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Skin Cancer

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Skin Cancer. Daniel M, Alice W, Grace K. 1. Definition. Skin Cancer is the most common and most treatable form of cancer. There are three types of skin cancer melanoma, basal cell, and squamos cell.

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skin cancer

Skin Cancer

Daniel M, Alice W, Grace K

1 definition
1. Definition
  • Skin Cancer is the most common and most treatable form of cancer.
  • There are three types of skin cancer melanoma, basal cell, and squamos cell.
  • Skin Cancer was said to be first seen in Ancient Egyptian writing. The people believed that skin cancer was a punishment from the gods.
  • Early experiments in 16th Century Italy developed theories on skin cancer. The scientists believed that skin cancer was caused by the lymphatic system, though we now know that the lymphatic system is crucial to the immune system.
2 signs symptoms
2. Signs/Symptoms
  • Moles are a normal thing to see on the human body. Each person has on average 10-40 moles on their body.
  • Some moles though can turn into cancer over time. You can usually tell when you have a lo more moles then normal.
  • There is no set time before you should go see a doctor though there are some symptoms you should look out for.
signs symptoms continued
Signs/Symptoms continued
  • Some signs you should out for are if the mole is raised, irregular color, irregular shape.
  • Most forms of genetic cancer are

cases of melanoma.

  • Skin cancer is caused UV rays that are

released by the sun.

  • Most of the rays are stopped by the

ozone layer though some get through,

and can cause us damage.

3 treatment managing the problem
3. Treatment/Managing the problem

If treatment is available, examples and details listed:

  • Cryosurgery- freeze with liquid nitrogen
  • Moh’s surgery- each layer of skin is removed,

scrutinized through a microscope until no more cancer cells are left

  • Chemotherapy- use drugs to get rid of tumor
  • Biopsy (shave or punch)- cut out the cancer cell and area around it

Role of medicine:

In Biological therapy, interferon and interleukin-2 is used to stimulate the immune system to destroy cancer cells.

Role of family support given:

Family members could discourage the use of tanning beds, have activities indoors, and go to the doctor with the patient.

3 treatment managing the problem cont
3. Treatment/Managing the problem cont.
  • Management of problem short-term:

You should get regular check-ups by the doctor

(dermatologist), protect your skin (sunscreen with

SPF of 30, wearing hats, and protective clothing,

limit exposure to sun, especially near noon) and avoid tanning beds.

  • Management of problem long-term:

Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, cryosurgery (using extreme cold produced by liquid nitrogen to freeze cancerous cells), drugs (adrucil, aldesluekin), electrodessication

impact and statistics
Impact and Statistics
  • Impact on individual: short life, loss of productivity, may develop depression
  • Impact on family: large amount of money spent on treatment, coping with individual with side effects
  • Statistics: in 2007, 58,094 diagnosed with melanoma, 8,461 died from it. 5,506 men died and 2,955 women died.
4 what i learned 3 wow s
4. What I learned/3 WOW’s
  • sun damaged skin are often not detected early because make-up mistakenly covers it up
  • skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States
  • one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in a lifetime
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resources continued
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