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Eurocontrol in France. Best in France Case Study Dec. 2003. By: Ms. Nilles, Mr. Humphreys and Ms. Thiébaux. Eurocontrol. The vision of Eurocontrol is to create “one sky for Europe”. The vision transcends:

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eurocontrol in france

Eurocontrol in France

Best in France Case Study

Dec. 2003

By: Ms. Nilles, Mr. Humphreys and Ms. Thiébaux

  • The vision of Eurocontrol is to create “one sky for Europe”. The vision transcends:
    • Managing the airspace of 41 European States as a single entity to achieve consistent integrated performance of national air traffic management (ATM) systems.
    • Agreeing and enforcing common standards and procedures for ATM throughout Europe.
    • Using a single standardized set of data for each flight, to be used by all parties involved with the flight, from the departure gate to the destination gate.
    • Partnership and collaborative decision-making between all ATM stakeholders.
eurocontrol experimental centre eec in france
Eurocontrol Experimental Centre (EEC) in France
  • Established on 10th June 1963 as an external service of the Eurocontrol Agency
  • Mission:
    • Carry Out aeronautical Research & Development
    • To improve Air Traffic Management in Europe
  • Eurocontrol is a Public Service Organization drawn from
    • the management and execution of the European multi-year R&D program.
    • the co-operation on R&D with entities outside the Agency both within and outside Europe.
    • the co-ordination of the Agency R&D with other European R&D programs including the Framework Programs of the European Commission.
  • Budget of 64 Million € in 2003, 274 staff
why ecc came to france
Why ECC came to France
  • No competitive reason in the commercial sense
  • Per coincidence: when Eurocontrol was founded in 1962 each of the five member states supposed to get one part of it.
  • The facilities have been provided by the French government and there was no other influence on the location selected.
  • Professionalism & high standards
eec values
EEC Values
  • ECC values are ongoing
  • Internal survey in 2003:
      • Comfort of work and freedom (for employees)
      • Professionalism
      • Honesty
      • Respect
      • Trust
      • => Public Service
ecc services
ECC Services
  • As the mission of the ECC is to improve air traffic management by carrying out Research & Development, the main services they deliver are “R&D” and “Air Traffic Safety”
  • ECC has several Business Units in order to conduct projects in each specific field:
    • Performance, Flow Management, Economics and Efficiency
    • Safety
    • Environment
    • Air Traffic Management Concepts and Studies
    • Communication, Navigation, Surveillance
    • Innovative Research & Development
    • Air Traffic Management Support to Implementation
    • Industry-based ATM Simulation and trials platform
    • Satellite Navigation
ecc services1
ECC Services

Expertise centers:

  • ATM and CNS System Engineering
  • Development and Integration
  • Finance, Infrastructure, Information and People
  • Operational Services
  • Safety Analysis and
  • Scientific Simulation Facility Management


  • Airport Throughput
  • EATM Reference Industry-based ATM Simulation and Trials Platform
  • Innovative Research
  • Network Capacity and Demand Management
  • Society-Environment-Economics
  • Sector Safety and Productivity
eurocontrol clients
Eurocontrol Clients

The current membership states:

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom

eurocontrol clients1
Eurocontrol Clients
  • Key EC client deliverables:
    • Improve Air Traffic Control systems (ATCS).
    • Technical Advice
    • Reduce Air Traffic Control costs
constraints in france
Constraints in France
  • French labor laws are not applicable since ECC is an European Union entity
  • Contractors are subject to French rules
  • No income tax is paid to France unless the life partner of the employee is French
  • A lot of administrative formalities are necessary when employing a non EU national
adaption to france
Adaption to France
  • No-discriminatory policy in recruitment
    • Job qualification & needs
    • No job ads in France
  • Immigration help
  • 9 day personal & safety training per year
  • Pay-raise for local standard of living
  • Matrix Organization
  • Job descriptions were recently finished

Being international, Eurocontrol applies to all its facilities:

  • Yearly performance appraisal
  • Employee Coaching and Mentoring
  • Possibility for internal change (across borders)
  • Attractive Salaries due to increased international mobility
recruitment cost
Recruitment Cost

Advertising (international) – 20K

Depending on the grade of the job and the distance - additional 10 to 50K

Cost of a 'standard' recruitment - 30K

(based on the lowest grade at which ECC recruits, and somebody recruited in our nearest neighbour Belgium, with no family.)

A maximum cost could therefore be 70K.

key benefit numbers
Key Benefit Numbers
  • Due to political interest the rent for the facility amounts to ca. 1/6 € (= 1 FF) for 100 years.
essential advice
Essential Advice
  • “Do not settle here“ (in Brettigny)
    • Perceived dull social life in Bretttigny
    • Highly skilled employees look for quality leisure time
  • Be prepared for formalities
we thank
We Thank

Ms. Michèle Nilles EEC Recruitment & Selection

Tel.: 0169887827


Mr. Paul Humphreys

EEC Director of Human Ressources

Tel.: 0169887595


Ms. Béatrice Thiébaux

EEC Staff Planning & Recruitment

Tel.: 0169887515



Centre du bois de burdes


91222 Betigny SUR


  • Company Brochures
    • ECC Activity Report 2002.
    • ECC Activity Report 2002 Executive Summary
  • Internet
our team
Our Team

Mr. Guillermo Fracalossi

8 Rue Eric Tabarly, App 2/502, 91300 Massy.

Mr. Amarnath Munipalle

8 Rue Eric Tabarly, App 1/505, 91300 Massy.

Mr. Won Jae Lee

8 Rue Eric Tabarly, App 1/510, 91300 Massy.

Mr. Sven Blank

4, Résidence Val de Bièvre, 78530 Buc.

HEC School of Management

MBA Program

78351 Jouy en Josas