Chapter 1 introduction to human resource management
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Chapter 1 Introduction to Human Resource Management. After studying this chapter, you should be able to:. Explain what human resource management is and how it relates to the management process.

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Chapter 1 introduction to human resource management

Chapter 1

Introduction to Human Resource Management

After studying this chapter you should be able to
After studying this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Explain what human resource management is and how it relates to the management process.

  • Give at least eight examples of how all managers can use human resource management concepts and techniques.

  • show the human resource responsibilities of line and staff (HR) managers.

The management functions






The Management Functions

Human resource management at work
Human Resource Management at Work

What is Human Resource Management (HRM)?

Human Resource Management includes all activities used to attract & retain employees and to ensure they perform at a high level in meeting organizational goals.

These activities are made up of:

1. Recruitment & selection.

2. Training and development.

3. Performance evaluation.

4. Pay and benefits (compensation).

5. labor relations.

Human resource management at work1




Human Resource Management(HRM)


Health and Safety

Labor Relations


Human Resource Management at Work

Personnel aspects of a manager s job
Personnel Aspects of a Manager’s Job

  • Conducting job analyses .

  • Planning labor needs and recruiting job candidates.

  • Selecting job candidates.

  • Orienting and training employees.

  • Managing wages and salaries.

  • Providing incentives and benefits.

  • Appraising performance.

  • Communicating (interviewing, counseling, disciplining) .

  • Training and developing managers.

  • Building employee commitment.

Personnel mistakes
Personnel Mistakes

  • Hire the wrong person for the job.

  • Experience high turnover. (دوران العمل)

  • Have your people not doing their best.

  • Waste time with useless interviews.

  • Have your company taken to court because of unfair actions against employees.

Personnel mistakes1
Personnel Mistakes

  • Have your company taken to court for unsafe practices.

  • Have some employees think their salaries are unfair relative to others’ in the organization.

  • Allow a lack of training to weaken your department’s effectiveness.

  • provide any unfair labor practices.

Basic hr concept
Basic HR Concept

  • HR creates value by engaging in activities that produce the employee behaviors that the company needs, to achieve its strategic goals.

Line and staff aspects of hrm
Line and Staff Aspects of HRM

  • Line manager:

    • A manager who is authorized to direct the work of subordinates and is responsible for accomplishing the organization’s tasks.

  • Staff manager:

    • A manager who assists and advises line managers.

  • Line managers human resource duties
    Line Managers’ Human Resource Duties:

    • Placing the right person in the right job.

    • Starting new employees in the organization (orientation).

    • Training employees for jobs that are new to them.

    • Improving the job performance of each person.

    • Gaining creative cooperation and developing smooth working relationships.

    Staff managers human resource duties
    Staff Managers’ Human Resource Duties:

    • Explaining the company’s policies and procedures.

    • Controlling labor costs.

    • Developing the abilities of each person.

    • Creating and maintaining department morale.

    • Protecting employees’ health and physical condition.

    Human resource managers duties

    Line FunctionLine Authority

    Coordinative FunctionFunctional Authority

    Functions ofHR Managers

    Staff FunctionsStaff Authority

    Human Resource Managers’ Duties

    Human resource specialties


    Job Analysts

    Labor Relations Specialists

    Human Resource Specialties

    Training Specialists

    Compensation Managers

    Human Resource Specialties

    Globalization Trends

    Technological Trends

    Changes and the new Trends in Human Resource Management

    Trends in the Nature of Work

    The Changing Environment of Human Resource Management

    The changing role of human resource management

    Strategic Human Resource Management

    Managing with the HR Scorecard Process

    Creating High- Performance Work Systems

    New Responsibilities for HR Managers

    Measuring the HRM Team’s Performance

    The Changing Role of Human Resource Management

    High performance work system practices
    High-Performance Work System Practices

    • Employment security.

    • Selective hiring.

    • Extensive training.

    • Self-managed teams/decentralized decision making.

    • Information sharing.

    • Pay-for-performance rewards.

    • Stress on high-quality work.

    Benefits of a high performance work system hpws
    Benefits of a High-Performance Work System (HPWS)

    • Generates more job applicants.

    • Screens candidates more effectively.

    • Provides more/better training and lower employee turnover.

    • Links pay more clearly to performance and appraisals.

    • Produces more qualified applicants per position.

    • Results in higher profits and lower operating costs.

    • Uses more self-managing work teams.

    The human resource manager s proficiencies
    The Human Resource Manager’s Proficiencies

    Four Categories of Proficiencies

    • HR proficiencies.

    • Business proficiencies.

    • Leadership proficiencies.

    • Learning proficiencies.

    Specific Proficiencies

    • HR certification.

    • Managing within the law.

    • Managing ethics.

    The human resource manager s proficiencies cont
    The Human Resource Manager’s Proficiencies (cont.)

    HR Certification:

    • Arabian Society for Human Resource Management (ASHRM).

    • Professional Human Resource Development (HRD) Certificate.

    • Master of Science in HRD.

    • Professional Human Resource Management (HRM) Certificate.

    The human resource manager s proficiencies cont1
    The Human Resource Manager’s Proficiencies (cont.)

    Managing within the Law

    • Immigration laws.

    • Occupational safety and health laws.

    • Labor laws.

    Managing Ethics

    • Ethical scandals have occurred in major corporations.

    • Most serious ethical scandals are HR-related.

    • Arab world ethics are influenced by religion and culture.

    Key terms



    functional authority or functional control


    high-performance work system

    HR Scorecard

    human capital

    human resource management(HRM)

    line authority

    line manager

    management process

    staff authority

    staff manager

    strategic human resource management (SHRM)

    strategic plan


    Key Terms