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Participant Feedback

Participant Feedback.

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Participant Feedback

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  1. Participant Feedback "Our neighbors, who have a young baby, almost got carbon monoxide poisoning from a dryer venting problem. I loaned them the carbon monoxide detector that we received from the workshop and they were able to see their dangerously high CO level. They moved out of the house since the landlord wouldn't fix the problem."

  2. Participant Feedback • “I changed our furnace filter and my asthma symptoms have improved slightly.”

  3. Participant Feedback • “The radon test has prompted me to take action. I plan to retest and contact a radon mitigation contractor.”

  4. Participant Feedback • “I took action as a result of the presentation and washed my sheets immediately after.”

  5. Participant Feedback • “Glad that I was able to check to my radon level after installing a mitigation system a few years ago.”

  6. Participant Feedback • “We discovered we had cracks in the back of our wood stove with red staining. We repaired it with materials found at Kroegers. As soon as we are able, we plan to replace our wood stove. Thanks for the information!”

  7. Participant Feedback • “Lots of great information and reminded me not to be lazy with cleaning.”

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