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Welcome Address by Ir Iain Seymour-Hart Head of Department of Automotive Engineering HK Institute of Vocational Education (LWL) Automotive Engineering Course Leaders Ir T.Y. Leung [Higher Diploma] Mr. C.N. Chan [Higher Certificate] Mr. C.N. Chan [Certificate]

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Welcome address l.jpg

Welcome Address


Ir Iain Seymour-Hart

Head of Department of Automotive Engineering

HK Institute of Vocational Education (LWL)

Automotive engineering course leaders l.jpg
Automotive EngineeringCourse Leaders

  • Ir T.Y. Leung [Higher Diploma]

  • Mr. C.N. Chan [Higher Certificate]

  • Mr. C.N. Chan [Certificate]

  • Mr. W.M. Yuen [Foundation Certificate]

  • Mr. W.M. Yuen [Craft Certificate]

  • Mr. W.M. Yuen [Basic Cert for Technician Trainees]

  • Mr. S.C. Wong [Advanced Craft Certificate]

    The names of all AE staff members can be found on the AE website and you may simply click on the name and send your email

Career employment l.jpg
Career - Employment

  • The AE industry is one of the biggest and most strategically important industries in the world

  • There will always be a need to transport people and product from place to place and hence a big need for vehicles

  • The AE department has never had any difficulty placing its graduates in full employment

  • Please work hard, enjoy the course and you are bound to succeed in a most rewarding career

Career in automotive engineering l.jpg
Career in Automotive Engineering

After graduation you may expect to find rewarding jobs, locally or abroad, in the:

  • Private Sector – Vehicle Service / Sales / Parts / Customizing / Training and eventually Technical Management

  • Bus or Commercial Vehicle Sector – Inspection & Maintenance / Training / Operations and eventually Technical Management

  • Manufacturing – Research & Development / Testing

  • HKSAR Transport Department – Inspection / Enforcement & Control

  • HKSAR Environmental Protection Dept – Vehicles / Air Quality

  • Academic Sector – Instructor / Lecturer (HKIVE / Private Colleges)

  • Motorcycle Sector (incl. racing)

  • Rally / Racing Car Sector

  • Entrepreneur - own company And so forth!

Campus facilities l.jpg
Campus Facilities

  • Enquiry Counter

  • General Office

  • Café

  • Library

  • Bookshop Regular Saturday Morning Seminars

  • Multi-Media Lecture Theatres (6)

  • Assembly Hall (also used for badminton)

Campus facilities6 l.jpg
Campus Facilities

  • Fitness Centre

  • Ball Courts

  • Tennis Court

  • Running Track

  • Computer Centre

  • Language Centre Principal awarding Visiting Expert with souvenir

  • Student Support / Counseling Services

Automotive engineering facilities l.jpg
Automotive Engineering Facilities

  • AE Technology Laboratories (3)

  • Electronics & Motorcycle Technology Laboratory

  • Light Vehicle Emissions Test Cell

  • Engine Bed Dynamometers (2)

  • Chassis Dynamometers (2)

  • Systems Diagnostics Centre

  • Fuel Injection Systems Centre

    Engine ‘Bed’ Dynamometer

Automotive engineering facilities8 l.jpg
Automotive Engineering Facilities

  • Pneumatic Braking Centre

  • LPG R+D Bay

  • Machining Centre

  • Student Project Room Building a Racing ‘Mini’ Car

  • Vehicle Body Customizing Centre

  • Range of vehicles [Hybrid, Electric, LPG etc]

  • AE DataBase Centre

Automotive engineering facilities11 l.jpg
Automotive Engineering Facilities

A new HK$17million facility to come on-steam at LWL(AE) in 2005-06, namely;

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Large Vehicle Testing [R+D] & Emissions Centre

This new centre will be the first of its kind in the region and is to be used for student practical work and Testing [R+D] projects.

