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Introduction to Human Resource Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Human Resource Management

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Introduction to Human Resource Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Human Resource Management. HR 251 Mohammed Owais Qureshi Hashmi. محمد عويس قرشي هاشمي. الوضع الصامت. Chapter Learning Objectives. : Chapter Six: Recruiting Employees: 1. Define recruitment. 2. Discuss job analysis. Human resource planning, and recruitment.

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Introduction to Human Resource Management

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    1. Introduction to Human Resource Management HR 251 Mohammed OwaisQureshiHashmi محمد عويس قرشي هاشمي

    2. الوضع الصامت

    3. Chapter Learning Objectives :Chapter Six: Recruiting Employees: 1. Define recruitment. 2. Discuss job analysis. Human resource planning, and recruitment. 3. Explain the purpose of personnel requisition form. 4. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using internal methods of recruitment.

    4. Chapter Learning Objectives 5. Discuss job posting and bidding. 6. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using external methods of recruitment. 7. Define realistic job previews. 8. Explain organizational inducements.

    5. Recruiting Employees Recruitment: Process(عملية) of Seeking(تسعى) and attracting(جذب) a pool of people from which qualified candidates for job vacancies(الشواغر) can be chosen(اختيار).

    6. Job Analysis, Human resource Planning, & Recruitment Nature and requirements Number of specific jobs to be filled of specific job Sources (اختيار)? How are qualified candidates to be recruited? Recruiters(المجند)? Pool of qualified applicants(طالب) Inducements(حث)? Job analysis Human resource planning Job description Recruitment Selection

    7. >Job title المسمى الوظيفي >Work performed العمل المنجز >Equipment used معدات >Education required تعليم >experience required تجربة >Physical, mental and visual effort البدني والجهد الذهني والبصري required. كيف HOW الذي WHO WHERE

    8. Job Analysis, Human resource Planning, & Recruitment Job analysis(تحليل) gives the nature(طبيعة) and requirements(مطلب) of specific(محدد) jobs. HR Planning(تخطيط) determines(تحديد) the specific number of jobs to be filled(ملأت). Recruitment provides a pool of qualified people to fill the vacancies.

    9. The purposeغرض of personnel requisition form A personnel requisition(أفراد الاستيلاء) Form(شكل) describes(وص) the reason(سبب) for the need(حاجة) to hire(تأجير) a new person and the requirements(مطلب) of the job (Ex: Figure 6.2 ) page 113

    10. Sources of Qualified Personnel (Internal Sources ) An organization may fill(شغل) a particular(خاص) job either(إما) with someone(شخص ما) already(قد) employed by the organization or with someone from outside( خارج) Each of these sources has advantages(ميزة) and disadvantages(مساوئ):

    11. Advantages and disadvantages ofميزة وعيب(Internal Sources) مصدر داخلي Advantages : • The company has better(أفضل) knowledge(معرفة) of the strengths(قوة) and the weaknesses(ضعف) of the job candidates. • The job candidates have a better knowledge of the company. • employee motivation(حافز) and morale(معنويات) are enhanced(المحسن). • The return(عودة) on investment(استثمار) that an organization has in its workforce(القوى العاملة) is increased(زيادة).

    12. Advantages and disadvantages of (Internal Sources) Disadvantages(مساوئ): • People can be promoted(تعزيز) to the point(نقطة) where they cannot successfully perform(نفذ) the job. • Infighting(الاقتتال الداخلي) for promotion can negatively(سلبي) affect morale(معنويا). • Inbreeding(زواج الأقارب) can stifle(خنق) new ideas(فكرة) and innovation(ابتكار)

    13. Job posting & job bidding عمل العطاءات الإعلان الوظيفي Job posting and job bidding are an internal method of recruitment in which notices(إشعار) of available(متاح) jobs are posted in central locations throughout(طوال) the organization. The employees are given specified(محدد) length(طول) of time to apply(تطبق) for the available jobs.

    14. Job posting & Job bidding Successful(ناجح) job posting and bidding program requires the development(تنمية) of specific (محدد) Implementation(تطبيق) policies(سياسة), including the following: • Both(على حد سواء) promotion and transfers(نقل) should be posted(السؤال). • Opening(افتتاح) should be posted for specified time before(قبل) external(خارجي) requirement(مطلب) begins(تبدأ). • Eligibility (الأهلية)rules(حكم) for the job posting(إرسال) system(نظام) need to developed(تطوير) and communicated.

    15. Job posting & Job bidding • Specific standards(معيار محدد) for selection(اختيار) should be included in the notice. • Job bidders(وظيفة العارض) should be required to list their qualifications and reasons(سبب) for requesting a transfer or promotion • Unsuccessful(غير ناجح) bidders should be notified by the human recourse department and advised(تقديم المشورة) as to why they were not accepted.

    16. Sources of Qualified Personnel (External Sources ) مصادر خارجية External recruiting is needed in organizations that are growing(متزاي) rapidly(بسرعة) or have large demand(الطلب) for technical(تقني), skilled(ماهر), or managerial employees. Also(أيضا) the external recruiting has Advantages and Disadvantages

    17. Advantages and disadvantages of (External Sources ) Advantages : 1) The pool(تجمع) of talent(موهبة) is much larger than(من) that available from internal sources. 2) New insights(تبصر) and perspectives(منظور) can be brought(جلبت) to the organization 3) Frequently(متكرر) It is cheaper(رخيص) and easier to hire technical(تقني), skilled or managerial people from the outside rather than to train and develop them internally .

    18. Advantages and disadvantages of (External Sources ) Disadvantages: • Attracting(جذب), contacting(المقاولات), and evaluating(تقييم) potential(محتمل) employees is more difficult. • Adjustment(تعديل) or orientation(اتجاه) time is longer. • Morale(معنويات) problems can develop among those employees within(ضمن) the organization who feel qualified to do the job.

    19. Realistic Job previews(RJPs) واقعية وظيفة المعاينة Realistic Job previews (RJPs) is a method of providing(تقدم) complete job information, both positive and negative, to the job applicant.

    20. Organizational Inducements in Recruitment حث The Objective(هدف) of recruitment is to attract(جذب) a number of qualified personnel for each particular(خاص) job opening(افتتاح). Organizational inducements are all positive features(ميزة) and benefits(مصلحة) the organization offers(عرض) to attract(جذب) job applicants(طالب)

    21. Question’s

    22. Reference: Byars, L. and Rue, L., “Human Resource Management”, 9th , McGraw Hill, (2008).