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Summit Ink. December 5, 2011. Issue 5. Summit gives thanks at Thanksgiving dinner Keegan Caban , Entertainment Editor. O n November 18 th , 2011 Summit Academy Secondary had a Thanksgiving dinner for all of the staff, students, and the students’ families. I sat down

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Summit Ink

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  1. Summit Ink December 5, 2011 Issue 5 Summit gives thanks at Thanksgiving dinner Keegan Caban, Entertainment Editor On November 18th, 2011 Summit Academy Secondary had a Thanksgiving dinner for all of the staff, students, and the students’ families. I sat down with Mrs. Dory to ask her what she thought about the food. She said she thought that the turkey and gravy were superb. She was pleasantly surprised with the cornbread, stuffing and the mashed potatoes. “The mashed potatoes rocked,” Mrs. Dory said. In all, Mrs. Dory thought the event was a great success. “The dinner went great, and we had twenty-five parents attend,” Mrs. Dory said. Mrs. Dory definitely thought there was more than enough food to go around. “There was plenty of food even for seconds,” she said. She is also thankful for the willingness of eight staff members and student volunteers, who served the food and also kept the line moving smoothly. Mrs. Dory thought the event went great. “The event this year went very smooth; I hope we get more parents and family members to attend next year’s event,” she said. Summit students were also excited about the event. I sat down with Marcus Harris and asked him how he liked it. “It was great and could not have been better,” he said. In all, Mr. Dory definitely had a favorite part of the event. She said, “Sitting down with the students and staff members and giving thanks for the many blessing we have was a meaningful experience.” Summit students have fun ride at Fast Five movie incentive Anthony Hughes, News Editor Recently, our school held its annual Thanksgiving dinner only this time there was twist. Not only did we have our Thanksgiving dinner, but we also watched a movie, Fast Five. After the event I sat down with some students to ask them what they thought about our little event. All seemed to enjoy it. It also appears that many of the teachers enjoyed the movie as well. I sat down with teacher Mrs. Vaupel and freshman Ausanae Cameron to ask them what they liked most about the event. Mrs. Vaupel said, “The food was good.” Ausanaesaid, “What I liked was that we were able to have a Thanksgiving dinner like a family before the movie.” Afterwards, I caught up with senior Liz Sopkovich and freshman Ausanae and asked what their thoughts were on the movie itself. Sopkpvichsaid, “It had a lot of action and it caught my eye.” Ausanaesaid, “It was interesting and exciting.” Continued on page 3 Mrs. Newbrough serves up nachos to Tierra Cato Roosevelt Simmons receives his popcorn Summit students enjoy Thanksgivingmovie incentive Mrs. Davis serves up slushes

  2. 2 Opinion Page The Chronicles of the Jelly Fisher Summit students prepare for game tournament Quentin and Matt play some games Summit gamers show off skills at video game tournament Regine Mitchell, Eidtor in Chief The video game tournament took place from November 17th -18th. Up to twenty to twenty-five students signed up for the video tournament. The teachers were able to play with the students, but class was in session while the tournament was going on, so this limited teacher participation. When Mr. Laney was asked what level the students were, he replied, “Depending on the type being played, there were certain rules for each game!” The tournament was held in Mr. York’s office. “It has a better television to play games on,” Laney said. The three games played in the tournament were Call of Duty, Madden 2011, and Michael Jackson, The Experience. Students who played the Michael Jackson dance off game played until the songs were over, and the students playing the others played for four-minutes a game. All grade levels were allowed to participate in the event. The 8th graders did not because they were on a field trip and could not participate. Charmoniquewon the Ms. Dance off competition. The prize for the winner will soon be finalized by Mr. Pallante. None of the other games were able to finish in the allotted time, so there were no winners. The cost of the tournament was $1 for each day. The students were able to eat the Puppy Chow mix (chocolate covered Chex and powdered sugar) from the courtesy of Mrs. Vaupel while playing the game. There will hopefully be another tournament very soon. Mr. Laney said, “Hopefully the Friday we begin our Christmas Break will be the next game tournament.” Ryan Fisher, Opinion Editor My opinion of Black Friday is that it is a good idea. It helps the stores bring in extra cash. It also is an opportunity for shoppers to go out and get Christmas gifts at a cheap price. It gives them the chance to buy a bunch of gifts for their spoiled children. There was a huge line at the super stores for the iPods. Christmas is right around the corner so people figure it is a good time to begin or in some cases finish up there shopping. While the workers just collect the money. They get good pay working over time on Black Friday. The workers are even willing to work over time just for the extra money. That is why black Friday is a good idea. Black Friday is a crazy day. There is a lot of fighting, pushing, shoving, and arguing on Black Friday. People want an item so bad that they will do anything to get it. I heard there was a riot on Black Friday. When people get greedy this is what happens. My family went out on Black Friday and bought of bunch of things on sale with some great deals. People want to be the first ones to get the items on sale so they sleep in the parking lot a day ahead a time. They are willing to stand in line for hours. This day is chaotic, but like I said before, it is a great idea and an even better scam. Eva Baker cuts a rug during game Charmonique North, dance champion Liz Sopkovich and Christina Gibson