We apologise for any noise or other disruptions caused by building / alteration work during the forthcoming academic year

Automobile training centre of lwl l.jpg
Automobile Training Centre of LWL

  • The 1st year practical training will be done at the Automobile Training Centre at Kwai Chung

  • Mr. C. K. Wong is the Manager of this Centre and he will introduce you to his team of instructors, in due course

  • Practical training is an essential part of your course

  • An important range of key skills [necessary for all engineers] will be taught

  • Practical training exercises must be completed successfully for you to proceed to the 2nd Year

Study hard and enjoy your life l.jpg
Study Hard and Enjoy Your Life

  • All of the aforementioned resources have been developed for your benefit

  • All resources used by the department are aimed at enriching your experiences

  • The staff who teach you are dedicated to helping you enjoy your study and succeed at every stage of the course

  • Remember – it’s your life – take responsibility – don’t waste this precious time

  • If you succeed, as most of you will, it will be because you applied yourself

  • If you fail, as a few of you might, you can only blame yourself

Don t be a dummy attend classes work hard l.jpg
Don’t be a Dummy~ Attend Classes ~ Work Hard ~

Safety health l.jpg
Safety & Health

  • For your own safety, and that of others, it is extremely important that you follow and practice all safety & health instructions received. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT

  • Please take special care to read all guidelines and study all notices in laboratories, workshops and centres

    If in doubt ASK your class leader

  • Do not play or fool around in laboratories, workshops or centres because this may lead to accidents happening

  • You must wear protective clothing / equipment as and when directed

  • We ALL must do everything we can in order to avoid personal injury to ourselves or to others

Environmental protection protect our sensitive environment l.jpg
Environmental ProtectionProtect our Sensitive Environment

We need to better protect our:

  • Air quality

  • Water quality

  • Land use (Habitat)

  • Plants & trees

  • All creatures on Earth


  • Our own health, quality of life and future survival depend on how well we behave and care for ALL such things!

Solar power competition l.jpg
Solar Power Competition

  • You will have the opportunity

    to participate in the Solar Kart


  • You will be competing against many other colleges / universities / companies

  • Last year (2004) the AE team earned the 2nd Runners Up Cup

Study guide strategy l.jpg
Study Guide / Strategy

  • The course will comprise of Mass Lectures, Tutorials, Laboratory Work, Projects, Self Study etc.

  • All students will need to learn how to find out how best to learn and to work alone or in teams.

  • You will find a new link on our website to provide you with guidance and to propose strategies for successful progress.

  • Go to http://aedatabase.vtc.edu.hk

  • Hit “LINKS”

  • Hit “Study Guide”

  • Do this early in the course and follow the advice and guidance.

Study guide strategy21 l.jpg
Study Guide / Strategy

You will find content on:-

  • Preparing to learn / Studying

  • Classroom participation

  • Learning with others

  • Project management

  • Reading skills / Writing skills

  • Preparing for tests / Taking tests

  • Maths & Science / Webtruth

Ae performance pledge l.jpg
AE Performance Pledge

Each one of you will receive a copy of our Performance Pledge.

This document explains what we promise to do for you

It also informs you about what we expect of you in return

We are committed to serving you and you should be committed to meeting your obligations to yourselves to succeed

Accreditation recognition l.jpg
Accreditation & Recognition

  • Our HD course is accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and through various Accords is recognised by the Engineering Council and has World Wide value

  • Our courses are also well recognised by other professional bodies such as the Society of Automotive Engineers (USA), Society of Operations Engineers (UK), Institute of Transport Engineers (UK), Institute of the Motor Industry (UK) and many others

    Links to all of the above bodies may be found on our website

Further study articulation l.jpg
Further Study - Articulation

  • Using your AE award you will find that it open the door to further study at degree level in Hong Kong or abroad

  • We have an articulation in place with the HK Polytechnic University. The PolyU will likely accept you [direct to 2nd year] into one of their degree programmes provided you have achieved a CREDIT or DISTINCTION award

  • Many past AE graduates have done extremely well at degree level study

Good news scholarships l.jpg
Good News - Scholarships

The Senior Student Counselor has recently informed me that the AE department at LWL has received a total of HK$53,500 in scholarships

This is a reflection of the strong support and respect the local industry and others have for the AE department

Every year the total amount of money donated to us by a growing numbers of donors increases and we are most thankful and appreciative for this financial assistance which is to be given to worthy AE students

Closing remarks l.jpg
Closing Remarks

  • If you have any further questions please approach Ir Leung Tin-yau or your tutor and they will be happy answer your query

  • I welcome you to pop into my office to discuss any serious difficulties you may experience

  • Please enjoy all the curricular, non-curricular and social activities during the next few years

  • Good Luck to you all, work hard and have fun . .

Mini moke in macau thanks for listening l.jpg

Mini Moke in MacauThanks for Listening