test tubes ready because Summit Academy has gone scientific

Anthony Hughes, News Editor

Summit’s new pet!,

aka Mrs. Davis’s baby

Recently, I sat down with one of our three science teachers, Mrs. Vaupel. Mrs. Vaupel teaches Physical Science, Biology (I and II) Anatomy, and Chemistry.

To start things off, I asked how long she been teaching at Summit Academy and when did we get the Science Lab. According to Mrs. Vaupel, “I first came to Summit Academy in the 2008-2009 school year; the lab has been functional since then.”

Following that question, I then asked what usually goes on in the science lab and if she likes teaching in a lab rather than a regular classroom. According to Mrs. Vaupel, “I find teaching in a science lab a lot more fun than teaching in a classroom.”

“There are hands on activities and animal care; we also build models of different types of living parts,” she said.

Personally, I would have to agree with her on this statement.

Out of curiosity, I decided to throw a question not about the science lab. I asked Mrs. Vaupel if she taught at others high schools before she began teaching here at Summit Academy. Well, according to Mrs. Vaupel, “I used to teach at Liberty High School.”

I find having a science lab very intriguing. Freshman year was the first time I went into to the science lab. I don’t recall exactly what we did that day, but I tell you what I had a good time!

So, there you have it. Apparently a lot of stuff goes on in a science lab. Interesting, wouldn’t you agree?

Tanisha Scott blows up balloon in class.

Justin Smith shows off hand.

Mrs. Vaupel demonstrates to class

Jhordan Jackson shows off hand.

Summit bowlers will bowl, strike into Camelot Lanes

Regine Mitchell, Editor in Chief

Strike!!!! It’s time for the bowling incentive. Let’s show the teachers that it is possible that we students can play hard ball. It will be at Camelot Lanes in Boardman, Ohio on Thursday, March 29. I have reached out to Mr. Laney and asked him what is the possible time we students will be leaving, and he said, “We will leave at 12:00.”

We will leave the bowling ally at 1:30 pm. There will be a snack bar that will be open, also for if we get hungry. When Mr. Laney was asked who organized the bowling incentive he responded, “The event committee.”

Continues page 2

opinion page


Opinion Page

The Chronicles of the Jelly Fisher

Bowling continued from page 1

Regine Mitchell, Editor in Chief

Mr. Laney will be there he say’s, because he wants to beat someone at bowling. The majority of the teachers will be going to the bowling incentive; it all depends on who wants to go or not, though. Mr. Laney said, “Yes we will eat lunch before we leave,” when asked do we students eat lunch before we leave for the monthly incentive.

Other activities will be available at the bowling ally; the activities are arcades, video games, and pool tables.

When Mr. Laney was asked what the limit of students attending the bowling incentive, he said, “At least one-hundred can go, but I doubt it if there will be that many going.”

The students that cannot go will be in the “feel good” room watching Little House on the Prairie. Also a little heads up for the teachers, there will be a bowling challenge.

Ryan Fisher, Opinion Editor

Here at Summit Academy, we should have early dismissal. These early dismissals will involve all of the students at our school. Other students also would like to have some early dismissals, not just me. I am not the only student complaining about this issue.

We come to school everyday like we are supposed to, we work all day like were supposed to, we listen to the teachers all day like were supposed to, and you can not give us a break like we deserve? We deserve a little break now and then. We know you are trying to prepare us for the real world because soon we will be on our own. We have been getting prepared for the real world since preschool. We are ready to take the real world on because high school is the last stage to getting prepared for it. I hope somebody will hear me out and make the changes we deserve to have.

Just because we are charter school we shouldn’t be treated different then any other school. I understand that certain schools have different privileges, but we all should have early dismissals. Most schools have early dismissals, and the schools I have been to have had them. That is difficult for

me to deal with because I am so used to getting out early. At one of my schools, I used to get out of school at 2:15 and every Monday at the beginning of the month, I would get out at 1:00, because my

school used the Youngstown City school

busses. Just because our school uses the

WRTA bussing, should not change how

we are treated from any other school and

over something as simple as this. The least

you can do is give us a break, why not early dismissal.

Local school shooting effects,

moves Summit school body

Brion Koenig, Photographer

Since the Chardon tragedy, schools all over Ohio and the nation have bumped up security and I talked to Deputy Buente about his view on school violence. He thinks now it is easier to bring stuff into schools, times have changed not like back in the day when everybody got along.

Thanks to Mr.Pallante, we have a new addition to Summit Secondary, Deputy Rosa. Now, instead of having one Deputy, we have two here at Summit.

I also sat down with Mrs. York. She was saying, “Kids always resort to using violence, so people need to think before they act.”

She also stated, “The saddest thing in our society is when young adults with so much potential, and their lives are either lost through murder or a life in prison.”

I also think that is so true, because if a teen is murdered or committing the murder they waste there life and nobody wins.

Also, I talked with our Behavior Specialist Mrs. Stamp. She thinks “It’s sad that students see violence as their only option. ‘

“She would like to see students have better coping skills.”

