how to engage your customer with mobile marketing by lor l marketing group n.
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How To Engage Your Customer With Mobile Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Engage Your Customer With Mobile Marketing

How To Engage Your Customer With Mobile Marketing

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How To Engage Your Customer With Mobile Marketing

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  1. How To Engage Your Customer With Mobile Marketingby Lorél Marketing Group

  2. People use the mobile phone to run their lives — making calls, exchanging text messages, sending photos, getting directions, surfing the Internet and checking email. • While consumers of all ages own mobile devices, mobile marketing still requires understanding the target market and what it does with these devices. • Lorél Marketing Group suggests these ideas to get started in the right direction with your mobile marketing strategy.

  3. 1. Define the Strategy • Understand your mobile users, their behavior and usage. • Leverage the mobile platform and enable consumers to do what they like

  4. 2. Determine the Communication • Leverage the existing channels that you already use with your customers — email, direct mail, point-of-sale advertising, banners, websites and print ads • Get customers to interact or respond via their mobile phone • Clearly state the basic steps required to engage • Launch it as part of an integrated campaign instead of a stand-alone effort

  5. 3. Understand the True Cost • Mobile marketing is not cheap for anyone • Not all customers have unlimited plans • A typical mobile campaign will require 4 SMS messages: • SMS 1 to start the request to opt-in • SMS 2 back to the consumer to notify of the request • SMS 3 to have the consumer confirm • SMS 4 to welcome the consumer to the program, before the engagement begins

  6. 4. Allow the Customer to Choose • The subscriber has to opt-in to your mobile marketing program. • Gain approval to message your customer • Update your privacy policy and terms to include mobile campaigns

  7. 5. Allow Customers to Manage the Communication • Allow customers to profile how and when they would like to be messaged • Maintain a reasonable frequency • Keep message short and direct

  8. 6. Manage Consumer Data with Respect • Use the data to drive segmentation and personalization • Tailor the message to the interest of the consumer • Commit and state clearly that you will not share the consumer’s information with others, i.e., nonaffiliated third parties.

  9. 7. Make the Offer Relevant and Valuable • When you develop your offer for the campaign, make sure that it is something of value in return for the objective of the communication campaign.

  10. A Closing Remark: • The key to mobile marketing success is to be very customer-centric and provide relevant information and engagement that is driven by the protocol of the mobile device. • Your motivation needs to be transparent and your offer needs to be clearly stated.

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