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Lynx.Net for Teachers PowerPoint Presentation
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Lynx.Net for Teachers

Lynx.Net for Teachers

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Lynx.Net for Teachers

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  1. EDP Enterprises, Inc. Lynx.Net for Teachers Attendance Gradebook Lesson Planner Seating Chart

  2. Adding a Shortcut for Lynx.Net • Enter your • Enter your Lynx.Net web address in the Address window. • Press Enter to Access the login screen. • Click your Favorites menu, then click Add to Favorites. • Name it Lynx.Net and click OK. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 2

  3. Adding Lynx.Net to Your Desktop • Open your Favorites menu and right-click your Lynx.Net entry. • Select Send To – Desktop. • This will place an icon on your desktop which you can double- click to access Lynx.Net. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 3

  4. Accessing Lynx.Net Username Password Open your web browser (not Netscape). Enter the web address provided by your technology department. When this screen appears, log in using the Username and Password (case sensitive) provided. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 4

  5. Changing Your Password • New Password Rules: • 6 to 15 characters • Begins with alpha • Includes 1 non-alpha • Can’t include name • It is case sensitive EDP Enterprises, Inc. 5

  6. Lynx.Net Navigator Window • To select an application: • Hover or click your mouse on the menu to access the full dropdown menu • Click a link • Click an icon EDP Enterprises, Inc. 6

  7. Switching Applications Click the Attendance,Gradebook, LessonPlanner or Seating Chartmenu listings to move to the menus for these applications at any time. FYI: The Back buttonon your browser is alsoavailable for your use. You can press the F11 key to acquire more screenspace for Gradebook. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 7

  8. Restoring the Lynx.Net Menu Click the Lynx.Net menu listing to restore the mainmenu or click the Sign-Outlink to exit Lynx.Net. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 8

  9. Lynx.Net Application Menu Attendance Gradebook Click a Lynx.Netapplication name to access the narrated presentation. Lesson Planner Seating Chart Exit Presentation EDP Enterprises, Inc. 9

  10. EDP Enterprises, Inc. Lynx.Net Attendance for Teachers Attendance Gradebook Lesson Planner Seating Chart

  11. Lynx.Net Attendance: What’s Up? EDP Enterprises, Inc. 11 • The Name: Lynx.Net gives access to all of the Lynx applications through your Web browser. • Experience easier access to classes. • Expanded report options include Report Viewer, PDF Reader, Comma-Separated, and Excel exports. • The terminology, feel, and simplicity of attendance operations in Lynx 5 have been retained.

  12. Accessing Maintain Attendance Click any of these entries to access Maintain Attendance. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 12

  13. Maintain Attendance • Select aPeriod. • Check attendance. • Include a Comment ifdesired. • Click one ofthe Submitbuttons. Always submit attendance ... even if no one is absent or tardy! EDP Enterprises, Inc. 13

  14. Seating and Sorting Seat Numbers can be added in Gradebook if desired (2 or 3 character codes sort best). Sort on anycolumn byclicking on theunderlinedcolumn heading. Note: If you teach classes onmore than one campus, you willhave a Campus window just tothe right of the Help menu; use it to change campuses. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 14

  15. Pre-Marked Attendance Entries You cannot changepre-marked entries, only confirm them by submitting. If you do not submit, these and other valid entries are never processed! SUBMIT! If the student is present, contact your Attendance Manager. Always Submit Attendance! EDP Enterprises, Inc. 15

  16. Submission Status Changes permitted by the Teacher Changes permitted only by yourAttendance Manager When you need to make a correction to attendance after it has been collected, notify the Attendance Manager in writing so the change can be made legally. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 16

  17. Student Information: General Click the studentname to displayStudent Detailwindows. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 17

  18. Student Information: Contact Click the View linknext to any of theContact Types toaccess informationfor that contact.Parent is now thedefault openingview. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 18

