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Strategies to Engage Businesses PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategies to Engage Businesses

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Strategies to Engage Businesses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategies to Engage Businesses
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  1. Strategies to Engage Businesses Wednesday, June 18, 2014 Mass BizWorks

  2. Strategies to Engage Businesses

  3. Strategies to Engage Businesses Yet, it can still be a challenge, at times, trying to convince employers to participate in workforce development initiatives and programs.

  4. Strategies to Engage Businesses We need you! EBE

  5. Strategies to Engage Businesses National Statewide Regional

  6. Expanding Business Engagement The Expanding Business Engagement (EBE) Initiative is a federal initiative commenced in June 2012 and involves thirteen states. States participating in the initiative will focus on the goal of improving program performance through the delivery of enhanced business-focused services stemming from a statewide business engagement strategic plan. Colorado Florida Indiana Maryland Massachusetts Minnesota Mississippi Montana New Jersey North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina

  7. Expanding Business Engagement The goal of the EBE initiative for Massachusetts is to enhance and align the services offered to MA businesses through State Workforce Development, Economic Development, and Education entities in order to help MA businesses grow and thrive. To achieve this goal, the state of Massachusetts will: build strong relationships across agencies and with businesses develop standard staff business service knowledge and competencies across relevant state agencies coordinate and link resources and information

  8. Mass EBE Committee Structure Systems Development Marketing Advisory Board Training and Development

  9. MassBizWorks Connecting businesses to state and federal resources to meet business needs

  10. What is Mass BizWorks? Mass BizWorks is designed to meet business needs. • State and federal collaboration • Funded by USDOL • Connect businesses to resources Mass BizWorks

  11. Rapid Response help for Metro North • Rapid Response has served • 19 companies that affected 1163 employees from • July 1, 2013 – June 15, 2014 • Layoff Aversion projects include • Necco, Madico, Market Forge, Sunrise Kitchen • Rapid Response set aside funds • $223,333.00 for multiple companies • National Emergency Grant - $624, 013.00 • Exciting Expansion !! • Net Brain: Burlington hiring 300 Mass BizWorks

  12. How Mass BizWorks can help you Introduce you to a wide array of services Match you with the right services Reduce the cost of doing business Save you time Successful businesses, successful economy Mass BizWorks

  13. Mass BizWorks and Business Cycles Mass BizWorks can help businesses through different cycles. • Growth or expansion mode • Downsizing mode: closing of facility or layoff • Maintenance mode • Investment in employee development mode We have helped thousands of companies thrive. Mass BizWorks

  14. MassBizWorks Providing Services Throughout the Business Cycle

  15. Business Scenarios Expansion Mode Food Processing Company located in NE MassBusiness issue:  Company needed assistance to acquire a new processing facility. The company was matched to an Economic Development Incentive Program, and received tax incentives to fund the investment in the new plant. The company expects to create 125 new jobs in this facility. Hotel located in Central Mass Business issue:  Company needed assistance to build a new hotel to meet the needs of conventions in Worcester. Representatives from agencies in the Commonwealth and local elected officials developed a package using the Economic Development Incentive Program.  The company received tax incentives to build the new hotel, which will create 60 permanent jobs.    Mass BizWorks

  16. Business Scenarios Downsizing Mode Manufacturing company located in Greater Boston areaBusiness issue:  Company needed to downsize and lay off workers. The WorkShare program was used to help avert layoffs.  As a result, the company was able to save 50 jobs and stayed afloat for much longer than expected.  It also made the company more viable for an eventual sale.   Manufacturing company located in Middlesex CountyBusiness issue:  Company had already made the difficult decision to close by the time they contacted the Rapid Response Team.  The company was very concerned about their employees losing their jobs and wanted to find a way to reduce the impact on the employees. The closing affected 350 workers. The Rapid Response team contacted other manufacturing companies in the area and placed over 100 workers in new jobs before the company even closed its doors. The other workers received on-site services, including unemployment insurance and information about career center services and retraining. Mass BizWorks

  17. Business Scenarios Maintenance Mode – Staff Development Workforce Training Fund Home Health Care located in the Greater Lawrence areaBusiness issue:  Company needed to train and certify nurses in mental health nursing, wound care and quality control. The company was introduced to a Workforce Training Fund grant and received assistance on how to apply for the grant. The company received $68,200 grant to train all eligible nurses. Mass BizWorks

  18. Programs and Services Training grants and programs Tax credits for hiring Incentive programs for growth or expansion Business development/mentoring services Manufacturing support Workplace safety grant and consultation Recruitment services Layoff aversion Mass BizWorks: One-Stop support for businesses Mass BizWorks

  19. Business Development Mass BizWorks works closely with these agencies/organizations: MA Office of Business Development (MOBD) Workforce Investment Boards Mass Development Mass MEP Mass BizWorks

  20. Training and Consultation Mass BizWorks works closely with these agencies: Department of Career Services Division of Apprentice Standards Department of Industrial Accidents Department of Labor Standards Commonwealth Corporation Mass BizWorks

  21. Mass BizWorks Dash Board Mass BizWorks

  22. Layoff Aversion and Management Mass BizWorks works closely with these agencies: Department of Career Services Department of Unemployment Insurance Massachusetts Office of Business Development Workforce Investment Boards Business Associations Community Colleges / Training Institutions Mass BizWorks

  23. Recruiting and Hiring - On the Job Training/WTF Mass BizWorks works closely with these agencies: Department of Career Services MA Public Higher Education Mass BizWorks

  24. Testimonial I wish to thank you both for your visit to our facility. It is good to see that Massachusetts is leading the way in trying to assist small business to survive and grow. Hopefully, we, as manufacturers, can continue to improve enough to compete in a world economy. The support you offer certainly will help, and the information you gave us will be useful moving forward. Personally speaking, I found it great to be able to sit with you folks and share our experiences from our individual perspective. G. Peter Belezos President BendonGear and Machine, Inc Mass BizWorks

  25. Contact Mass BizWorks Ken Messina Buisness Services Manager 617-626-5703 800-252-1591 Mass BizWorks

  26. BizWorks Resource Guide & Cards Download the Guide and Card at: Mass BizWorks

  27. Sharing EBE Ideas and Resources Mass BizWorks

  28. Initiatives and Activities Regional Initiatives: Eastern Massachusetts Tech Ready Project Northeast MA Advanced Manufacturing Consortium Amp it UP Metro North Healthcare Partnership Workforce Transformation Project CONNECT Connecting Activities Skilled Careers in Life Sciences (SCILS) Youthworks And others Activities include: Serving as an industry rep Participating as a consortia rep Providing internships Offering on-the-job training Speaking at events Giving tours at company site Committing to consider hiring Mass BizWorks

  29. Bottom Line RED Black Mass BizWorks

  30. What can we do? How can we convince employers to understand that developing the future workforce is a shared responsibility? How can we persuade employers that there is value in what we do and encourage them to participate in initiatives and programs? Mass BizWorks