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Vocabulary Warm-up

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Vocabulary Warm-up. Xiaodong Gu. 1. Streamline  ['stri:mlain].

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1. Streamline


As for efforts to streamline the government, actually in that very year, the number of staff in the ministries of the State Council was cut by half, and right now efforts are going on to streamline government institutions at provincial, municipal and county.


Transitive Verb

1. to improve the effectiveness of an organization such as a business or government, often by making the way activities are performed simpler:

Example: He is determined on his new plans to streamline the company, and make it more profitable and competitive.

2. to shape something so that it can move as effectively and quickly as possible through a liquid or gas:

Example: Streamlining cars increases their fuel efficiency.

Related word: streamlined

(adjective) having a smooth even shape so as to be able to move quickly and easily through air, water, etc.


refine simplify narrow

2. expropriate


The government expropriated the land in July 1992 for public use and initiated planning for the settlement. Appeals against this expropriation were filed by Jewish and Arab landowners and by ecologists opposed to the destruction of the ecosystem there. The Israeli Supreme Court rejected all appeals.


Transitive Verb

…~ something fromsomebody …

  • to take away money or property especially for public use without payment to the owner, or for personal use illegally:
  • Example: The new government expropriated his estate for military purposes

2. take away (property, money, etc) illegally from the owners for one's own use :

Example: He expropriated the jewels from the bank's safe.

Related word: expropriation

(noun) The act of taking quick and forcible possession of.


Collectivize Commandeer Confiscate Dispossess 

3. expostulate


When some one expostulated with him on the means employed to raise money, he declared that "he would sell the city of London, if he could find a purchaser."


Intransitive Verb

~with somebody on(about) something

  • to express strong disapproval, disagreement, or annoyance with someone:
  • Example: One of the parents came to the school to expostulate with the teacher about his son's examination result.

2 . to persuade somebody not to do sth :

Example: They expostulated with him about the risks involved in his plan.

Related word: expostulation

(noun) (making a) protest; reasoned persuasion, etc


Persuade protest resist remonstrate against

Match Choices

Streamline protest

Expostulate confiscate

Expropriate refine

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