participant observations n.
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Participant observations

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Participant observations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Participant observations. Learning objective: To know the uses and limitations of participant observations. Participant observations .

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Participant observations

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    1. Participant observations • Learning objective: To know the uses and limitations of participant observations

    2. Participant observations In participant observation (PO) the researcher joins the group and participates in its activities as a full member on a daily basis in order to investigate it. Overt PO, is when the researcher comes clean, so that the group being researched is aware of his or her activities. However, the researcher’s presence may cause the Hawthorne Effect. In covert PO the researcher joins the gang without informing its members about the purpose of the research.

    3. Task 1.Using the textbook, read the case study on page 30 ‘Written activity’. 2. Complete the two questions below the case study. 3. Complete the ‘stretch and challenge activity’.

    4. Sorting activity • Using the handout, cut the pieces of information that you have been given. • Sort the statements into advantages and disadvantages of participant observations. • Write two headlines into your books Advantages Disadvantages 4.Stick the information which you have sorted into the correct columns.

    5. Hard questions to complete • Fully non-participant observation is when ... 2.Fully participant observation is when … 3.What is covert observation? 4.What is overt observation? 5.Give two ways in which observing people may be considered unethical. 6.Give three advantages and three disadvantages of participant observation.

    6. Harder questions to complete • Explain what is meant by non-participant observation. • Explain the difference between covert and overt participation. 3. Explain what is meant by ethical issues. What ethical issues arise from observing people? 4.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of participant observation. 5.Identify and explain three problems Patrick faced and state how he tried to solve these problems.