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THE MIDDLE AGES. In this power point, you will learn great information about the Middle A ges!!. Priya. kiK. The Feudal System.

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  1. THE MIDDLE AGES In this power point, you will learn great information about the Middle Ages!! Priya

  2. kiK The Feudal System The feudal system was a way of government based on the acts between the lord or king and vassal. The king gave large valuables to his friends and family. The feudal system went from top to bottom: Kings, Nobles, Lords, Villeins, and Serfs. This is almost like a triangle. The people at the bottom, or lower class, didn’t get almost anything, but they still had to work for the king. The top, or upper class, got more rights and privileges than the lower class. Judicial power was given to the nobles and the lords. The nobles and the lords seemed to be favored because they were in the upper class. This process shows that in the Middle Ages, the feudal system wasn’t fair at all. King Nobles Lords Villiens and Serfs

  3. My Top Ten Facts About The Middle Ages • The Middle Ages were from 500 AD to 1500 AD. • A university in the Middle Ages forbid children to bring bows and arrows to school. • The population for the Middle Ages were estimated in millions. • People ate bread, cheese, vegetables, and meat most of the time. • They mostly wore brighter colors and a long jacket. • There were a lot of battles in the Middle Ages. • The Middle Ages was also known as the medieval times. • The first thing the students would do in school is grammar as their first subject. • Usually people bathed in cold water unless they werewealthy enough to heat the water. • The most common way to make money was by farming.

  4. Facts About the Illuminated Alphabet and Cathedrals • Monks often use letters from the illuminated alphabet In their religious writing. • The illuminated alphabet was generally written in ink. • Illumination is often colored gold, one of the most common colors. • The illuminated alphabet is written on parchment which is made with calf, sheep, or goatskin. • Most illuminators were craftsmen. • Cathedrals are fancy churches that cost a fortune. • Most cathedrals were built in the shape of a cross. • Only talented craftsmen were allowed to work in a cathedral. • The craftsmen were paid for doing their work in the cathedral by food and housing. • Just in France by itself, between 1050 CE and 1350 CE, over 500 cathedrals were built.

  5. Codes of Chivalry • Chivalry is where the men gave bravery, respect, and help for a woman or lady. In the early 1900’s, Leon Gautler, a French scholar, who gave his life to literature of chivalry, put together what is called the Ten Commandments of Knighthood: • Strong belief in the church and obedience to her teachings • Willingness to defend the church • Respect and pity for all weaknesses and determination in defending them • Love for our country • Refusal to run away before the enemy • Constant and cruel war against the Infidel • Strict obedience to the feudal overlords, so long as those dutiesdid not disagree with duty to god • Loyalty to truth and to the pledged word • Generosity in giving. • Championship of the right and the good, in every place and at all times, against the forces of evil.

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