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THE Middle ages

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THE Middle ages. Shade Somoye English 11 Period 9-10. Technology and Architecture: Castle Kitchens. Placed outside the Great Hall Water for kitchen was supplied from a nearby well Contained a large stone sink Castle kitchens were so large they could roast up t o 3 oxen at a time.

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the middle ages

THE Middle ages

Shade Somoye

English 11

Period 9-10

technology and architecture castle kitchens
Technology and Architecture: Castle Kitchens
  • Placed outside the Great Hall
  • Water for kitchen was supplied from a nearby well
  • Contained a large stone sink
  • Castle kitchens were so large they could roast up to 3 oxen at a time
  • Essential part of the Medieval Castle
  • Used every morning for Mass
  • Common for the castle chapel to have a crypt
  • Was often a very cramped space
medieval materials and tools
Medieval Materials and Tools
  • Wood was a very important material
  • Used Pine, Poplar, Oak, and Walnut
  • Popular tools made and used during the Middle Ages were the Axe, Saw, Chisel, etc.
  • Most of the tools made were used as weapons around the castle
religion culture medieval women
Religion & Culture: Medieval Women
  • Few woman lived comfortable lives, but Medieval society was dominated by men
  • A woman’s role would have been to support her husband
  • Women were paid less for doing the same job as a man
  • About 90% of all women lived in rural areas and were involved in some form of farm work
medieval food
Medieval Food
  • Foods and diets depended on the class of the individual
  • For those living in the manor house: fowl, beef, bacon, lamb and fish
  • Medieval peasants had a much simpler diet
  • Medieval diets lacked vitamins A, C, and D and were not high in calories
  • The name is a purely Christian tradition that begun in the early Middle Ages
  • A descendent of the Celtic festival of Samahain
  • Samahain marked the Celtic New Year when dead souls were believed to walk the earth
  • Church names Nov. 1 All Hallows Day
  • Following medieval custom of beginning observances the night before, collective holiday began on Hallows Eve; Halloween
socio economics middle age jobs
Socio-Economics: Middle Age Jobs
  • Jobs changed within the Middle Ages because it spanned over a thousand years
  • Generally four different orders: Clergy, Nobles and Kings, Merchant Guildsmen, and Craftsmen and Laborers.
  • Other well-known Medieval Jobs were: Blacksmith, Tailor, Carpenter, Butcher, Weaver etc.
the great famine
The great famine
  • Lasted two years: 1315-1317
  • A wet spring made it impossible to plow fields, making harvest much smaller than usual
  • Many people were badly weakened by malnutrition
  • Few people died
the black death
The black death
  • Lasted four years: 1347-1351
  • Disease was transmitted by fleas
  • Killed approximately 20 million people in Europe
  • Spread across 5 countries
dark vs light
Dark vs. light

In my opinion, the Middle Ages were a time of darkness. Although this time period had a small area the shade of gray, overall it was a period of dark times.


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