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terrorism in the 21 st century l.
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TERRORISM in the 21 st Century PowerPoint Presentation
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TERRORISM in the 21 st Century

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TERRORISM in the 21 st Century
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TERRORISM in the 21 st Century

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  1. TERRORISM in the 21st Century Righteous Aggression

  2. Terrorism • The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion. • To fill with terror or anxiety: scare: To coerce by means of threat or violence.

  3. Terrorist • Believe they are instructed by God to do terrible things toother people, often their own children, but they do not suffer from any delusions. 

  4. Terrorist • Through their study, reading, and interpretation of holy writings, they become convinced that they are called to action.  Theyperceive their behavior as righteous because they are of sound mind and believe that they are being persecuted or martyred if anyone tries to stop them. 

  5. From Bernard Cornwell’s SCOUNDREL • Terrorists live in a skewed world.Their view is dominated and overshadowed by the “cause”, and every single thing that moves or creeps or swarms on earth is seen in its relation to the “cause.” And nothing is too far away or too trivial or too innocent to escape the “cause.”

  6. Continued from SCOUNDREL • Thus to a terrorist like Halil, a game of baseball is not an irrelevant pastime, but evidence that the American public does not care about the monstrous crime committed against the Palestinian people; worse, it is evidence that the American people deliberately do not want to consider that crime, preferring to to watch a game of bat and ball.

  7. From SCOUNDREL • Therefore a scheme to kill baseball spectators would be a justifiable act because it could jolt the rest of Americans into understanding the - “truth” – as the terrorist sees it.

  8. Terrorists • Ricardo and Josefa Davila • Timothy McVeigh • Mohammed Atta • Suicide bombers

  9. Terrorists • Seek to create fear and chaos. • Behavior is NOT against the victim. • It is against the group the victim represents.

  10. Terrorists • “I can strike anywhere and you might be next.”

  11. Terrorists • Targets aren’t the buses, restaurants, or buildings they destroy. • It isn’t the people. • It is the “We are among you. Fear us.” message.

  12. Terrorists • They have no empathy for these suffering people because they do not want to interfere with what they see as God's punishment for the victim's behavior.

  13. Terrorism MUST strike the innocent • Terrorism must kill the child if it is to shock the adult. Terrorism must hurt the helpless if it is to gain the world’s attention.

  14. Terrorism is evil • It does not matter how noble the cause was that the terrorist serves. The methods are evil. Wrapping up terrorism in a flag does not make it right.

  15. Terrorism • The acts are aimed at the people watching. • Anthrax mailed to news media before anywhere else. • Create fear – it shows in the reports. • Al Jareeza news reports.

  16. Reminder! • Terrorism isn’t something new – • The Crusades, the Grand Inquisition, and the Salem Witch Trials are examples of how religious people have condoned horrifying behaviors against other human beings are examples from Western history. 

  17. How do terrorists get recruits? • Lack of jobs • Lack of opportunities • Propaganda • Money??

  18. Lack of jobs and opportunity …

  19. Next to prosperity.

  20. Belfast

  21. How do terrorists get recruits? • Madrasas • Govt lesson:Its complete implementation can occur only when the ruler himself is a pious Muslim (although an impious Muslim is much preferable to a non-Muslim). For Muslims, rule by non-Muslims is an abomination, a blasphemous inversion of God's dispensation. • God should decide leaders – not democracy.

  22. Madrasa Education • Jihad – the world is divided into believers and unbelievers. Jews, Hindus and Christians are evil usurpers. There is a need for Islamic warriors to liberate regions dominated by unbelievers and “cleanse” Islamic nations to establish a single Islamic theocracy.

  23. Rewards of Martyrdom • Pass through directly to heaven. – no tests, no Purgatory, etc. • VERY sensual – a palace with the finest food, wine, comforts and 72 houris.

  24. Rewards for the families? • Celebrities for having martyr children. • Doorways decorated with the number of dead. • Flowers arranged in the shape of a heart and bomb. • $2,000 – 25,000 • Scholarships for children • Posters in madrasas schools • Streets named for them • Terrorist cards

  25. Terrorist Groups • The CIA recognizes there are possibly more than 1,000 groups.

  26. IRA – Irish Republican Army • Splinter groups of IRIP, RIRA, Provos, etc. • GOAL: A united and Catholic Ireland. • METHODS:bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, punishment beatings, extortion, smuggling, and robberies • LATEST: Statement that only military and political targets will be chosen. But are terrorizing their own people for money and support.

  27. ETA: Basque Separatists from Spain • Splinter of Basque National Party (PVN) • GOAL: Basque homeland in Northern Spain / SW France • METHODS: Car bombs, transportation bombing, assassination. • LATEST: 200 dead since 2000. Statement anything and anyone is target.

  28. Al Qaeda • Splinter Groups:al Qaeda*Al-QaidaThe Base"*the Islamic Army*the World Islamic Front for *Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders*the Islamic Army for the Liberation of the Holy Places*the Usama Bin Laden Network*the Usama Bin Laden Organization*Islamic Salvation FoundationThe Group for the Preservation of the Holy Sites

  29. Al Qaeda • GOAL: To rid Muslim countries of all Western (Infidel) presence and influence. • Conversion or die for the west??? Waging war on the West.

  30. Al Qaeda methods • Timed bombings, kidnappings, armed attacks.

  31. Palestinian Terrorism: PLO, Hezbollah, Hamas, Intifada, PLF, etc. GOAL: Destruction of Israel. Palestinian homeland. Iradication of all Jews from Muslim lands.

  32. Palestinian Terrorist Groups • METHODS: Suicide bombings, roadside attacks on military and civilians.

  33. Chechnya • Rebels / Terrorists. While most Chechens are Muslim there appears to be a split on if it is nationalistic or Islamic motivations. • GOAL: A free country called Chechnya.

  34. Chechnya • METHODS: mass kidnappings, bombings of schools, planes, trains, subways and apartment buildings. • Connections to Al Qaeda?

  35. North Korea • Has NOT been conclusively tied to terrorism in 15 years under Kim il Jung – “Dear Leader.” • GOAL: Possession of weapons of mass destruction.

  36. Iran • Building nuclear bomb? • Hiding terrorists? • Sponsoring terrorism?

  37. What are we doing? • Bush Doctrine – the U.S. will "make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them."

  38. What are we doing? • US Agencies • National Security Agency • CIA • FBI • Military Intelligence • Homeland Security • Intelligence Czar? • Diplomatic Attempts? • Economic Attempts?

  39. Counter terrorist Groups • Navy Seals • Army Special Forces • Delta Force • ???? • Using terror on the terrorists?

  40. International Counter Terrorist Groups • MI-5, MI-6 national and international British services. • FSB – Russian Security forces • Mossad – Israeli Counter Terrorist forces. • Saudi Arabia - ???

  41. What Counter Terrorism Does • Assess Threats • Sharing information • Risk Analysis Interviewing suspects • Interviewing acquaintances. • Orientation • Propaganda / disinformation