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Mount Vesuvius PowerPoint Presentation
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Mount Vesuvius

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Mount Vesuvius
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Mount Vesuvius

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  1. Mount Vesuvius By Ye Ji Yang Grade 8

  2. Mount Vesuvius • Vesuvius is a dormant mountain located in eastern sideof the bay of Naples, Southern Italy. This Volcano erupted about every 200~400year but it stopped it’s eruption after 1944. Mt. Vesuvius has stopped it’s eruption before too which made ancient people think it’s an extinct volcano.

  3. Type of Mt. Vesuvius • Type of mountain Vesuvius is composite volcano, also called as stratovolcano. These volcanoes are made with many layers of hardened lava, tephra, and volcanic ash.

  4. History and Human Impact of Vesuvius • The most famous eruption of Vesuvius is the eruption in 79. It destroyed a lot of cities near Mt. Vesuvius. There are two famous city that was destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius, and they are Pompeii and Ercolano (also known as Herculaneum). As you know that Pompeii is more famous than Herculaneum. The reason for this is because Pompeii has all kinds of different level of people but Herculaneum was the city where most of rich people lived.

  5. Pompeii • Pompeii is well known all over the world as a city of the development of the Italic and Roman house from the 2nd century B.C to the 1st century A.D. Pompeii was buried under small stones, ashes and cinders of Vesuvius and they were more than six meters high. What’s interesting about Pompeii is that people did not run away because they didn’t know that the view and the sound of Vesuvius erupting. They watched a view of it erupting instead of running away.

  6. Pompeii

  7. Ercolano (Herculaneum) • Herculaneum was re-discovered by prince d’Elboeuf who was the general of Australia in 8th century. Herculaneum was a city where only rich people lived and for me Herculaneum looks better than Pompeii.

  8. Herculaneum

  9. Maps

  10. Last Eruption • Last eruption of mount Vesuvius was in 1994, March 18th. Before this major eruption there were small explosions from march 13th. (The last eruption was during world war 2)

  11. Vesuvius Today • Area around Vesuvius was declared as a national park on June 5th 1995. • The height of Vesuvius is now 128meters. But scientists say that the height of Vesuvius was about 6000feet higher than it is now. • Now there are some place where you can walk around Vesuvius but you can only walk on foot.

  12. Bibliography • Vision, A.De Franciscis, Pompeii.1995: pp3-8 • • (2001,July) • • •

  13. Thank You for Watching My Presentation