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Deajeon and korea

Deajeon and korea

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Deajeon and korea

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  1. Deajeon and korea By. GROUP 5 Welcome to our school, Leigh teacher~

  2. (Korea's holiday and costumes )reporter 한 예 슬 , 임 보 연 • 단오 Festival is one of nine of the Goryeo Dynasty, • Dano Festival is one of four of the Joseon Dynasty with New Year's Day, 한식, • Thanksgiving day.

  3. chousok • 추석 is called 한가위 중추절 가배일 on lunar calendar August 15. • There is a deeper meaning for Koreans in the holiday as with New Year's Day . • When finished the harvest , we have a memorial ceremony for ancestors as a token of our gratitude. • Especially on Chuseok food is famous for 송편. • We have a tradition to visit our hometown on 추석.

  4. seolnal • As New Year's Day on lunar January 1, it has called 원단 or 세수. • We are prepared to greet the New Year from the previous evening Bokjori, rake, and sieve hung on • the wall meant to prevent evil spirits by prayer and blessing.

  5. (about Hanbok)reporter 이지윤 • let me introduce 한복. • Hanbok is the traditional clothes of Korea. • It has been worn since the Three Kingdoms period. • Depending on age, only a few have been different in jacket length, • sleeve width and skirt width. • Women's and Men's clothing have many differences in the type and shape.

  6. (korean food) 최수민 • Kimchi is processed vegetable-foods that are unique to Korea. • Radish, cabbage and cucumber salt and mix spring onion, chili, garlic, ginger, salted fish. • , kimchi is • traditional food not to be missed at the table.

  7. Bulgogi,Bibimbap • Bulgogi is made of food in the beef to put souce. • Bibimbap • Jeonju bibimbap is the most famous food • Depending on the season, we put a variety of materials

  8. Doenjiang jjigae doenjang stew is to dissolve soybean paste in boiling water and put various materials such as meat, seafood, vegetables, tofu, mushrooms. It is very tasty to eat!

  9. (Food specialties and representatives of Daejeon ) reporter  이 현 정 • First, find out what we are living in donggu. • dongu is located in the northwest corner of the Daejeon. • This place is famous for mushrooms and strawberries. • Now,  Find out about euseounggu. • Euseoungguis located in the northeast corner of the Daejeon. • Euseounggu specialty of this place is a pear. It has appropriate environmental conditions to grow the pear. • Representative food of daedokguis 삼계탕 ! • There are its photos below. 설렁탕

  10. Seogu’s FOOD • 서구 is located in the southeast corner of the Daejeon. • 돌솥밥 is cooked in a stone pot and representative food of 서구. • specialty of 서구 is tomatoes.

  11. Jjunggu’s FOOD • Finally, jjunggu! • Jjungguis located in the south of the Daejeon. • there are grapes as you can see on the picture. • Because Daejeon has a lot of food and specialties you can feel great fun while you are traveling our city.

  12. 대전 8경-산의 소개 (about mountains ) repoter 안 예 진, 오 승 민 • Sikjang mountain is the highest mountain which Located in 판암,세천,산내동 of Height 623.6m in the Daejon . • 제2경 보문산 녹음 (greenery Of 보문mountain) • 보문 mountain is the most typical Korean mountain which Located in the center of the southern hemisphere

  13. autumnal tints of 구봉 mountain • autumnal tints of 구봉 mountain ) • Height 264.1m gubongsan is surrounded by 관저동, 가수원동, 괴곡동, 흑석동, 봉곡동. • It has been 9 peaks and Stretches. Each of the nine peaks has a unique charm.

  14. 유성온천 • The 유성hot-spring is a large spa tourist town about 11km away from the center of Daejeon westward. • 엑스포과학공원 • The Expo Science Park is the only Theme Park in our country which Subject is Science to develop National recognition about science and technology.

  15. LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for listening And… Have a good day In our country!