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Pompeii & Vesuvius

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Pompeii & Vesuvius. By Rachel Louise King. Who.

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pompeii vesuvius

Pompeii & Vesuvius

By Rachel Louise King


The people of Pompeii had never seenanything like the eruption before. They didn’t realise at first that it was dangerous so they didn’t run or try to escape. Also, they believed that it was the God’s punishing them. They thought that the God’s were set out to kill them all and they could do nothing about it.


Mount Vesuvius, as it is known is a very deadly and dangerous volcano. In AD 79 it erupted and wiped out over 2000 people. It was a slow and painful death. First, the carbon dioxide and fluids got in to their lungs and started to fill them up with liquid. They then started to suffocate. However, some of the people died due to the heat of the fact that the heat was so overwhelming their skin just melted away.


On the 29th August 79 AD, the day started normally. However, as the day continued to progress more and more destruction occurred. The Mountain, A.K.A Vesuvius, started to erupt.


Mount Vesuvius is based inPompeii. Although Pompeii was the most affected, it was not the only one which had deaths and was destroyed. Another town which was destroyed was Herculaneum. It was a sister city of pompeii.

pliny the younger and elder
Pliny (The younger and Elder)

Pliny the Elder was an explorer and was planning to write a book on his expeditions. As soon as he saw the Mountain erupting, he demanded that his boats be prepared for him to go. People today know about this because of Pliny the Younger. He watched as Pliny left on his way and started to write a recount of the event. Hours after the eruption him and his mother left where they lived to try and find a safer place to stay.

more information
More Information

The eruption lasted for about eighteen hours.