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  1. CHINA By: Jasmine Jones & Aline Alphonse

  2. Population • China is over populated • It has 1.3 billion people which is the world’s largest population. • Families with more than one child receive penalties which usually is a fine. • Rural families may have a second child without receiving a penalty IF the first child is a girl • The population consists of the Zhuang, Mongolian, Hui, Tibetan, Uygur, Miao, Yi, Buti, Korean, Manchu, Dong, Yao, Bai, Tujia, and Hani nationalities • Shanghai (18 million) and Beijing (16 million) are the largest cities.

  3. One child only • In order to stop the population from growing rapidly China now has a one child policy. Deng Xiaoping, a Chinese leader, established this policy in 1979. • The policy limits people to having one child only. • If there is more than one child people will either be fined, pressured into abortion, or forced sterilization. • However, this does not pertain to the Han Chinese who live in urban areas. • This policy has caused a decrease in female infants. Most of them are aborted, neglected, abandoned, or infanticide. • For every 100 females there are 114 males. Normally it’s 105 males for every 100 females

  4. Dating Life -In china dating is considered to be a serious commitment to each other. -Chinese people don’t date until they reach the age of 20 -Most Chinese people don’t date long before they decide to get married.

  5. Marriage • Women must be at least 20 and males must be at least 22 in order to get married. • In order to wed the couple must apply for permission from the local governing unit. Up until recently people weren’t allowed to get married unless they had graduated college. • The bride is suppose to cry all day to show that she is sad that she is leaving her home. If she doesn’t cry it is a sign of disrespect for her family.

  6. Wedding Ceremony a bride wears red in the morning when the groom arrives to pick her up. The wedding day continues with festivities, photos, three changes of the bride's outfit, and a main banquet where the bride wears white. Later, guests play tricks on the new couple until they retire

  7. Cultural differences • Since China isn’t a Christian they do not recognize the terms “bless you” or “God bless you.” • You’re suppose to refill someone’s cup without asking. • When saying thank you, you either say xie xie or tap four fingers down on the table. • They don’t open gifts until after their company leaves. • In china they go to school from 5am up until lunch then they go home for lunch, come back to school, go home for dinner, and then come back. Every morning they all get together before school and exercise.

  8. Members of Chinese Art Ensemble of disabled people perform a dance named "Guanyin Buddha"

  9. Chinese Food Doufu Dark rice vinegar with ginger Dim Sum Boiled eggs in tea DOG PAWS Frog Steamed fish

  10. New Years Superstition • The entire house must be clean before New years Eve. • Sweeping and dusting shouldn’t be done because they believe good fortune will be swept away. • After New Years you can sweep the floor. Starting at the door, everything is swept to the middle of the floor and then into the corners. Nothing can be thrown out until the fifth day. • Also you’re not suppose to cry, wash your hair, use foul language, use knives and scissors, and all of your debts are to be paid before new years.

  11. Foot binding • Foot binding was a common practice among women for about one thousand years. • In China, women with small feet were considered to be very beautiful people. • The main purpose of foot binding was to break the arch of the foot and end up having feet that were about 2-3 inches from heal to toe. • First they would bend all of the toes except the first one all the way back to the heal and began to wrap them and the girls would then have to practice walking on their newly bound feet. • Since all the toes were bent back it was impossible to cut the toe nails which led to different infections.

  12. Facts • There isn’t a drinking age in China • If a guy doesn’t smoke, then he isn’t a man. • The Great Wall, which is 3,950 miles (6,357 km) in length, was built by prisoners of war, criminals, and farmers. Many died building it. Their bodies were thrown into the structure of the wall. • Television in China is controlled by the government. • Red means good fortune • Calligraphy is thought to enrich a person's life by teaching self-mastery.