  3. Profile Page 3 Mr. Rivello Language Arts, IA Ryan Fisher, Opinion Editor CeVon McMullen, Student Liason Charmonique North Senior Regine Mitchell, Editor in Chief CeVon McMullen, Student Liason • I recently sat down with the new teacher Mr. Rivello. He is in the English class with Mrs. Bielik. He actually is a down to earth person. The first thing we discussed was what he did in his time away from work. • He said, “I like to hang out with my wife, play Xbox, and watch movies; another hobby of mine is working out.” • Mr. Rivello graduated from Liberty High School and YSU. Besides working here at Summit, he also works as a Gaming Specialist at Best Buy • I also asked him what is his favorite sport was, and he told me, “My favorite sport is football, because it is a battle between two teams that need to have team work and be able to work together to win.” After I asked him these several questions, I asked him several more. • I asked some random personal questions to ask Mr. Rivello. I asked him what his favorite holiday is, and he said, “Halloween, because you can get free candy with a chance to dress up and be someone you are not.” • I asked him if he had to bring three items to a deserted island what would he bring and why. He gave it some thought and finally told me his three items. • “My three items would be my Xbox to entertain myself, a radio for some more self entertainment, and his wife to have someone to talk to. I had a few more questions to ask him to finish up the interview. • The final two questions I asked him just came to mind. I asked Mr. Rivello if he were reincarnated as an animal, what would he want to be and he replied with a single word, “Bear.” • If a genie granted him three wishes he would want to pay everybody’s debts off, all wars to end, and everyone to find success! I interviewed Charmonique North and I would say it was a good conversation about her. She is a good person. Her funniest moment of her life is everyday when everyone is funny and makes her laugh. The best birthday memory of hers is when she was in the 5th grade and her classmates, mom, and teachers surprised her when she thought her mom was coming up to the school because she was in trouble. When askedif she had to bring three items to a deserted island what would she bring, she replied, “Food, clothes, and drinks.” If she had one super power, it would be to be invisible. A song that means the most to Charmonique is a song that she wrote herself, because she can express herself. Charmoniqesaid, “Eating food on Thanksgiving,” when asked, describe a favorite memory shared with her family. When asked, if she discovered today that she won $1,000,000 what would she do, she replied, “I’ll do what I want to do.” Fast Five continued from page one Anthony Hughes, News Editor An anonymous other also said, “It was full of action.” With that said, I asked them what their favorite snack was. At the event, the students were given popcorn, slushes, and nachos and cheese to chow down on during the film. Both responded, “Nachos and cheese.” In all, though everyone seemed to enjoy the event, Mrs. Vaupel had just one problem with it. Mrs. Vaupel said, “It didn’t seem like anyone was watching the movie.” Well there you have it. It looks like mostly everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner and the movie. Hopefully, we are able to do something like this next year.

  4. Sports Page 5 Summit students get buff at new lifting club Ryan Fisher, Opinion Editor I recently interviewed Mr. Buente, our school security guard, about the new club he has created. He has organized a powerlifting club for the school that will begin after Thanksgiving break and last until the end of the school year. He is starting this club, because he loves lifting and loves the fitness. Mr. Buenteplans on running the club by having a lot of group activities and lifting with the weights that the school has. Mr. Buentetold me that he can lift a good amount. He can bench press 375, dead lift 525pounds, and squat 585 pounds. He powerlifts quite a bit, lifting four days a week every week. I asked him if he knew how many kids are going to be in the club, and he replied he does not at the moment, but he does know about fifteen kids that want to be in it. He tells me the club will take place in the Dojo. The club will last until the end of the year or until Mr. Buentehas a reason not to finish the club because of students not following the rules or some other reason. He wants to have the club started some time after Thanksgiving break. I asked him how he plans on teaching the students who have never powerlifted before, but want to be a part of the club. He told me he plans to teach them safety and technique one step at a time. He powerlifts at McDonald High School, where he coaches the strength and conditioning for the varsity football team. He told me he powerlifts, because he likes being strong and being able to compete. Mr. Buente’sspotter when he lifts is the assistant coach on the football team or a member of the team it self. The team spots for one another if needed. He first began power lifting when he was fourteen years old and still does it to this day. He plans on powerlifting even when he is old and has arthritis, but he told me he has arthritis now at his young age. My final question for Mr.Buente was if he wants or thinks the school needs more weights. He replied that he does not need more weights, for he can make do with what School has. From this interview, it is pretty obvious that he loves and takes powerlifting very seriously. Summit Knights square off against one another during first game of the season Summit basketball seasons bounce off to good start TashawnaAlavarado, Sports Editor The boys and girls basketball games are on their ways. We have had our first set of games and everyone did a good job working as a team. The first game was at the Boys and Girls Club at 6 pm on Thursday, November 17th. For more information, I interviewed students on the team about their opinions and what they needed to work on. Roosevelt Simmons aka Rozay was one of the students I interviewed. I asked Rozay who was the best star and he replied, “Jalen because he had the most points.” When asled who was the player that had the most points, Rozay replied, “Everyone scored but Jalen had ten points.” Roosevelt thinks that they need to work on their offense and pass the ball more. Then I asked Roosevelt who passed the ball the most, he responded, “Me I had a lot of assists, I gave one to Rodney and one to Jalen.” They did a good, job but Rozay thinks that they could have done a lot better. Roosevelt responded, “The best play of the game was the pass in play; it worked a few times.” Too get a second review of the game, I interviewed Jalen Mason. Jalen thought it was a good game, and they could have won, but we started slacking when we were winning by a couple of points. Jalen thought the star player was himself, because he had the most points. The best play Jalen thought was the pass in play. To get better, Jalen thinks that they should run more suicides. Then, I asked Jalen who passes the ball the most, he responded, “A tie between Jhordan and Rodney.” The last question that I asked Jalen was if he thought that he did a good job, and he responded “Yes except for letting them come back and win.” My opinion is that we have a good basketball team and good players on it. I think that they need to practice more and keep up the good work!

