Internet history nsf s international programs
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Internet History - NSF’s international programs. Feb. 22, 2004 Kazunori Konishi APAN Busan meeting Presentation Titles and Speakers: 1. Korea

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Internet history nsf s international programs
Internet History - NSF’s international programs

Feb. 22, 2004

Kazunori Konishi

AP* Retreat in KL

Apan busan meeting http apan net meetings busan03 cs history htm
APAN Busan meeting

Presentation Titles and Speakers:1. Korea

Kilnam Chon (Kaist, Korea)2. Japan Kazunori Konishi (KDDI Lab, Japan)3. Thailand

Kanchana Kanchanasut (AIT, Thailand)4. Singapore

Lawrence Wong (NUS, Singapore)

AP* Retreat in KL

Brief history of the internet
Brief History of the Internet

  • 1969: ARPA was formed. (John F. Kennedy)

  • 1970: ALOHAnet protocol (Norman Abramson)

  • 1973: ARPAnet was extended to Europe

  • 1973: Ethernet (Bob Metcalfe)

  • 1974: TCP/IP protocol (Vint Cerf)

  • 1979: UUCPnet & USENET (Mark Horton & Rick Adams)

  • 1981: BITNET (IBM)

  • 1983: TCP/IP was adopted by ARPAnet (Vint Cerf)

    CSNET was connected to ARPAnet (Larry Landweber)

  • 1986: NSFNET with TCP/IP protocol (Larry Landweber)

AP* Retreat in KL

Icm 1990 12 1997 9
ICM (1990.12 – 1997.9)

  • Steve Goldstein was in charge of the project, managed by Steve Wolff.

  • Started from 128kbps to INRIA (France)

  • Upgraded to 50Mbps, shared with UUnet

  • Bob Collet @ Sprint made full use of the grant for the business of commercial ISP; most of research networks in Asia were connected to SprintLink.

  • Total budget was $9.35M.

AP* Retreat in KL

Pre hpiis

  • Steve made the presentation at INET’95 that new International Internet Services had been drafted for multiple awards.

  • The target date of the solicitation was

    1995.5-6, and the award was expected

    by the end of 1995.

  • Management review was tough,

    and George Strawn helped the internal

    review process.

AP* Retreat in KL

Hpiis 1998 8 2004 7
HPIIS (1998.8 – 2004.7)

  • Three awards:

AP* Retreat in KL

Dr steve goldstein
Dr. Steve Goldstein

After Retiring


AP* Retreat in KL


  • Transit services are widely provided to APAN members.

  • Dual circuit topology & excellent NOC team enables ~100% availability.

  • High performance experiments are conducted jointly by the scientists and NOC.

    => Three groups were awarded at SC2003.

  • GbE link between APAN-JP and SURFnet has been installed via TransLight: GLIF

  • Observatory project with enhanced services is being developed & deployed.

AP* Retreat in KL

Hpii2 s priorities
HPII2’s Priorities

  • Enable communication, cooperation and

    collaboration between the U.S. and international

    science and engineering, research and education


  • Support and encourage continuing development of a coordinated rational international network architecture

  • Enable experimentation with new technologies to insure that facilities remain at the leading edge

  • Cooperate with NSF programs in scientific disciplines requiring special access to domain specific CI, data and collaborators

  • Enhance connectivity to additional regions (e.g., Latin America, Africa)

  • Success will to a great extend depend on partnerships with peer organizations and projects throughout the world!

AP* Retreat in KL


  • HPIIS has developed intra-Asia connectivity, and has expanded the regional collaborations as well as the global joint projects.

  • Science community is well supported, and is expanding the collaborations with USA, too.

  • NSF recently granted Gloriad project, making up for the thin pipe between CN and JP. It is critical to establish a fat pipe between CN and JP, and the new plan was presented by a CRL executive at Joint Techs Workshop in Hawaii last month.

AP* Retreat in KL


Personal View

1. Regional cable systems & deregulation of telecom business help us study on APAN topology.

2. Collaboration between Gloriad and APAN/TransPAC is critical for NSF’s new solicitation.

AP* Retreat in KL

Fat cables in asia
Fat Cables in Asia

North Region : JP, KR, TW, CN

EAC : 2.56Tbps

FLAG : 2.4 - 3.8Tbps

Whole Asia : North Region + SG + PH (+ MY)

C2C : 7.68Tbps

APCN2 : 2.56Tbps

AP* Retreat in KL

Internet history nsf s international programs


AP* Retreat in KL

Internet history nsf s international programs


AP* Retreat in KL

Possible hubs in asia my personal observation
Possible Hubs in Asia- my personal observation

Deregulation of telecom business is critical for

lost-cost international circuits. The following 3

cities are expected to be the main hubs in Asia:

  • Tokyo: most trans-pacific cables are terminated.

  • Hong Kong: gateway to China

  • Singapore: many cables are landed.

AP* Retreat in KL

Collaborations between gloriad and apan transpac
Collaborations between Gloriad and APAN/TransPAC

  • NSF CISE will announce the new solicitation of international Internet Services; Priorities are clarified.

  • NSF official informally asks to integrate two NSF projects, TransPAC and Gloriad into a single one.

AP* Retreat in KL

Transpac gloriad with cjk gigabit links
TransPAC – Gloriad with CJK Gigabit Links


Dragon Tap & CNGI XP








E over MPLS

2.5Gbps SONET



Genkai GbE






2.5Gbps SONET (2.5Gbps x 2 in future)


GbE/SONET Converter

GbE/SONET Converter


2.5Gbps x 2



This link will be used for Gloriad projects, too.

10Gλx 2 in 2004

AP* Retreat in KL

Single proposal from asia
Single Proposal from Asia

  • NSF will grant only one proposal from Asia.

  • CSTNET will use JP-CN 2.5Gbps link for APAN activities.

  • Gloriad projects will be possible over APAN/ TransPAC links.

  • The principal investigator of the new proposal will be discussed among IU, NCSA, Internet2, etc.

  • APAN-JP will discuss on the single proposal with CSTNET/APAN-CN, in parallel with the discussion with & in USA.

AP* Retreat in KL


  • ICM: NSF Award #9024083

  • TransPAC: NSF Award #9730201

  • EuroLink: NSF Award #9730202

  • NaukaNet: NSF Award #9739330 & #0196478

  • L.H. Landweber: “NSF CISE Directorate”

  • T. Shiomi: “AP regional collaborations…”

AP* Retreat in KL

Internet history nsf s international programs



Nipponia nippon

AP* Retreat in KL