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What can we address?

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What can we address?. Possible Topics. “Culture of PostSecondary Success” Grade Specific Activities Successful models Connections to classroom – CTE, Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Arts Connections to Out of School Time Partners Your issues?.

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possible topics
Possible Topics
  • “Culture of PostSecondary Success”
  • Grade Specific Activities
  • Successful models
  • Connections to classroom – CTE, Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Arts
  • Connections to Out of School Time Partners
  • Your issues?
pwr and dropout prevention in colorado s reform agenda
PWR and Dropout Prevention in Colorado’s Reform Agenda
  • The Education Accountability Act (SB 09-163)
  • Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Indicators in School and District Performance Framework (Graduation Rates and Dropout Rates)
  • Priority Improvement and Turnaround plans

Innovation & Choice

  • Priority Graduation Districts (HB 09-1243)
  • Student Graduation and Completion Plan
  • Practices Assessment

Accountability & Improvement

High Expectations

Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP) SB 09-256

Assist students in developing a personalized plan that ensures readiness for post- secondary and workforce success

  • Endorsed Diplomas and High School Graduation Guidelines (HB 07-1118 / SB 08-212)
  • Criteria for indicating a student’s level of post- secondary and workforce readiness upon graduation



  • Concurrent Enrollment Act (HB 1319/SB 285)
  • ASCENT & Extended Studies

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Work Ethic

Civic Responsibility



Creativity & Innovation

Personal Responsibility

Learning & Behavior Skills

Find and Use Information & IT

Global & Cultural Awareness

Innovative Partnerships for

Career & College Readiness (PWR) –

within and outside the school walls, school day, school calendar.

Postsecondary & Workforce Ready

Social Studies & Social Sciences

  • Social, cultural, historical concepts
  • Interpret sources, evaluate evidence, build conceptual frameworks
  • Civic responsibility & political process
  • Interpret from a global perspective


  • Read with understanding & write coherently
  • Employ English properly & fluently
  • Use logic & rhetoric
  • Access primary & secondary sources

Content Knowledge

Arts & Humanities

  • Shaping of culture
  • Instruments of social & political thought
  • Awareness of innovators

Mathematical Sciences

  • Be quantitatively literate
  • Algebraic & geometric principles
  • Problem solving
  • Data & statistics


  • Scientific method
  • Draw conclusions
  • Core concepts of disciplines
  • Scientific concepts can be challenged


  • 6th grade
  • Postsecondary Workforce Goal = Attend UC Denver and be a Nurse
  • Created a account with her parents this past summer. Mom and step-Dad both created parent accounts too. They started the 6th grade Guideway this fall.
  • Older brother is an 8th grader in Adams County. He gets to go to the Career Fair next week. Ashley is looking forward to being an 8th grader so she can go!
  • She and her friends talk about how they can make a difference in the world all the time.
cde partnership updates
CDE Partnership & Updates:
  • New CDE Contact
    • Misti Ruthven,
    • 303-866-6206
  • Ongoing to outline value of ICAP implementation
  • ICAP connections:
    • Concurrent Enrollment
    • ASCENT
    • PWR endorsed diploma
    • District Accountability & Educator Effectiveness
    • Graduation Guidelines
    • FAFSA Completion Project
  • ICAP Research in Partnership with UNC
cde update icap evaluation
CDE Update: ICAP Evaluation

Evaluation Research Questions from UNC study

R1: How are schools progressing with their ICAP initiatives?

R2: What factors (7) predict GPA and credit accrual for 8th , 9-10th , 11-12th grade students?

R3: What factors predict vocational identity in 8 – 12 grade?

R4: What are the grade level and demographic (gender, ethnicity) differences in the ICAP related variables?

college in colorado update reviewing connecting reporting
College In Colorado Update: Reviewing, Connecting, Reporting
  • New Outreach Leader: Maria Elena Rivera
  • Professional Center
  • Report Central – ICAP alignment
  • Presentations and Trainings
  • Motivational Team CIC
  • InterAgency Data-Sharing – tracking your students to and thru’ college and into the workforce (


  • “Hope” Research
what is career guidance
What is Career Guidance?
  • A Component of a Comprehensive School Counseling Program.
  • Provides permission for relevancy in the classroom and community.
  • Exposure to options
  • A reality check
  • Effective service that assist students in creating meaningful directions and organize their plans of study around personally valued goals.


