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Weather. Convection currents in the atmosphere. Wind. Air pressure __________ as you move up through Earth ’ s Atmosphere. Increasing. Part of the earth where temperatures are warmest because the sun ’ s rays strike at a more direct angle. Equator.

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Part of the earth where temperatures are warmest because the sun’s rays strike at a more direct angle.



The rising and sinking of matter in a circular pattern caused by temperature differences.

Convection Currents


The air mass from this area is

cold and fairly dry, very little

water evaporates from the land.

Continental Polar Air


This air mass forms over the ocean near the

poles where it is cold, but relatively moist.

Maritime Polar Air


A front that doesn’t move very much, or it

moves back and forth over the same area..

Stationary front


Winds that spin in the opposite

direction of a cyclone.