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  1. Sports I like sports because is a good way to spend time with friends and have fun. • Sports In America

  2. History of Sports in America • Some sports such as basketball baseball and football arose from games that were brought by settlers that arrived from Europe in the 17th century. • Native American people played a variety of games. • The best known of Indian games were is Lacrosse. It was played with a ball made of wood which was caught with curved rackets with a net on one end. The goal was usually marked with two poles.

  3. History Sports in America. • Shinny. A kind of field hockey known as shinny was among the most popular Native American games. It was usually played by women, but sometimes might also be played by men. • Hoop and Pole. Hoop and Pole was another widespread game. In general a hoop was rolled along the ground while men tried to knock it over with spears or arrows.

  4. Related facts • Sports promote values of team work and fair competition. • Sports contribute to social and racial integration. • Sports transmit values such as justice, fair play, and team work.

  5. Related facts • Media plays a big role in sport related events. • Professional sports are commercialized. • Professional athletes receive a huge salary. • There is a lot of pressure to win in professional sports.

  6. Development/Improvement of the Product • In order for sports to contribute to society in a positive way society needs to view sports as an activity that helps individuals achieve values of team work, fair, justice, and social skills, and not as a medium to get fame and wealth.

  7. Horizontal improvement • Less emphasis should be placed on competition and performance. • Athletes should be priced by their effort and good work and not by winning or losing.

  8. Vertical Improvement • Sports activity should be redefined. All sports that have some form of violence should be graded down. • These type of games should change and laws should be passed to enforce these changes. • Violent behavior from players coaches parents or spectators should be penalized.

  9. Radical Improvement • Change at two levels would bring out the best in sports activities. • First, big salaries should not be paid for sports related occupations anymore. Players coaches and sports media workers should receive a normal salary just like anyone else. • Second, violence should not be tolerated. Any act of violence should be penalized.

  10. Failed efforts or Misconceptions of the social problem. • In general sports related violence is ignored. • The media influences and exploits professional sports figures. • Professional sports figures hide their bad behavior behind their power and fame, and society lets them get away with it.

  11. Conclusion • Sports would continue to be part of American life. Society would finally view sports as a natural way to promote values and not as a way to make a few ones produce huge amounts of money. • Money would not have the power to make a professional figure famous or unfamous because of bad behavior.