9th grade

New PWR goal: Marketing….something

  • Ashley is the first in her family to become a 9th grader.
  • She gets pressure all of the time to drop out. She won’t. She refuses.
  • Ashley has a great relationship with her school counselor and her Photography teacher. She says they make all the difference to her attitude.
  • Ashley loves learning new things about her strengths and skills. She’s determined to graduate. Having a plan, she feels, helps her visualize that graduation ceremony!
why cte
Why CTE?


Colorado CTE delivers proven pathways to lifelong career success!


CTE ensures a thriving Colorado economy by providing relevant and rigorous education that is

connected, responsive and real

Perkins Funded NOT general fund! 

Remember! …. CTE is the only aspect of education that is DIRECTLY connected to Business & Industry.




PWR Standards!



plans of study
Plans of Study!

Career Conversations!



  • 2nd semester 10th grade
  • Her school had a once a month grade level seminar class. Her photography teacher was her seminar teacher.
  • Because she started exploring her careers in 6th grade, Ashley was actually able to take college level courses when she was a freshman and realized right away that she didn’t want to be in Marketing after all, she really loved Criminal Justice!
  • Knowing what websites to go to, what program advisors to speak too and what parts of herself she was confident in, made her a successful Concurrent Enrollment student and an advocate for her learning (some people call this great Financial Aid too)!
career cluster job projection
Career Cluster Job Projection




  • 12th grade
  • Updated Postsecondary Workforce Goal:
  • Joining the staff of a local Correctional Facility
  • Has 12 college coursework credits
  • In the beginning of her ICAP, Ashley has changed her mind a number of times but still to this day remembers the results of the Cluster Finder during her sophomore year that unanimously declared she was meant for Criminal Justice and Public Safety.
  • Her advisor at the time helped her understand that she could talk to her counselor about scheduling classes for her throughout high school that were related to and best prepare her for having a career in criminal justice.
  • This advisor also thought long and hard about what other experiences she could do outside of school too…She volunteered, mentored youth and shadowed a Parole Officer for a semester.
  • Ashley started applying to college at the beginning of her senior year.
missing ctso
Missing CTSO

Agricultural & Natural Resources

Business , Marketing & Public Administration

STEM, Arts, Design & Information Technology

Hospitality, Human Services & Education

Skilled Trades & Technical Sciences

Health Sciences & Public Safety

& Technical Student Organizations (CTSO’s)

Prepared September 2012



  • Jr. Colorado Mesa University
  • Go Mavs!!!!!!!
  • Postsecondary Workforce Goal
  • Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Began her ICAP when she was in 6th grade.
  • She was introduced to a free statewide website that his parents and younger siblings used too.
  • She attended a career fair when she was in 8th grade – still to this day remembers how fun it was to leave school all dressed up and for the 7th graders to ask her how it was when she got back.
  • Because she had a plan built by 9th grade, Ashley got to take part in Concurrent Enrollment, student leadership opportunities and researched, applied to and received a Junior year scholarship.
  • She watched her friends struggle financially with paying for school and loosing money after they missed the Drop/Add time. She thinks they would have been much better off had they done some good exploring about their future options earlier. She’s kind of a mentor to them now!
missing ctso1
Missing CTSO

Agricultural & Natural Resources

Business & Public Administration

STEM, Arts, Design & Information Technology

Hospitality, Human Services & Education

Skilled Trades & Technical Sciences

Health Sciences & Public Safety

Michael Womochil

Laurie Urich

Jennifer Jirous

Katy Blatnick-Gagne

Ben Nesbitt

Jennifer Staley


You R. O. C. K!

R – React with

O – Optimism

C – Challenge and

K - Knowledge


Additional Resources:www.coloradostateplan.comToolbox for Educators:Plans of StudyContent StandardsCareer GuidanceMiddle (CIC)

O*Net -

**( ***(


What’s Happening:

  • Regional Career Guidance Collaboratives (Counselor + CTE)
  • No Cost Registration:
  • Google Site:
  • Middle School CTE Program Spring Workshop (TBD)
  • CDE – Opportunity to share what you are doing with Spring ICAP Collaboratives
  • Regional Outreach Staff of CiC are at your disposal!
how to contact us
How to contact us:

Lauren Jones, CCCS/CTE-Career Guidance Trainer:

Misti Ruthven, CDE Secondary Initiatives Director:

Gully Stanford, CiC Director of Partnerships:

Linda Fraser, CIC Training Coordinator 720-264-8572