  19. Student Information: Schedule Any absences ortardies previouslyposted for the day will appear in the Abs/Tdy and Code columns. Always Submit Attendance EDP Enterprises, Inc. 19

  20. Attendance Report Features Access Reports by choosing that option from the Attendance menu, icon, or link. Select a Report by clicking on the name of the report. Use the Select a Report Format option to view and/or print (Report Viewer); view, save, email, or print the report (PDF Format); or export the report data to Excel or as a Comma-Separated file to other programs. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 20

  21. Report Viewer Click the Select a Format dropdown to access theseadditional ways to format the report. ClickExport followingyour selection. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 21

  22. Choose this icon to print Choose this icon to save Choose this icon to search Choose this icon to email PDF Format Options EDP Enterprises, Inc. 22

  23. Class Absences EDP Enterprises, Inc. 23

  24. Attendance History by Class Report Studentswhose namesare in red are inactive. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 24

  25. Print Roster Always Submit Attendance! EDP Enterprises, Inc. 25

  26. Total Absences by Marking Period Check the Print GRP/ADA Absences Only checkbox to exclude absences that would not create a record in Daily Attendance or on the report card such as ISS, school-related, etc. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 26

  27. Some Attendance Reminders EDP Enterprises, Inc. 27 • Submit attendance each period it is collected even if no one is absent or tardy. • Always submit on time. • Print rosters for use by a sub when you are out. • Enter attendance only for the current date unless otherwise instructed. • If attendance changes are needed after it has been collected, notify your attendance manager in writing.

  28. You can use the Help menu item in Lynx.Netto review informationand to change your password. You can access thisnarrated PowerPoint in your district. You have access to manuals that provide additional detail. Help! Returnto Main Menu EDP Enterprises, Inc. 28

  29. EDP Enterprises, Inc. Lynx.Net Gradebook for Teachers Attendance Gradebook Lesson Planner Seating Chart

  30. Lynx.Net Gradebook: What’s Up? EDP Enterprises, Inc. 30 • The Name: Lynx.Net gives access to all of the Lynx applications through your Web browser. • Easy access to classes. • Expanded report options to include Report Viewer, PDF Reader, Comma-Separated, and Excel exports. • Simplified grade submission • Longer abbreviated assignment names. • Unlimited copy assignments option. • Simplified screen setup and formatting. • On the fly grade recalculation.

  31. Accessing the Gradebook Menu • To open Gradebook: • Let your mouse hover on the menu listing toaccess a dropdown menu • Click the Gradebook link • Click the Gradebook icon EDP Enterprises, Inc. 31

  32. Gradebook Navigator Begin here EDP Enterprises, Inc. 32

  33. Your Structure is set by your Gradebook Manager. It organizes grades by semester, marking period, and possibly categories. You cannot change the values on any element you did not create. Use the + to open each structure element or click the element to access details about it. Your Gradebook Structure EDP Enterprises, Inc. 33

  34. If your structure does not have categories and you want to add them, or you want to add sub-categories to existing categories: Click the + to open a Marking Period Right-click the task where you want to add a category or sub-category Select Add New and Category You can also use the Add New option to the right MP1 1 Maintain Assignments: Add New Category EDP Enterprises, Inc. 34

  35. Defining a New Category • Enter the Short and Long Descriptions. • Enter the Weight. • Enter the Drop Lowest Grades field if desired. • Verify all other default entries. • Click Save. • Use the Copy Assignments Wizard to copy to other marking periods and/or classes. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 35

  36. Maintain Assignments: Add New Assignment • Click the + to open a Marking Period or Category (if used). • Right-click the task where you want to add an assignment. • Select Add New and Assignment. • Enter the Short (7 characters) and Long Descriptions. • Enter the Dates Assigned and Due. • Verify all other default entries. • Use the ‘Quick Add’ option to create additional assignments. • Click Save. 36 EDP Enterprises, Inc.