  5. Summit give thanks and shares traditions CeVon McMullen, Student Liason All “A’s” Trevon Dow Mercedes Hellman Brion Koenig Jonathan Koenig Derrick Mazon Ashley Menton Elizabeth Sopkovich With Thanksgiving come and gone, I decided to see what the students were thankful for this Thanksgiving season. Some of the students responded with some obvious, but honest answers. Students also shared their Thanksgiving traditions. What Summit’s thankful for: Tyrell Jefferson- I am thankful for my phone and family Teshira Tarver- Amber Slaven and Judith Myers because there are my two best friends. Tia Harris- I am thankful for having my family, because I love them and I am blessed, for all the things I have. Elexa K- My parents because they keep a roof over my head. Some traditions: Terrance Fiumara- Eating and chilling with my cousins. Eric Bailey- Making food and going to my grandmas to eat dinner. Charles- Sleeping in and eating lots of food. Now for the upper classman: Tierra Cato- I am thankful for my family and friends, because I love them especially Ce’Von. Jaivon Spearman – I am thankful for my family. Edward Dothard- I am thankful to have water when I want it. Anthony Hughes – I am thankful for my best friend. Ce’Von Drayton – I am thankful for everything that I ever got in my life • “A’s” and “B’s” • Javelle Anderson Dayna Banks • Simone Coleman Griffin Keegan Francis Caban • Edward Gibson Desmond Harris • Charles Hellman Andre Jacobs • Tyrell Jefferson Julius Joy • JontaLatontaine Marcus Magby • Brianna Rivera Nehmiah Rivera • Tanisha Scott Honor Roll for the first grading period Four Summit contest winners Special Congratulations to Lacreashia Bulls, Tierra Cato, Andrew Scott, and Tyrell Jefferson. They competed in a Youngstown city wide art contest for Youngstown Litter Control and Recycling Center’s yearly calendar. These four students’ art works will be in the Youngstown Litter Control and Recycling Center’s calendar and they have been invited to a pizza party with all of the winners of the calendar contest. At the party they will receive a gift certificate and a calendar. Great job to all participants! Summit staffs square off in football match On Wednesday, November 23, our Summit Academy Secondary staff participated in the annual Summit Turkey Bowl against the Elementary staff. The event provides staff a fun, yet competitive way to kick off the Thanksgiving season for the Summit staff. For years now the staff has played in this flag football compactions. The turkey bowl takes place on the open field behind Summit Elementary school. Eleven members of the secondary staff where in attendance. There where also seven members of the elementary staff in attendance. The game began at 10:30 am and it was approximately two hours in length. In the end our own Summit Secondary warriors lost the hard fought battle. The final score was Summit Elementary 52 Summit Secondary 49, but we all had a good time.

  6. Horoscopes Brion Koenig, Sports/Special Events Editor Happy Birthday, Sagittarius Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) You are a grateful person, try to continue to do this all the time. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) Don’t be afraid to live your life. Aquarius (January 20- February 18) Do things for others and others will do for you ten times more. Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Don’t be selfish; it is the giving season. Aries (March 21- April 19) You put others before yourself; you will be rewarded in some way. Taurus (April 20- May 20) You set realistic goals for yourself and don’t give up on them; continue to reach your goals. Gemini (May 21 – June 21) You are an optimistic person, smile and share your positive energy. Cancer (June 22 – July 22) You have awesome ideas; go through with them. Leo (July 23 – August 22) You are a helpful person; so share your talents. Virgo (August 23-September 22) You excel in life; so keep up the hard work! Libra (September 23- October 22) Your life is yours, so live it to your full potential and on the right path. Scorpio (October 23- November 21) If you’re always optimistic something good will happen to you. Eric Rumph, Artist

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