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Summit Ink

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  1. September 28, 2011 Summit Ink Issue 1 Eighth grade staff, students welcomed with open arms Regine Mitchell, Editor in Chief After recently asking Mr. Pallanteabout the 8th graders, I have learned a lot of things about them! I first asked Mr. Pallante why do we have 8th graders, and he said, “The church at Immaculate wanted to sell the building, but Summit did not want to buy the building.” “Grades five through seven could only fit in the elementary school, so the eighth graders came here.” I also asked if the 8thgrade effected our dress code, and he responded, “It doesn’t effect it; it was a Summit management decision.” When asked if they will be at all of our events like Prom and the monthly Knight Buck incentives, Mr. Pallante said, “Not all of them; they are not eligible for Prom.” I asked if they will have separate events that are just for the 8thgraders, he replied, “Yes, they will have separate events.” When asked how long the 8th graders will be here and why, Mr. Pallantesaid, “It’s permanent, they have no where else to go.” I asked what his opinion was on the 8thgraders, he said, “They need a lot of work, but there are some bright ones in the bunch though.” Mr. Pallante said, “No, they may have some of their own trips” when asked if they will be able to go on the end of the school year trips. When I asked what classes the 8th graders were allowed to participate in , he replied, “They were able to take a half a year of art and martial arts or physical education.” Finally, for my last question, I asked are the 8th graders allowed to participate in football, basketball and cheerleading,. He responded, “Yes, because everyone needs extra curricular activities.” It was fun interviewing Mr. Pallante about the 8th graders. Mr. Moser smiles about joining the Summit Secondary staff Mrs. Crawford and Mr. Logston are ecstatic about start of new school year Da’Ja Perry and Dehavlynn Scurry relaxing during lunch. 8th and 9th graders pose for a photo! Tailgate party today; staff, students psyched for first down fun Ce-Von Drayton-McMullen, Student Liason Today is the first event of the school year, the tailgate party! The tailgate party will be held on the football field for all the high school, ninth through twelfth graders. The 8thgraders’ party will be held on the playground. The way you can get into the event, you have to have 100 knight bucks or write a petition. If you get in the tailgate party you would be able to eat hotdogs, chips with some juice. Some of the games that we will play are corn hole, roasting hotdog, Frisbee and throwing the football. Students are allowed to wear a team jersey, but all have to wear school pants. If it rains, all the upper classman will be in the gym and the eighth graders will be in their classrooms. The reason why they chose this event is because the football season is starting and a lot of staff and students enjoy the season, and the students want to show their team spirit.

  2. Opinion Page School Lunches, About that.. Lisa DeJesus, Opinion Editor Ihave been going to school since the age of three. I have been to about six or seven different schools throughout my whole life, some in Chicago and some here in Youngstown. Lunch is different everywhere. In my opinion, I think that the school lunches here at Summit Academy are the worst of all. We are all teenagers. We like to eat and when we eat, we like to eat good food. Rarely do we have a decent lunch, but most of the time our lunches go from the food table to the garbage. Not to be unappreciative because food is food, but this is a good school full of good students, trying our best. I think for our only lunch break, we deserve to eat a good meal that we will like, that will fill us up, RIGHT?? I know I am speaking for most of the students in this school, because some students come to school just to eat lunch due to their conditions at home. Our school should have lunches that we can all brag about when we leave here. Summit Student takes shot at Call of Duty Review Ryan Fisher, Opinion Editor My opinion of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is it will break records. Call of duty is one of the most played games all over the world. Everyone who has online for their game systems most likely has at least one of the Call of Duty’s. There are several Call of Duty games; they are Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4, Call of Duty World at War, and Call of Duty Black Ops. Call of Duty is very realistic, life-like and has the best graphics out of any other game that I have played. I already pre-ordered Modern Warfare 3 and thousands of other people did, too. The maker of the game is going to be very rich because of all the people who are going to buy this game. My opinion of Call of Duty is it is the greatest game ever made. It is rated “M” for mature, but kids all over the world under the age of eighteen play Call of Duty. Some kids that are ten years old play Call of Duty so much that they destroy everybody else. “COD” is the whole reason I bought my X Box 360. For those of you that don’t know, “COD” stands for Call of Duty. I need a new 360 because I play Call of Duty so much. I only play it at night though, because I am usually out during the day; plus I can’t stand the glare in the TV from the sun during the day. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 comes out in November and I can’t wait that long. As soon as it is delivered to my house, I am going to play it. Its going to have a lot of glitches, but the more people that find a glitch and use it, the more glitches that will get patched up. I can’t wait for this Call of Duty to come out! From all of us on Summit Ink, Have a Great Year, Staff and Students!

