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The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages. By Melody . Illuminated letters.

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The Middle Ages

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  1. The Middle Ages By Melody

  2. Illuminated letters TodayIlluminated letters are still used in stories. In the middle ages they used Illuminated letters too. To make illuminated letters back then they needed 3 people. Those 3 people are a scribe, a parch mentor, and the person who actually does the letter. The scribe gets every thing ready like sharpening a pencil. A parch mentor gets the tools like he /she gets parchment.

  3. Parts of the Castle there are 16 important parts of a castle. The first one is the outer bailey. The outer bailey is the first courtyard inside the outer walls. Next is the inner bailey is the inner court yard inside the outer walls. Then comes the wall\the curtain. Strongly built, it was common for it to be 10 feet thick. Parapets are low walls around the top edge of a tower. Machicolations were the reason why parapets were built. They were holes in the parapets used to drop all kinds of things. The moat was a ditch around the castle. It was usually filled with water. The barbarian was a forward gate of the castle. It was located before the main gate. The postern gate was the back gate. It was supposed to be a secret, but often it was not. It allowed knights to sneak up on their enemies. Arrow loops were thin holes in a castle big enough to shoot an arrow from inside. It was almost impossible to shoot one from the outside into the arrow loops. The portcullis was the main gate to the castle. Murder holes were holes just after the main gate. They were just like machicolations. Rock ledges were very I important. Their purpose was to make sure that the castle couldn’t be seized by tunneling.

  4. Offense or Defense Offense Defense Tunnel Moat Ballista Murder Holes Arrow Loops Machicolations Mongonel Thick walls Battery ram rocky ledge trebuchet postern gate portcullis tower

  5. People of the Middle Ages • Royals • Knight • Crusader • Squire • Pope • alchemist • Priest • Herald • Jester • Nun • Guildsman • Lord • Monk • Merchant • Villein • Falconer • Bishop • Troubadour • Noble Women and Men • Serf • Craftsmen

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