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Our State Research Project

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Our State Research Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our State Research Project. By Mrs. Dail’s Class 2011. Washington, D.C. Washington d.c. Washington d.c. is not a state. The flag of Washington, D.C. Washington was our first president. California “ The Golden State ”. It is a big red bridge in California.

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our state research project

Our State Research Project

By Mrs. Dail’s Class 2011

washington d c
Washington, D.C.

Washington d.c.

Washington d.c. is not a state.

The flag of Washington, D.C

Washington was our first president.



“The Golden State”

It is a big red bridge in California .

This is a big building.

This is the state flower.

Sacramento is the capital.

colorado the centennial state
Colorado The Centennial State

The state capital is Denver.

The state flag of Colorado.

Does IT GO ON THE Back OF THE Car?


louisiana the pelican state
Louisiana“The Pelican State”

The state capital is Baton Rouge.

The state flag

The state flower

new york the empire state
New YorkThe Empire State.

The Empire state building is the biggest building in New York.

The beaver is the animal of New York.

People like to visit museums.

The statue of Liberty is found in New York.

north carolina the tarheel state
North Carolina“The Tarheel State”

North Carolina City .

This is a lighthouse at the beach.

This is the North Carolina flower.

This is the North Carolina flag.

pennsylvania the keystone state
Pennsylvania“The Keystone State”

Harrisburg is the state capital.

This is the Liberty Bell.

The state flag of Pennsylvania.

This is the state flower.

south carolina the palmetto state
South Carolina“The Palmetto State”

The state flag of South Carolina.

The state waterfall.

The state flower.

The state map.

virginia the old dominion
Virginia“The Old Dominion”

The state animal is the American foxhound.

This is the Virginia flag.

This is the state bird.

connecticut the nutmeg state
Connecticut“The Nutmeg State”

The bird of Connecticut.

The flag of Connecticut.

The state capital is Hartford.

The plate.

georgia the peach state
GeorgiaThe Peach State

The Brown Thrasher Bird is the state bird.

The capital of Georgia is Atlanta.

This is the Georgia flag.

This is the Georgia flower.

new mexico the land of enchantment
New Mexico“The Land of Enchantment”

I love New Mexico.

The state flag of New Mexico.

Good food

There is a flat roof.

texas the lone star state
TEXAS“The Lone Star State”

Texas license plate

The state flag of Texas

The state flower

Houston is the largest city in Texas.


This is the state the Nem is ALASKA.

State flower

Grizzly bear