  3. Fundraising committee prepare, gather items for school garage sale Ryan Fisher Opinion Editor I interviewed Mrs. Dory about the garage sale. I asked her about the time and place of the garage sale, she told me it will take place this Friday, September 30th, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00p.m. I also asked what the money would be going towards, and she told me it is going to the “PTST” or the Parent/Teacher Students Together Fund. She told me it will be taking place in the school gym. Mrs. Dory gave me straight answers when I asked her about the garage sale. The fundraising committee will be in charge of the sale with the help of all the staff of Summit Academy. She told me that they will be selling TONS OF STUFF!! “There will be house hold items, holiday items, clothes, toys, books, and much more,” Mrs. Dory said. The committee and the staff are expecting to raise a lot of money off of this fundraiser. Some goodies collected for the BIG sale! Summit Football Survey 1. What is your favorite football team and why? Trevon Dow- The NFL Pittsburgh Steelers, because they where the first NFL game I watched. 2. Who’s your favorite player on the team? Terrance Fiuman- Troy Palomalu, because he is the best player on the team next to James Harrison. 3. Do you get mad when your team loses and why? Ausanae Cameron- Yes, because people start talking about my team, the Steelers. 4. Has your team ever won the Super Bowl and if so what team did they beat? Brion Koenig- In 2009, the Saints beat the Colts. 5. How good is your team 1-10? Marcus Harris-10- 100% they win together, they work together, and they lose together. 6. Do you like your team colors and what are they? Jalen Mason- The Vikings , yes because the purple and gold looks good. 7. Do you think that your team is going to make to the Superbowlthis year? Trevon Dow- Maybe, because its hard to repeat. 8. What is your favorite game that you watched with your team playing? Anthony Hughes- One of my favorite NFL football games that I watched was the Green bay Packers vs. the Chicago Bears for the NFC championship. 9. What was one of your favorite plays from your team? Brad Ferguson- when we played the Cardinals, Harrison made an 100 yards touch down, longest touchdown in NFL history. 10. What is the worse game you ever watched with your team? Michael Johnson – When Denver lost to the Ravens 44-7. Garage Sale $.50 off Friday, September 30th, 2011 In the school gym 9:00am to 3:00pm

  4. Profile Page Mrs. Scott School Secretary Ja’Meka Tubbs 9th grade student Lisa DeJesus, Opinion Editor Marcus Harris, Profile Editor Igot the chance to interview Ja’Meka Tubbs and found out a few things about her. I sat down with her and began to ask her some questions. I asked her what she likes doing in her spare time and she said, “Text and talk on the phone with my friends and family.” When I asked her what her favorite subject is and what sets her apart from other students in Summit Academy, she said, “English is my favorite subject and no drama or problems sets me apart from all the other students in this school.” I began to talk to Ja’Meka about sports and I asked her what her favorite sport was and she answered, “Tennis is my favorite sport because it is good exercise.” I also asked her what do u see yourself doing 10 years from now, and she said, “Opening my own daycare center and making my own money.” Ja’Mekaalso said that her great talent is playing the piano. I got the chance to talk to Ja’meka a little bit more and asked her what her favorite sport’s team is and why, she said, “New Orleans because she likes Reggie Bush.” According to my interviewee, she is going to look successful and professional twenty years from now. I asked Ja’meka if she had one free ticket to go any where in the world, where would it be. She replied, “Definitely to New York to meet Alicia Keys.” Last but not least, I asked Ja’Meka what sets her apart from others in her family and she said, “The ignorance and disrespect and not being part of the chaos, period.” Well, it was nice getting to know Ja’Meka a little better. Ja’Mekawas pleasant to interview and smiled throughout the interview. This year, Summit Academy has a new secretary and her name is Mrs. Scott! Before she started as a secretary for Summit Academy, she started working as Mrs. Mioni’ssecretary. As time passed, her skills grew; and Mrs. Mioni noticed her growth, so Mrs. Scott became a teacher at Summit Academy for several years. Mrs. Scott then decided to be a secretary again at the middle school. Mrs. Scott was there for several years, and as we sat down and talked, I found out that she really loves working with children. Being a mother of two, her motherly nature is good for this job. As we talked, I learned does not have many hobbies, but enjoys watching her kids play sports. Her daughter is into soccer and her oldest boy is into football. Mrs. Scott shares the same interest as her children, and she is dedicated to her work, as well as, her children. Therefore she still balances out her work to spend time with her family. Sweetest Day Flower Sale Carnations $1.00 See Mrs. New to place your orders Deliveries on Friday, October 14th

