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Power & Influence

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Power & Influence. The principal means of directing or controlling organizational goals and activities. Power & Influence.

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power influence
Power & Influence

The principal means of directing or controlling organizational goals and activities

power influence1
Power & Influence

There are lingering debates about the definition of power and influence, and, in the absence of a dominant theory, it is arguable that any difference exists. Some scholars define power in terms of its potential and influence in terms of enactment though a majority of scholars suggests that the separation of the two dimensions is of little use.(Kanter, 1977; McCall, 1979; Mintzberg, 1983)

power influence2
Power & Influence

Power is the ability of one person or group to cause another person or group to do something they otherwise might not have done. The use of power is the principal means of directing or controlling organizational goals and activities.(R.A. Dahl, 1957; R.M. Emerson, 1962)

where does power come from
Where does power come from?

Formal Sources

  • Coercive: Ability to punish, use of fear
  • Rewards: Control over rewards
  • Legitimate: Based on position
  • Information: Access to or control of
where does power come from1
Where does power come from?

Personal Sources

  • Expert: Knowledge or special skills
  • Referent: Personal characteristics
  • Charisma: Personality or style
dependency as a key to power
Dependency as a Key to Power

Potential -You don’t have to use power in order to be powerful; you just need to have access to it or have the potential to use it

DependencyPostulate -The greater A’s dependency on B, the more power B has over A

power influence3
Power & Influence

How Power is Enacted

  • Formal position: ability to make decisions, control rewards, punishments, information
  • Expertise: controlling information based on special skills
  • Personal characteristics: charisma, persuasiveness, reasoning
  • Forming alliances: ties, cliques, coalitions
power influence4
Power & Influence

Strategies for acquiring power at work

  • Increase your centrality or importance in the organization
  • Increase the visibility of your job performance
  • Increase the relevance of your tasks
  • Build social networks