Coping skills are ways to vent without using violence, and they are positive. Mrs. Stamp said “It is not only caused by bullying; violence is also caused by rumors and here say. “ Continued on Page 3


Profile Page


Father Noga

Jhordan Jackson

CeVon McMullen, Student Liason

Brion Koenig, Photographer & Profile Editor

Recently, I got the chance to sit down with one of Summit Academy Secondary seniors, Jhrodan Jackson. We talked about a lot like what he likes to do when he is just being his self outside of school. He said, “I like to play basketball, football, and play the game”.

Sometimes, he likes to just kick it with his friends and family. He also said, “When I get out of high school, I’m going to go to college and my major is going to be Automotive Technology.”

Then, after all of that he is going to open up his own business dealing with cars.

Then, I decided to get some thoughts from some of Jhordan close friends.

I think Jhordan is one of the closest people to me in this school. I can always trust him even though we have disagreements. We are always able to work through them and still be friends.

Freeman Dobynne stated, “Jhordan is a cool person to be around and plus when he is playing any sport, he has good sportsmanship.”

Andre Berger thinks “Jhordan has a caring heart, and he also has nice suits.”

Eva Baker said, “Jhordan is a cool person at times.”

For anybody who wants to know, Jhordan’s birthday is June 10, 1994, which makes him a Gemini. He rates his swag an 8.5. Jhordan likes to listens to rap and his favorite rappers are 2 Chains, and Kid Ink.

For this issue, I wanted to interview Father Noga, but first I decided to ask our director, Mr. Pallante, about Father Noga. Mr. Pallante stated, “Father Noga is a very honest, dependable, and caring man.” He is also very involved with our Summit Secondary school. He is always willing to let our school use the church when we need it for larger or special functions like graduation.

Mr. Pallante has known Father Noga for eight years. Mr. Pallante also has a very close and an awesome relationship with Father Noga!

Alright, now for the good stuff. I actually got the chance to interview Father Noga. It was exiting to schedule an appointment with his secretary and I am very grateful that he took the time to let me interview him. I really enjoyed getting to know him a little better.

I learned a lot about Father Noga, like he as been a priest for thirty-three years at three different churches.

The churches he has serviced are St. Christine’s, Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Joan of Arc, and presently St. Pat’s Church. Before becoming a priest, he went to college for eight years at the Athenaeum of Ohio in Cincinnati, Ohio. He got his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from the same college.

One piece of advice for the students from Father Noga is, “Study, study, study because education is a precious tool for your future.”

For a dream job, Father Noga would like to become our very own Mayor of Youngstown. Father Noga says, “He would like to get rid of blight; also, he thinks there should be a community garden all over Youngstown, not just in the Idora neighborhood.”

Father Noga believes Youngstown

could be the place to be, but right now

it is not because all of the crime. He

hopes its going to change.

Lastly, I asked Father Noga how he

would like to be remembered, he stated,

“I imitated Christ.”

Local school shooting effects Summit continued from page 2

Brion Koenig, Photographer

Now for my opinion since the Chardon tragedy, I think a student should never use violence to solve their problems. They should just talk to someone just not to go on a shooting spree and kill their fellow class mates.

So if a person has to result to violence in a school or any where else for that matter. Setting they are being cowards. Also if they have to take another persons life they are a coward also.

I would like to dedicate this article to all the victims of the Chardon tragedy god bless to all of you who suffered.


Summit students dig into school lunches debate

Ryan Fisher, Opinion Editor


I interviewed students on their opinions of our school lunches. I asked Enrique

Serrano if he like the lunches and he told me, “I do not, because they are not filling.”

He told me he wants different lunches. If he had the choice, he would want

pizza, tacos, wings, and burgers. He believes that students should not pay for

their lunches, because we already pay to go to school, so lunch should be provided.

Enrique says, “The lunches are too small and we should have a buffet at least once

a month.”

In the second interview, Terrance Fiumara says he does not like our lunches

ether. He wants new lunches such as tacos. Terrance would like to have an option

on what to eat. Terrance stated, “I would also like to have a buffet at our school;

just like the one at the Golden Coral.”

James Tubbs would pick McDonalds over our school lunch any day. He also

says, “The lunches we have now are too small and I would like for them to be bigger.”

These are three of five students I interviewed about their opinions on are school


The last two students in this interview were Teshira Tarver and Elizabeth

Sopkovich. Teshira does not like the lunch we have now and would like something

different. She says, “I want to have the cheesiest mac n cheese that can be made.”

She would also want the best, filling tacos that could be made, and McDonalds

with their best prepared meal. If it were up to her, she would want the best buffet

a school could have.

My last interview was with Elizabeth Sopkovich; she does not like the school lunch, like so many of the other students and would like better and more filling ones. Liz said, “I would want tacos like the ones from Taco Bell and wings like the wings from Quaker Steak.”

