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Engage more student buyers with college marketing strategies

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Engage more student buyers with college marketing strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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College campuses have become an ideal place for marketing these days. As college students can be very profitable buyers if good techniques are used to influence them.

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Engage more student buyers with college marketing strategies

Students do not think much about the quality of a product if they

find the product within their budget. Marketing to the college

students is not only a profitable turnover, but also as a moral

responsibility to guide them towards a better future.

A college marketing agency can help out a product or

company with this. They strategize things properly for a

successful campaign. Some of the strategies for a successful

college marketing campaign are as follows:


Involve the college students while planning a marketing

strategy for them so that you can get the perfect knowledge

of their likes and dislikes. Hiring the college students as

ambassadors or business leaders inspires them to use their

contacts and gather more information about the targeted

premises, which results into an attractive campaign.

Recruiting students can also give an accurate insight of the

current happenings.

 When one has the additional information about the students

then the brand can set plans to differentiate their marketing

strategies from that of their competitors.

 The most effective way to reach a student’s mind is to keep

the brand message straight, to the point and simple. Once

you maintain honesty in your product and be true to them,

the product will last in their mind much longer than other


 Micro targeting can be done creating separate landing

pages, social media accounts, and can also use apps to

segment your messages.

Nowadays students are completely tech savvy; therefore the

best way to catch them after college is by mobile marketing.

 This strategy is the ideal way to target a large portion of

students on the move.

 Some of the most loveable words for students are canceled,

postponed and holiday, but the most attractive of them all is

free. This word can create a complete buzz in the college

premises. Students love to try things for free be it a free

software trial or any sought of discount where they can save

money. So a freebie always works for students.

 The time tested way of marketing is posters and fliers which

can be mixed with some cool themed tees to create the

required interest in the minds of the students who have not

yet decided to buy the product.

 The approx attention span of a college student is about

thirty seconds. So, to grab their attention towards anything,


the message needs to be both funny and interesting. Funny

things attract6 the students more than anything.

College students are a marketer’s dream target but, one should

keep this thing in mind that if the students like a product or

services then they will talk about it promoting the product but if

they dislike anything about it, they will also spread the negative

report throughout the college campus.

Handling the college students in an effective way is not an easy

thing to do. Only the experts of marketing can assist a company

and its services to be promoted positively and successfully within

a college campus and in a student’s mind to be specific. For more

information visit us at