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  1. Student Guide to DIGGERecruiting www.mtech.edu/career

  2. What can I do with DIGGERecruiting? • Access position descriptions for internships and full-time jobs • Research employers • Participate in on-campus interviews • Upload your resume to be searched by employers

  3. How do I activate my account? • Activate your account at www.myinterfase.com/mtech/student • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Click Here to Register!” • You must be a current student to activate your account

  4. Registration Screen • Complete your registration form by filling in as many fields as possible • All areas marked with an * are required • Read the bolded release statement and select “Yes” to participate in DIGGERecruiting • Click the “Register” box to complete your profile

  5. Registration Screen There are four parts to complete: • Personal Information • Demographic Information • Skills • Additional Information

  6. Registration Information Personal, Demographic and Skills • Update through the My Account and select “My Profile” Additional Information • Legal Release • On-Campus Recruiting Policy • Allow Employer Viewing

  7. Resumes and Other Documents • You MUST uploaded your resume into the system in order to sign-up for interviews or apply for jobs online If you need help… • Attend an upcoming Resume & Cover Letter Workshop • Make an appointment with a Career Services for a personal resume review

  8. To upload a career documents… • Select “My Documents” under “My Account” on the tool bar • Click [Upload File], name your document and browse for the desired file • Click “Upload” and your file will appear in the Document Manager as a PDF • You can upload multiple resumes, cover letters, applications or other documents

  9. Please update “My Profile” to ensure that you don’t miss any interviews!

  10. Uploading career documents… • Double-check that your documents appear as you intend for them to look to employers • Click [View] to review any documents • Click [Update] to change any of your documents • Click [Remove] to remove any documents – please note you must have a resume on file in DIGGERecruiting

  11. Search for Jobs & Internships • Select “Job Search” on the tool bar • Enter your search criteria • Keyword will search the job title and job description fields in the job posting • Hint: If there are only a few jobs returned try broadening your search criteria • To view all jobs, click “Search” without entering any criteria

  12. View Listings • To view a full listing, click the blue job ID number • Sort search results by categories by clicking on the heading (Job Title, Organization Name, etc.) • Save searches you do frequently; they appear on your home page • Plus you can select to receive automatic emails when similar positions are posted

  13. Apply for Positions • Please read the Application Instructions listed in the position description carefully • Some employers will accept online applications; you need a resume online • If there is an apply online option, a red “Apply Now” will be at the top left-hand side of the listing. • You will then be prompted to select which documents will be sent to the employer

  14. Please note: the change in how to apply for the positions…it is on the left-hand side!

  15. View On-Campus Interview Schedules Select Interview Schedules from the tool bar • To Sign Up: “Qualified Schedules” allow you to view only the schedules for which you are eligible • Plan Ahead: “Future Schedules” list all upcoming schedules for viewing only

  16. Sign up for an Interview • Click the Schedule ID for the position in which you are interested • Read the position description thoroughly • Refer to the Current Sign up Method in the Position Listing • Sign-up Open – Open Schedule • Request Period Open – Pre-Screen Schedules

  17. Open InterviewsAll qualified students may sign up. To apply: • Scroll to the bottom of the description and click on the date for the interview • Decide on your preferred timeslot and click “Sign up” • Select which of your resumes you want sent to the employer

  18. Please note: the change in how to sign-up for the interviews…it is on the left-hand side!

  19. It is EASY: 1: Click on interview date 2: Select your documents 3: Double-check timeslot

  20. Pre-Screen InterviewsYou are required to submit a resume before selecting a time. Only those students invited to interview will be allowed to sign up! To Submit an Interview Request: • Click the “Request Interview” button to submit your resume for review • You will receive an email regarding the employers decision closer to the interview date • You will be instructed to sign-up for a time

  21. Remember the On-campus Recruiting Policy. Pre-select Schedules 1. Request an Interview 2. Select Documents 3. Cancel Request

  22. View Interviews and Events • Keep track of interview and career events you have signed up for with the “My Activity” selection under the “My Account” link on the tool bar • Click on the blue numbers next to Schedules or Event RSVPs to see a list • Select the name of the schedule or event for more details

  23. Career Events • Career Fairs, Career Workshops, Company Information Sessions and other events are listed under “Career Events” on the tool bar • View details of an event by clicking on the blue name • Some events allow you to RSVP and the event will then appear on your calendar on your homepage and can also be viewed under “My Activity”

  24. See who is coming ahead of time!

  25. Thank you for viewing! If you have any additional questions, please contact Career Services at careerservices@mtech.edu