  5. Sports & Entertainment Page Football stars give behind scenes insight on love of game Brion Koenig Sports & Special Events Editor Students elect council to help school body Anthony Hughes News Editor Recently, I sat down with Mrs. York to ask her some questions about the student council. When I asked her how one ran for student council, she said, “Running for student council depends on interest; there is going to be an election.” I then asked her how many members there will be on the student council. “There is going to be a president, a vice president, secretary and a treasurer,” she said. When asked if any students of the junior, sophomore or freshman classes are legible to run for student council president, she responded, “Yes.” The student council is going to be in charge of planning the big school field trip? “Yes, the student council will be helping out with special events,” Mrs. York said. When asked if there was going to be a debate, she said, “There will be a “meet the candidates.” I later asked, how many students can run per grade level. Mrs. York said, “There will a limit based on interest.” Finally, I asked her when the election would take place. “The election will take place on Wednesday September 28th,” Mrs. York said. Another football season is on the way. Recently, I sat down with a few Summit Knight football stars to get the inside scoop about the team. like with Jared Kline the wide receiver. “I love my position, because I can catch very well,” Kleine said. “I love my number too; it is #17 because it was my brothers, and to me I think our team is ready to win!” I also sat down with freshman, Nehemiah Rivera. He stated, “I love my position it is tackle; I love to hit. “ “My number is # 14. It was just given to me by the coach,” Rivers said. I also sat down with Cev’on McMullen, #33. His number was given to him by the coach, also. His position is tailback . He stated, “I love my position because I love to run the ball. “ Also, he think he is ready, but as a team he thinks there should be more practices. Also James Tubbs plays defensive tackle, he says, “It is awesome because I can hit someone,” Tubbs said. His number is #14 it was giving to him also. Tubbs states, “He thinks we are ready to win.” I think we are ready to play and my number is #67. I play defense. All in all, it appears the Summit Knights are off to another very exciting season. Go Knights!! Artwork by Brandon Ortiz

  6. Summit Shout Outs! To: All Staff and Students From: Mr. P Message: We are one! Summit Knights Thank you and good luck to All this year!!!!!! To: Rayah and Ja’Meka From: Da’Ja Perry Message: Thanks for being a good friend and being so funny and adorable! To: Jason Smith From: Ja’Meka Message: Shout out to my boy! To: Ja’Meka , Da’Ja, Armani, Arianna, Shayla, DaVail, TreVon, Patt, and CeVon From: Rayah Message: Shout out to all my cuddies; love ya for life! To: Rayah Jenkins From: Ja’Meka Tubbs Message: Shout out to my girl! To: James Tubbs From: Ja’Meka Tubbs Message: Shout out to my brother. To: Mr. Pallante From: Da’Ja Perry Message: Thanks for being a good principal and keep up the good work! To: Edward Dothard From: Patshanniece Message: I love you, Pizza!!! To Davail Dow From: Ausanae Message: I love you with a smiley face. When you smile, I smile! To: Ce-von From: Teshira Message: A good and funny person To: Cevon, Jonathan, Qwon, and Jason From Davail Message: Shout out to my brah Jason, my brahQwon, my brahCevon, and Jonathan To: Summit Football Team From: Mr. Shelton Message: Good luck & GO KNIGHTS! To: My sister, Ray Ray From: Cevon Message: Hope you have a good year at Summit! To: 8th Grade Teachers and Students From: Mrs. Dory Message: Welcome to Youngstown Secondary! To: Mrs. Newbrough From: Summit Students Message: Happy October 15th Birthday!! We Love you! 30!!!!!!! To: Summit Faculty From: Mr. Meek Message: Keep up the great work! To: Christina Gibson From: Christina Gibson Message: Happy Birthday! To: Mrs. Newbrough From: Tierra Cato Message: Happy Birthday!!!! From: Da’ja To: Shakila, Melvin Message: Keep up with the good work and keep your grades up and ya little sister loves ya be good! To: Char North From: Tyrell Hodge Message: Have good year and hope you graduate!!!!! To: Everybody From: La’Bray Taylor Message: Shout out to everybody if you hang wiff me!!! To: Mrs. Newbrough From: Mr. Hart Message: We are an awesome team! This paper is amazing. We should pat each other on the back. See CeVon to place future Shout Outs in the school paper!

  7. Horoscopes By: Keegan Caban Virgo (August 23-September 22) You should always show respect to others. Libra (September 23- October 22) If your actions aren’t serious; you could get yourself into trouble. Scorpio (October 23- November 21) You will need to make your own decisions this month if you want things to turn out your way! Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) People around you will be acting out; try to stay out of it. Aquarius (January 20- February 18) Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Aries (March 21- April 19) Don’t believe everything you hear. Taurus (April 20- May 20) Be a good friend to people and they’ll be good friend back. Gemini (May 21 – June 21) You represent your school outside of school. Cancer (June 22 – July 22) You should always hear the truth over fiction, even thought fiction is more flattering than the truth. Leo (July 23 – August 22) Try to help a friend out and listen to their issues and try to give good advice. The Summit Staff pose for a photograph.