Everyone I got a chance to interview does not believe that some students in the school should not have to pay for school lunches. I also believe that it is unfair. These students gave strong opinions for this article, and maybe there could be a change.

Miss Corky serves a hot lunch to Bradley Ferguson

Destination Imagination Team

Wins 1st Place; team is Columbus-Bound for State Competition!

Full article to come in next issue!

Front Row from Left: Mrs. Bielik, Charmonique North, Jaivon Spearman, and Mr. McCarty

Back Row from Left: Jalen Mason, Marcus Magby, Jonta Lafontaine, Julius Joy, Roosevelt Simmons,

and Mr. Rivello pose for photograph with trophy to celebrate first-place victory at D.I. competition.


Entertainment Page


St. Patrick’s Day Crossword & Word Search

Keegan Caban, Entertainment Editor

St. Patrick’s Day traditions

Keegan Caban, Entertainment Editor and Brion Koenig, Photographer

Well St. Patty’s day was this weekend on the 17th. It is the feast of St. Patrick. St. Patty’s was made an official feast day in the early seventeenth century, and has gradually become a celebration of Irish culture in general. Today St. Patrick’s day is the most widely celebrated saint’s day in the world.

The day is celebrated generally by having a St. Pactick’s day service for Catholic people and the wearing of green attire. As we all know, we always wear green, but did you know the originally the color was blue! It can get fun with all the parades we have here in Youngstown.

St. Patrick’s Day was not a legal/ legit holiday anywhere in the United States of America until 2006. Since then. America has celebrated it with festive prides, the wearing of green, and partying. People who are Irish also like to river dance. This river dance consists of when the Irish dance to Irish music and have a good time. The Irish association of Korea has celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day since 1976 in Seoul (the capital city of South Korea).

Irish people also like folk music, or Irish traditional music. Irish folk music, and other variants, are the generic terms for music that has been created in various genres in Ireland.

While Saint Patrick’s Day in Switzerland is commonly celebrated on March

seventeenth with festivities like those in neighboring central European countries,

it is not unusual for Swiss students to organize celebrations in their own living

spaces on saint Patrick’s eve.

All in all, St. patty’s day is not for just Irish people. I hope yours was a good one!



Good Luck Wishes

CeVon McMullen, Student Liason

To: Eva and Gina AKA Regine

From: Dehavlynn

Message: I hope prom goes all well and Eva I hope you are happy to be 19 and graduating I hope my big sister haves fun college. I thank you for being a good sis and friend.

To: Miss Scott

From: Nathan

Message: You are a good school secretary. Hope you get that free coffee.

To:: Everyone taking the O.G.T.

From: Mrs. Hull

Message: Good luck on the O.G.T. Take your time. Eat breakfast and get lots of rest!

To: Mathew Lee

From: Najee Muhammad

Message: Hey

To: Gina

From: Regine Mitchell

Message: Good luck on your O.G.T.’s, Gina. You are a boss.

To: Ashley

From ?

Message: I still got mad love for ya. I glad we friends and I hope it stays this way. (: <3 P.S. Don’t listen to people and what they got to say. Just go up to that person and ask them. You will always have a place in my hearty baby girl.

To: Officer Buente

From: Nathan B.

Message: You are cool!

To: Cevon, Arianna, Sis Gina, and Sis Eva

From: Lynn

Message: Thanks for being real and doing you. I really appreciate it.

To: Brianna

From: Nehemiah

Message: Hello

To: Char

From: Jonta

Message: Home girl you know we iz 2 grown out, lol. U feel me. We gotta go clubbin soon!


From: Charmonique

Message: Happy Birthday to you and have a wonderful day!

To: Matthew Lee

From: Najee Muhammad

Message: I need to go to group B because I am going to do better in that group.

To: Briaana

From: Shamal

Message: You are pretty!

To: Andre Jacobs, Patt, and Danielle

From: Amber Slaven

Message: I love all you  You guys mean a lot 2 me! Andre your amazing, Patt you are pretty and fun 2 be around, and Danielle you are crazy funny and loud. You are all the best!

To:Edward, Amber, Danielle, & Andre

From: Patchanniece

Message: Edward, I Love you! Amber I love you, bestie. Danielle, I love you, my #1 bestie. Andre, I love you. Also, I love my brother even though you get on my nerves sometimes.

Marcus Harris, Artist




Regine Mitchell, Editor in Chief

Happy Birthday, Pisces

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

The world doesn’t revolve around you, listen to another persons opinions.

Aries (March 21- April 19)

We all have weakness. Its not just you focus on your strengths.

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

We all have weakness. Its not just you focus on your strengths.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Pick good friends and they will have your back.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

You can’t change others, but you can change you.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You will soon feel an increase in luck.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

You are very smart so put it to good use.

Libra (September 23- October 22)

It’s a rare day, so be respectful.

Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

Knowledge is your key to the future.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sharing is caring.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

You are very generous. Spread the joy; make a new friend.

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Choose your influences carefully. Someone will try to bring you down, but you are better than that.