  37. A Few Points Pointers Maximum Points is usually 100 unless you are summing points. Minimum Points should usually be zero even if your lowest report card grade is 50. Bonus Points, if used, should always be separated from Maximum Points to keep from penalizing students who do not get the bonus. If you use Bonus Points, keep them to about 10-15 per cent of the Maximum Point value. Extra Credit is applied to an assignment that is not required for all students. Keep the Maximum Points low for Extra Credit – 20 to 30 points as Extra Credit points only add to total points earned for all assignments, never to total points possible. EDP Enterprises, Inc.

  38. Copy Assignments Wizard When you click the Copy Assignments Wizard, this screen displays. Click the checkboxes for as many tasks as you want to copy, then click Next. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 38

  39. Selecting Classes and Marking Periods Click in the checkboxes representing the classesand marking periods where you want the checkedassignments to be copied. Click Copy Assignments. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 39

  40. The Result of Copy Assignments This screen notifies you of the success of your copy operation. You must click Save to preserve these additions to your structure. If any tasks appear in the ‘Failed Copies’ list, repeat the Copy Assignments process. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 40

  41. Job 1: Maintain Grades EDP Enterprises, Inc. 41

  42. Maintain Grades Click in the cell for the first student in the column for the assignment where you want to enter grades. Type a grade and press ENTER to move down to the next student. Any grade task that is affected by the added grade is color-coded as shown here. Be sure to click Save before you open another class or move to another menu option if you have made any grade entries or changes. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 42

  43. ‘Maintain Grades’ Highlights EDP Enterprises, Inc. 43 • Text grades can be used when alpha grades are used or to identify incomplete, excused or unexcused grades. • By default, leaving a grade blank does not affect the average. • Auto Dropping of lowest grades is set up in the category definition. • Use a right click on the assignment for three action menus. • You must click Save to preserve all entries and changes to grades. You will be warned if you try to exit without saving.

  44. Color and Text Features • Failing grades can be highlighted. • The row for the student where a grade is being entered acquires a background color. • The background color is altered for changed grades until saved. • Overridden grades can be assigned a color. • When Comments are added, the grade becomes bolded. • Curved grades can be assigned a color. • Dropped grades are shown with a line through the grade. • Red outlining indicates a student absence on the due date for an assignment. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 44

  45. When you right-click on an assignment header, these six options become available. Each option except ‘Quick-Add’ Assignment pertains to the task on which you have right-clicked. Assignment Right Click Options EDP Enterprises, Inc. 45

  46. Choose from Sort Ascending or Sort Descending. The students will be sorted according to their grades on the chosen assignment. Right click on the Student Name or Seat No. heading and choose from Sort Ascending or Sort Descending to restore the list to your desired sort order. Sorting EDP Enterprises, Inc. 46

  47. Display Options • Move to Beginning/Endlets you push individual assignments to the far left or right as desired. EDP Enterprises, Inc. 47 • Use Background and TextColor options primarily on categories and marking period grades. • Hide and Show Column let you decide which MP, exam, semester, and final grades you want visible by marking period. • Freeze a column to move it to the far left of the Gradebook screen and allow it to always be visible.

  48. Changing the text and/or background colors of a category allows all assignments for that category to acquire the same color combination (checkbox). You can choose colors either from the Web Colors palette or the more extensive Named Colors list. Color Coding Categories EDP Enterprises, Inc. 48

  49. Select Mass Enter Grades to produce the result shown. Enter a Value and choose whether to Replace Existing Grades. Click Accept. Change any exceptions to the mass entered grade. Mass Enter Grades EDP Enterprises, Inc. 49

  50. Choose Curve Operand to increase grades by adding a point factor (+) or multiplying by a point factor (*) such as 1.05. Enter the Curve Points value. Click Accept. Remove a curve by choosing the Remove Curve option. Note that curved grades are color coded blue unless you change the default color. Curve/Remove Curve EDP Enterprises, Inc. 50